Google Cloud creates Web3 team on crypto wave

Google Cloud announced on Friday the formation of an internal team that will build services for blockchain developers and those running blockchain applications.

At the same time, there has been a surge in interest, activity, and adoption of crypto and Web3 tools from people from traditional economic circles.

Future Web3 Infrastructure

Google Cloud VP Amit Zavery reportedly told his team in an email that their goal is to make Google Cloud Platform the first choice for Web3 developers.

Google Cloud is the company’s suite of cloud computing services on which all Google-related projects run.

“While the world is still in the early stages of embracing Web3, this market has shown great potential, with many customers asking us to add support for Web3 and encryption-related technologies,” his email read, according to CNBC.

An in-house team focused on Web3 development shows Google’s commitment to innovation in the field.

Before that, they also created a digital asset team in January as a result of their huge interest in NFTs.

Zavery added that Google’s future growth may require a system to simplify access to blockchain data, as well as a streamlined process for the blockchain-based nodes used to build and run transactions.

New job postings have allegedly appeared on Google’s internal growth tool.

Google Cloud creates Web3 team on crypto wave

Still, there are some who don’t think Google’s focus on Web3 is worth it. Grady Booch, a famous American software engineer, expressed disappointment on Twitter, calling it a waste of resources.

Google Cloud creates Web3 team on crypto wave

Tech giants and Web3

Google is not the only “tech giant” eyeing the future of decentralized infrastructure, industry players like Meta and Amazon have also started to dabble in the space and have taken an interest in the Metaverse and NFTs.

The challenge for the big tech groups, however, is in the spirit of the Web3 space they are entering.

The crypto world is built on a decentralized, peer-to-peer approach that bypasses surveillance and data obtained from companies like Google.

For those who want more freedom in the digital realm, the entry of giants like Google and Meta could be cause for concern. However, according to a CNBC interview with Zavery, Google’s original plan was to help adopt innovative Web3 technologies.

“We don’t want to be directly part of the crypto wave, we’re providing technology to enterprises to use and leverage the distributed nature of Web3 in their current business and enterprise,” Zavery said.

Right now, Google’s backend cloud services pale in comparison to Amazon’s and Microsoft’s. The new team will help foster growth in this area, with early proposals likely to include better node management and blockchain-based data software through third-party applications.

This may just be the beginning of Google’s footprint in the decentralized space, and if Google can abandon hyper-centralization, their determination to enter the Web3 world will be firm.

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