Greece destroys the “domestic Metaverse” Great Wall?

True and false when false is true

In the first two weeks of the official release of “Xiyang”, #Baidu will release a meta-cosmic product Xiang#, just like the hot search.

At that time, Baidu boasted that Haikou would create a multi-person interactive space that spans virtual and reality and lasts forever.

Looking back on the timeline, from applying for the “Metaverse Trademark” on November 2 last year, to the official release of the “domestic Metaverse” product of Greece on December 27, it is not an exaggeration to describe Baidu as “running into the Metaverse era”. .

But fish and bear’s paws cannot have both. There is an “impossible triangle” for everything.

A week before the official release of the product, Greece had already launched a targeted internal test and pre-launched its momentum on Weibo. However, after the official release of the product on the 27th, except for the “less than expected” bad reviews.

A more heart-warming comment said that Baidu’s hopes are nothing more than a very early, crude, and backward online game.


Of course, from the perspective of games, Baidu’s release of Xiyang actually had almost the same gameplay on the market more than ten years ago.

For example, it was released in 2002, a very popular online social game in the United States, secondlife-in this game, players can create a completely different life in a virtual world, which can almost be regarded as an “unlinked version” Metaverse. 

The difference is that behind the “second life” game series, not only has its own game engine, but also has a team of hundreds of people who continue to optimize and iterate for it.

And the team responsible for Baidu’s “Hearth” product is not even responsible for the specific game design-they originally focused on cloud computing and cloud rendering inside Baidu. The official website of Hearth is just one of the sections of Baidu VR.

What’s interesting is that Baidu’s own game development team of more than 300 people was almost all laid off a few days before the Girona conference. At that time, the “Digimon Source Code” they developed had just reached the top of the tapap appointment list.

Soon after the press conference, Lao Hu also landed on the official website of Greece and downloaded Greece on the PC.

Although I have not experienced the login stuttering problems encountered by netizens, I really feel the lack of gameplay that this application shows because it is not blessed by the game team, including but not limited to its virtual characters that can customize the details. Lack and rough modeling scenarios.

The product team of Greek Rangoon is not a professional game team, so even if this product is not as good as a game, it can be “forcibly forgiven”.

In addition, another detail that Lao Hu discovered when he created his account was that almost at the same time when the Greek account was generated, both the old Hu’s Baidu account and his Greek account were recorded by Baidu’s “super chain”.

This super chain is a “blockchain project” launched by Baidu in 2018.

Therefore, it can be understood in this way-Baidu’s hope this time is a derivative “Metaverse” project built on its own super chain.

Greece destroys the "domestic Metaverse" Great Wall?

Before that, it is necessary to explain the blockchain and related concepts.

Although the blockchain is illegal in the country by policy, it has built an “outside the world” in the Internet world independent of the real world.-They use each user’s machine (can be (Understood as a mining machine for mining coins) as a node of the blockchain.

The rules of this world are composed of various encryption protocol projects. This encryption protocol can be infrastructure, such as operating rules such as financial lending protocols; it can also be advanced applications such as games and Metaverse.

The “equity” of each project is circulated in major virtual currency exchanges in the form of encrypted currency, and is completely traded for exchange users.

To describe the virtual currency industry as “another Internet stock market” is not appropriate, but it is also appropriate.


“Baidu’s super chain is not a public chain. It is a consortium chain owned by a major manufacturer.” A friend in the blockchain industry described the difference between the current public chain and the consortium chain to Lao Hu. The record can be kept for a long time because the data has been approved by all nodes on the chain.”

If you want to tamper with the data on the blockchain, you only need to control all the nodes on the chain.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are “untamperable” precisely because their nodes are scattered on devices around the world and anyone can run a new node. It is difficult for a single person or force to fully control all nodes.

The important feature of Baidu’s alliance chain is that all its nodes are fully controlled by Baidu and its related parties (almost all on Baidu’s own server).

This also means that if Baidu wants to change the data on the chain, it is easy.

Compared with the current Internet, the blockchain has a large number of nodes, and each transaction requires all nodes on the chain to “reach a consensus”. The transaction speed is slower than that of the traditional Internet, but it has two major advantages: “decentralization” and “incapable of tampering”. core advantages.

This is the “impossible triangle” in the blockchain world. It is impossible to achieve “decentralization” and “unchangeable” by choosing extreme efficiency.

Greece destroys the "domestic Metaverse" Great Wall?

No matter how Baidu promotes Greece and its rooted blockchain to the outside world, it cannot conceal the following facts:

If a “metacosmic” game is used as a gimmick, then its quality as a game is unqualified; if “on the chain” is used as a gimmick to realize the metauniverse, as a non-“decentralized” alliance chain, do If the information cannot be “tampered with”, it cannot be made public.

Naturally, the uploaded information cannot be owned by users, so the two core advantages of the blockchain-“decentralization” and “inability to be tampered with” cannot be realized.

Judging from this, the domestically produced Metaverse “Gream” is actually very unreliable.

In fact, there are still many people who are optimistic about the prospects of Baidu’s “Greetings”. A practitioner in the technology industry close to Baidu believes that Baidu’s Metaverse products have a better “money” prospect.

For example, the publicity of some commercial projects, and some industries that cannot be operated in the real world, such as education and training.

Moreover, he does not think that it is impossible to build a blockchain in China-since the blockchain is decentralized, its definition right is naturally decentralized.

No one can define what is Metaverse and what is blockchain. Large domestic manufacturers can naturally make a batch of “block chains” with “Chinese characteristics” and a batch of “Metaverse” products.

Even if the blockchain is separated from the international community, it can also have a large number of users through the powerful domestic announcement and endorsement effects of major manufacturers.

If major domestic companies really choose this path, then the development of domestic blockchain will be very different from foreign ones. From a technical point of view, this path is neither decentralized nor immutable.

The only valuable thing is probably the user data that these big companies have obtained honestly through their alliance chains.

After all, Robin Li said in his early years that Chinese people are more open to privacy issues and relatively less sensitive.

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