Gome’s involvement in the Metaverse: set as the most important strategy, has recruited talents to set up a project team

In the situation of strong enemies and many entrants, Gome still needs to face huge challenges in order to succeed.

Recently, Jiemian News reporter exclusively learned that Gome has set the Metaverse as the most important strategic direction. The general manager of the Metaverse project has been hired in June and is actively recruiting talents. A person familiar with the matter told Jiemian News that the Metaverse project may be partially launched in early July.

In addition, public information from the workplace social platform Maimai shows that the business scope of the above-mentioned Metaverse project includes Metaverse world, Metaverse e-commerce, digital people, virtual idols, digital collections, etc.

In this regard, Gome responded to Jiemian News that the company is indeed making a preliminary attempt in the direction of the Metaverse, and the Metaverse function is about to be launched in the Really Happy App.

Jiemian News reporters found that several positions in the direction of the Metaverse have been released on Gome’s public recruitment page. Among them, one is mentioned in the job description of “Senior Metaverse Product Manager” that the Metaverse is the most important strategic direction of Gome at present, and this position will be responsible for the product construction of the GOME Home Life Metaverse Project, including Yuanshangchao, Yuanjie District , Yunjiayuan, NFT confirmation, trading platform and asset wallet product design. Another Metaverse job description shows that the Guoyuan Universe projects include Yuanjiayuan, Yuanshangchao, Yuanzhanyan, and Yuanentertainment projects.

In addition, the Gome True Happiness App will include a Metaverse game, which will undertake growth tasks through game social interaction. However, the source said the game is not part of the overall Metaverse.

A video linked in the job description titled “Game Planning” shows that the main scene of the Metaverse game is a block, including shops, libraries, conference rooms, gyms and other facilities, which can include work, study, entertainment, business needs . Users can browse and complete tasks on the street, get gold coins as rewards, and use the gold coins to exchange physical or virtual items in the mall.

Enterprises can have 3D places in the block, support built-in meeting reminders, after users click, they can be sent to the conference room for a meeting, and they can also have a friend list, add friends, and display the online status and location of the other party in the scene. After accepting a friend’s fitness invitation, you can participate in fitness activities in the gym with your friend. Users can browse stores in the block, and build outdoor billboards on the streets of the block, including business promotion information and links, and go to the corresponding location to browse and click to receive coupons.

“It is indeed the form of the Metaverse, but at present, what they can actually do is to digitize the shopping process and NFT the point system.” A blockchain industry person said.

Previously, Gome has repeatedly sent signals to the outside world to set foot in the Metaverse, but so far no official announcement has been made.

In October 2020, Gome Group acquired an 80% stake in the VR home improvement company Dressing Home, and incorporated it into Gome’s overall strategy of “home and life”. In April 2021, the home furnishing strategy released by Gome United Dressing Home mentioned a material + home furnishing cloud shopping guide plan, which can provide fully digital modeling support for material and home furnishing companies. In September, the dresser released the first VR self-study dress-up game “You Do You Dress” and launched the Pico all-in-one machine store.

Also in September 2021, Du Juan, CEO of Gome Holding Group, said at an e-commerce conference that Gome will provide consumers with a wider connection, deeper integration, stronger interactivity, and a more realistic full-scene consumption experience. .

Subsequently, at the Boao Forum in December 2021, Zhao Liming, Vice President of Gome Retail Strategy, once described the scene-based prototype of Gome’s retail Metaverse: through digital full-scale display technology and LBS precise positioning technology, more than 4,000 offline stores across the country Stores are “mapped” to the online platform, allowing users to “cloud shop”.

It has become a consensus that there are new opportunities under the great tide of the Metaverse. According to a McKinsey report, by 2030, global annual spending by businesses and consumers related to the Metaverse could total as much as $5 trillion, with e-commerce accounting for about $2 trillion to $2.6 trillion in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is also a brand new track, and each company is almost on the same starting line. For Gome, which is eager to “return to market position in 18 months”, there is undoubtedly a huge temptation.

In the past twelve years, as the former head of offline retail, Gome has almost missed the entire e-commerce era. It was not until the return of Huang Guangyu in February 2021 that it regained more presence for the company. The stock price of Gome Retail has also hovered below HK$1 for a long time, quickly breaking through HK$1 and reaching a maximum of HK$2.55.

More than a year later, Huang Guangyu vigorously promoted the online process of Gome, and proposed a “full-scene” new retail ecology that integrates online and offline, in an attempt to catch up with the trend of e-commerce. In addition, Gome Online is really happy to change its name, and its content and operation methods have begun to develop in a younger and more entertaining direction.

By August this year, the “18 months” in Huang Guangyu’s mouth is about to expire, but the gap between Gome e-commerce at this moment and the market position of Gome stores decades ago is still not small. Over the past year, Gome’s share price has gradually fallen from its high point, and was only quoted at HK$0.425 as of press time. Gome’s financial report shows that its sales revenue in 2021 is 46.484 billion yuan, an increase of 5.36% over the previous year’s 44.119 billion yuan, and the net loss attributable to the parent company is 4.402 billion yuan, and its performance is under pressure.

Gome’s choice to stand on the Metaverse Track may be an opportunity, but in the situation where strong enemies are waiting and there are many entrants, it still needs to face huge challenges in order to succeed. “The key is to see if Gome has the courage to delegate power and let a young enough team try to break the old-fashioned way of doing things.” The above-mentioned blockchain industry person analyzed.

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