Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

I bought 2 graphics cards for 18,599 yuan , and lost more than 8,000 in 2 months .

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

This is a real experience exposed by a netizen – a huge avalanche of graphics card prices .

And this netizen bought the high-end kind, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090.

However, this is not an isolated phenomenon.

According to the current graphics card quotations in overseas markets, like the NVIDIA RTX 3080, it dropped from AUD 2,299 (about 10,000 yuan) to AUD 1,499 (about 7,000 yuan) in just one night.

The price can be called a “big dive”, with a drop of as much as 35% .

In addition to the 3080, the prices of the entire NVIDIA series 3050, 3060, 3070 and even the upcoming RTX 3090 have generally dropped, with an average drop of 10% .

And AMD is exaggerating enough.

For example, the price of the RX 6600 has dropped by 22%, and the price of the RX 6700 XT has dropped by 16%.

Avalanche, really big avalanche.

So, in the face of this situation, netizens were very helpless, and they all expressed the emotion of “crying and fainting in the toilet”:

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

Price cuts focus on mid-to-high-end graphics cards

How much has the graphics card dropped?

According to data on the US e-commerce platform NewEgg, the prices of Nvidia and AMD have been falling since the beginning of the year.

The NVIDIA 30 series is currently at an overall premium of 72% , with an average drop of 10% :

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

AMD is currently trading at an average premium of 47% and an average decline of 13% :

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

The domestic price reduction momentum is also not small. Last month, the average graphics card of 8000+ has fallen to the starting price (more than 6000), and some models have even fallen below the starting price:

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

The price of graphics cards in the Huaqiangbei market, known as the “First Street of China’s Electronics”, has been falling since the beginning of the year, and is currently at a low price for nearly two years.

Some store owners even said that they will continue to drop in the future.

However, this wave of price cuts currently only appears on mid-to-high-end graphics cards , and the current market prices of mid-to-low-end graphics cards below 1650 still have little change.

And how did the players react to this?

Do not buy .

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

One is the Ultimate Waiting Party, which believes that the price will definitely drop, or even be reduced to “selling by the catty” .

This part of the players believes that this round of mining boom has lasted for more than 20 months and nearly two years, so the number of graphics cards entering the mine must be far more than the total number of ordinary players.

Prices are bound to go lower and lower before a complete collapse.

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

Tuyuan Zhihu answered the main “Durian Meteor Hammer”

The second is in the Buddhist stage of holding a card to wait and see . They believe that unless there is design or computing work, low-end graphics cards can fully meet the daily needs of ordinary players.

For example, when playing games, most of the answers to the question “What games can my 1660 play” on Quora, a foreign forum, are:

If you tune to 1080p and the quality requirements are not that high, then mainstream games are fine.

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

The third type, obviously inheriting the spirit of last year’s “graphics card players vs. scalpers”, ran around calling signs:

I won’t give you money if it grows hairy.

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

Figure source knows the answer to the main “Fox little demon DIY installation”

Why is it falling?

So the next question is – what is the cause of this avalanche of graphics cards?

“Mining” may be one of the reasons.

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

As early as 2020, due to the continuous surge in the price of Bitcoin, there was a “mining wave” at that time.

Many miners purchased a large number of graphics cards to “mine”, and it was difficult to find a single card for a time.

In addition, at the end of 2020, Ethereum (ETH) was upgraded to Ethereum 2.0, which made miners need to invest in more powerful hardware.

Like the RTX 30 series graphics cards at that time, it became the first choice for miners.

Now, as the craze for virtual currency recedes, the corresponding demand for graphics cards for mining has also declined.

And just recently, Ethereum successfully tested a technology it said could reduce energy consumption by 99%.

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

That said, miners will likely no longer need powerful hardware to complete transactions.

It is precisely because of this that there is a voice in the market that “‘mining disaster’ is an important reason for the price reduction of graphics cards”.

In addition, capacity is also an important factor.

For example, an industry insider believes:

In fact, there are two main reasons for the initial price increase of graphics cards. One is mining, and the other is that the production capacity cannot keep up.

Now the price reduction is also due to the reverse of the situation, everyone is not mining much, and the production capacity has also kept up.

JPMorgan Chase executive Gokul Hariharan said:

In 2023, there will be sufficient supply of global semiconductors to restore some degree of supply and demand balance, or even excess capacity.

Of course, the “second-hand market” is also a big shock.

Many people bought graphics cards to mine during the mining boom, and then sold them second-hand after they were used up.

And the price of this “retired” graphics card is significantly lower.

There are even voices saying that graphics card manufacturers will recycle “mining cards” and sell them after refurbishment:

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

In addition, Nvidia’s RTX 40 series is also about to be launched, and it is said that there will be “shock” performance improvements.

Many “waiting parties” may also be squatting on the release of new graphics cards.

Graphics card quotes overnight avalanche

So what do you think of this avalanche of graphics card quotes? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss~

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