Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

The NFT market this week is hot. The “Super Bowl” NFT.NYC event, which Coinbase calls the NFT session, is in full swing in New York, attracting NFT players from all over the world to come to the “pilgrimage”. This is a good time for NFT projects to promote themselves. At this important time node, an NFT project called “Gossamer Seed” is emerging.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

In less than a week, Gossamer Seed went from Free Mint, which no one cared about, to a floor price of up to 0.65 ETH. The daily transaction volume once rushed to the second place on the OpenSea list, with a total market value of more than 7 million US dollars. At the beginning, there was very little information about it, and at the same time, the Free Mint market in the past month has made everyone a little numb, and many NFT players just regard it as an ordinary “picture dog” project. Hastily profited out. However, over time, the giant behind it is slowly surfacing.

Background introduction

BRON Digital

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

BRON Studios is a Canadian film company established in 2010 and a subsidiary of BRON Media Corporation. It has participated in the production of many well-known films such as “Joker” and “The Expendables”, and has been nominated for 32 Academy Awards and won 6 times.

In July 2020, BRON Media Co., Ltd. launched BRON Digital, a virtual production and service company. The Unreal Engine (UE) it uses is currently the world’s most well-known and most widely licensed top game engine, occupying global commercial games. Engine 80% market share. Since its official birth in 1998, after continuous development, Unreal Engine has become the game engine with the widest application range, the highest overall application level, and the highest standard of next-generation graphics in the entire game industry.

BRON Digital combines traditional CG animation with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine-centric workflow to develop and produce high-quality animation, original content, interactive games, movies and other forms of creation.


Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

DIG’s full name is Dubai’s Decentralised Investment Group, which is a Dubai-based multinational blockchain technology group holding company dedicated to finding investment opportunities in the blockchain field.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

XYZZY is a Miami-based Metaverse games company. As a subsidiary of DIG, it combines the gaming world with the DeFi world through revolutionary blockchain technology. XYZZY has developed and launched a number of GameFi games, such as Kart Racing League, Realms of Ethernity, etc., and is actively exploring the Play-to-Earn digital game ecosystem in NFT digital assets, virtual land, token economics and other Crypto products system.

Gossamer by Lois Lowry

Gossamer is a teenage fantasy short story by renowned author Lois Lowry. Lois Lowry has twice won the Newbery Gold Award for Children’s Literature in the United States for “Counting the Stars” and “The Memories Giver”, and she has also been shortlisted for the International Andersen Award, the highest honor for lifelong achievement in children’s literature, three times. And Gossamer’s work tells the story of the origin of a dream. The story begins with a fairy-like supernatural creature named Littlest One, who extracts memories from ordinary household objects and uses them to weave beautiful dreams.

Gossamer = Animation + Character NFT + Play-to-Earn Game


Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

A June 14 BRON exclusive at VARITY announced that Gossamer will be animated by BRON Media and BRON Digital using Epic Game’s Unreal Engine. This animation work consists of 8 episodes, each of which consists of a half-hour animated short film.

Forest Whitaker, Thomasin McKenzie, Vera Farmiga, Richard E. Grant and many other well-known actors participated in the dubbing, including many Oscar winners.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

Grammy-winning artist and producer Timbaland and Beatclub co-founder Gary Marella are the production’s executive musical director, and Beatclub artist, producer and songwriter will provide Gossamer’s score.

Character NFTs and Play-to-Earn games

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

The total amount of Gossamer Seed is 10,000, all of which are sold in the form of Free Mint. From the on-chain transaction records of Gossamer Seed, it can be seen that the contract has been deployed on June 15, and Mint will not end until June 18. After Mint ended, Gossamer’s first tweet was long overdue, implying that this NFT was the key to “The Heap” (the hometown of the protagonist in Gossamer’s original book), and predicted that there would be further announcements on June 22. action.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

Since then, with the “Check your wallet” released by Gossamer’s official push, the shape of the Gossamer Seed has changed twice: first, it changed into the “cocoon” shape, and then “hatched” into the image of a firefly. In the latest news released by the official Twitter yesterday, it was revealed that there is also “the last evolution”, and then there will be a more in-depth understanding of the “Gossamer world”.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

In fact, this offering wasn’t a whim. As early as June 11, Bron Studios officially announced that DIG CEO Haydn Snape has joined the BRON team. He will serve as a consultant for its entry into the Web3 field and provide BRON IP with strategic support in NFT, tokens and markets.

The official announcement also revealed that the two companies will also collaborate to develop interactive games through DIG’s Miami-based GameFi subsidiary XYZZY.

Meanwhile, it was revealed in yesterday’s official press release that Gossamer Seed is a collection of character NFTs, and a Play-to-Earn game based on the animated show will be developed.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

Prior to this press release, the June 23 official tweet hinted that the Gossamer Seed NFT might be used in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

With the announcement, Gossamer Seed surged. In just three hours, the floor price soared from around 0.3 ETH to 0.65 ETH.


The publisher of the authoritative English dictionary “Collins English Dictionary”, the HarperCollins Publishing Group founded in 1819 has selected the word NFT as the English word of the year in 2021, which confirms to a certain extent that NFT is increasingly popular among the public. Know and accept. As the NFT market becomes more and more popular, a large number of business giants, financial institutions and celebrities have entered the market one after another, allowing a steady stream of new money to flow into the NFT market.

Now, Hollywood’s BRON Digital is here too.

Traditional media giants and Web3 pioneers will join forces, and NFT and GameFi will enter the big screen. And XYZZY will represent DIG and Bron Digital to build the future of multimedia by applying the new financial architecture of Web3 thinking to the Hollywood world. Their game, the first P2E game based on a TV show, could reshape the way users engage with content.

Gossamer Seed: Bringing NFTs to Hollywood

Interestingly, nearly 2.9 million USDC are reserved in the wallet account where the Gossamer Seed contract is deployed. The specific purpose is still unknown, but we are sure that repeated “evolution” will slowly reveal the mystery.

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