Graphics card prices plummeted: two factors other than the ebb of “mining” cannot be ignored

The reporter visited the front line and found that not only the offline computer accessories stalls, but also the graphics card prices on online e-commerce platforms and second-hand trading platforms have dropped.

According to the market rules of electronic products, before the launch of new products, merchants will lower prices to clear inventory, reduce inventory pressure and exchange for cash flow. However, in the past two years, the price of graphics cards has risen since the first release, and the prices of old cards have risen instead of falling.

However, as the market signals the opposite, graphics card prices are expected to return to normal.

A few days ago, the price of graphics cards in domestic and foreign markets dropped sharply. The price of NVIDIA’s high-end graphics card GeForce RTX 3080 fell by 35% in one day in the Australian market, and the quotation dropped from AUD 2,299 (about 10,000 yuan) to AUD 1,499 (about 7,000 yuan), the largest drop in history. Other specifications of graphics card prices The recent average decline has also reached 10%.

The GeForce RTX 3090 in the German market has also dropped from the previous high of nearly 22,000 yuan to the recent 14,000 yuan, and the price of some RTX 3080Ti graphics cards has even been “broken” lower than the official price.

A reporter from New Consumer Daily learned through visits to merchants in Hangzhou Bainaohui that although graphics cards are bursting the price bubble, the price of high-end graphics cards for domestic “mining” has fallen the most. Taking the GeForce RTX3090 graphics card as an example, the merchant told reporters that it once approached 20,000 yuan, but now it only costs 13,000 yuan offline.

At the same time, the reporter also found that the current mainstream e-commerce platforms and second-hand trading platforms have dropped the graphics card prices.

Obviously, the trend of skyrocketing graphics card prices after several years is expected to end.

Whether it is at home or abroad, the price of new or second-hand graphics cards is difficult to “demonstrate”

“The price of high-end graphics cards used for mining has fallen the most.” On March 25, a reporter from New Consumer Daily rushed to Hangzhou Bainaohui and learned from exchanges with merchants that GeForce, the top graphics card for “mining” in the past The RTX3090, which once approached 20,000 yuan, now only costs 13,000 yuan.

“In June last year, the lowest price of the GeForce RTX3090 was still 16,000 yuan, and the price this year has been falling again.” The businessman told reporters.

Not only the offline computer accessories stalls, but also the graphics card prices on online e-commerce platforms and second-hand trading platforms have dropped.

Taking a 3080 series graphics card from an e-commerce platform as an example, the price of this product has been maintained at about 8,000 yuan before; even the price of Double Eleven has not bottomed out, and it has only recently reached a record low of about 6,800 yuan.

Graphics card prices plummeted: two factors other than the ebb of "mining" cannot be ignored

The historical price trend chart of graphics cards queried on a price comparison shopping website

The reporter found on the second-hand trading platform Xianyu that as early as January this year, there were a large number of sellers selling mining graphics cards.

Taking the AMD RX580 and RX5700xt series graphics cards commonly used in mining on Xianyu as an example, the second-hand prices last year were about 3,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan, and fell all the way from January to March this year, until the former fell to 1,000 yuan and the latter to about 3,200 yuan. Only transactions.

Graphics card prices plummeted: two factors other than the ebb of "mining" cannot be ignored

The transaction records Xiao Zhang showed to reporters

“My RX580 was also received on the platform for 650 yuan. At that time, it was used to match this eGPU for MacBook Pro,” Xiao Zhang told reporters. In less than a year, he found that the graphics card on the platform had risen sharply, so he took the graphics card out. It was packaged and sold with the eGPU. “The increase in the price of the graphics card has basically made up for the depreciation of the eGPU. These two transactions are considered to have no profit or loss.”

The reporter also put a 5700xt graphics card on the idle fish. As soon as second-hand graphics cards were put on the shelves, there were many buyers who came to inquire. Most of them are individual players, and they want to take advantage of the price cut of the graphics card and quickly “pick up a leak”.

“I have been using the core graphics card all the time, just waiting for the price of the graphics card to drop,” a buyer said when communicating with reporters that the price of the graphics card was too irrational before, and the RX580 could be sold for 3,000. Will you buy it?”

Graphics card prices plummeted: two factors other than the ebb of "mining" cannot be ignored

The “mine boss” who asked the reporter for a price

Among the buyers who made inquiries, there are also the aforementioned “mine bosses” who are not too concerned about the quality and provenance of second-hand graphics cards, but are more concerned about the computing power of the graphics cards. It said: “I have already received 5 graphics cards, and now there are still 3 left, so I will use them for mining.”

However, a stall owner said that it is not recommended to buy second-hand graphics cards at this stage. He believes that the second-hand market is now flooded with a large number of graphics cards, many of which cannot be sold or repaired. “It’s not expensive to buy a new one now.”

The new architecture graphics card will be released soon, and the miners will also come to “scramble” for mining projects

In 2020, while the prices of multiple digital currencies continued to skyrocket, the prices of graphics cards also hit new highs.

There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, the supply chain factories could not resume work and production in time under the epidemic, resulting in insufficient supply; on the other hand, the “mining tide” triggered by virtual currency also caused the price of graphics cards to rise to a high level. In addition, the “mining” bigwigs concentrated on purchasing graphics cards, and eventually the phenomenon of “one card is difficult to find” appeared.

However, due to the fall in virtual currency prices, and regulatory authorities in various countries have begun to standardize the governance of virtual currency mining projects. The industry is gradually returning to rationality, and the demand for graphics cards for mining will naturally continue to decline.

In addition, the price drop of graphics cards during this period is also inseparable from two factors.

On the one hand, NVIDIA is about to release a new generation of RTX40 series graphics cards in the third quarter of this year. It is reported that the series will use the AdaLovelace graphics architecture, based on TSMC’s 5nm process, and its performance will skyrocket.

Another potential reason is that domestic companies have developed special mining machines.

Take mining machine manufacturer Canaan Yunzhi as an example and refer to its fourth quarter 2021 financial report released last month. The financial report shows that the total revenue for the quarter was 2.1846 billion yuan (about 342.8 million US dollars), compared with 38.2 million yuan in the same period in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 5636%.

“These machines use asic chips specially designed for mining,” an industry insider told reporters. “The mining machines are generally designed by some ‘Huaqiangbei’ factories, and most of them are also produced by themselves.”

According to statistics from 3DCenter in January this year, in terms of graphics card prices in the German and Austrian markets, the average price of both NVIDIA and AMD is continuing to decline, with the average premiums dropping from 187% and 183% in mid-December last year to 177%, 167%. Compared with the peak of 318% and 216% in May last year, NVIDIA has fallen by an average of 44%, and AMD has fallen by an average of 23%.

It is worth noting that the minimum premiums of NVIDIA and AMD dropped to 155% and 148% respectively from July to August last year, but they continued to rise since then.

Whatever the reasons behind the drop in graphics card prices, it’s good news for the average consumer. However, it is difficult to say at this stage whether the graphics card price bubble will be completely burst.

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