Gold everywhere? Accumulation and distribution of chips

Richard Witkoff, a well-known trader and pioneer of technical analysis in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, had a major line of thinking in his theory on the study of chip accumulation and payout, premised on the belief that markets can be manipulated over certain periods of time.

In fact, many times the market is also very speechless, January this year and now the position is actually the same, but the emotional side is two extremes, I can help you not much, that is, in the time of doubt to give you a pep talk.

For the old leek, in the face of this seemingly bottomless decline, the sense of force will be better, not with emotion to operate, but to this time of panic will also go to find a variety of comments and analysis to see, recently saw an overseas blogger’s BTC form analysis, although the individual is not so recognized it, but also a little interesting and a little chattable things, so today to take out a little mention.
The blogger’s account name is uncomplication, his video at the end of April already has 160,000 plays, overseas coin circle many well-known big V vlogs are difficult to reach this amount, and is expected to be further forwarded to spread, he said more than 20 days ago what a thing, mainly that the trend of the big cake these months is very consistent with a chip distribution pattern in the Witkoff drum ticket theory.

It’s not a coincidence, is it, but there’s actually a slight discrepancy. The above chart was intercepted on the 20th of April, but there was actually a wave back above 56,000.
Richard Wyckoff, a well-known trader and pioneer of technical analysis in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, had a major line of thinking in his theory on the study of chip accumulation and distribution, which was premised on the belief that markets could be manipulated for certain periods of time.
His family also believes that behind the manipulation will not be an individual, it is more likely to be in the current hold a certain voice of large institutions, or all investors and sentiment together, but for convenience, it will sway the market this mysterious force simplified called Composite Man (translated as composite man, you understand that we often speak of “dog banker “may also work).
The market fluctuations behind the shock is also the “dog banker” constantly in the process of sucking chips – distribution – sucking chips again, then the above graph, you can see divided into five stages ABCDE, each stage is the corresponding meaning, the original blogger gave a large paragraph of principle reference articles and his own also wrote once, relatively long, I put at the end of the article We are interested in making a reference, I’m here to simply say.
The first stage, the chips in the low collection of the market rose to a certain extent when the release of good to trigger more attention, as well as BC (purchase climax), such as February 8, Tesla’s good to buy.

Gold everywhere? Accumulation and distribution of chips

Only if there is more buying demand in the market can the big boys hand out their chips without depressing the price. The main goal of the second phase is to exhaust as much of the remaining buying demand as possible, with the market dominated by shocks, and the supply side will be greater than the buying (think GBTC negative premium).

The third stage will come out of a small climax, which may be classified as a “bull trap”, so that the bullish investors believe that the bull market will continue to power, and incidentally, to induce the air force to give up positions, giving it to the interests of the group “dog bankers” at this time to accumulate short positions.
In the fourth and fifth stages of the market downturn, more rebound is weak at this point, until the price drops significantly after the next new period of chip accumulation may be on the way.
The original blogger therefore also believes that the big pie market is there to be manipulated signs, this thing is a coincidence or a certain possibility exists, we do not know, I personally do not believe so much in this pattern analysis above, including other technical analysis theories in the market, usually look at the top will not be based on them.
But I also think it is important to keep an open mind, the various voices on the market can actually listen to see, not just in the down time shouting this time is not the same or blindly increase positions.
In addition to the above theory also want to add some content.

  1. the formation of such theories as Wyckoff, from the early years of Wall Street, the activities and routines of those financial institutions to observe the study, they observed that many retail investors repeatedly cheated, so he dedicated to guide the public to understand the “real rules of the game” played by those “smart money “But for the crypto market, which is still in the wilderness without rules and also has a lot of Wall Street figures, whether there will be similar schemes, we have no evidence, but it doesn’t seem to be a bad thing to know more.
  2. The original blogger also repeatedly stressed that the above pattern does not refer specifically to the top signal, the fifth stage behind the unknown, can be down can be up can be horizontal, so do not just look at the chart panic, if the payout has been completed, that may have to have a period of repair, and if the bull market is still in, repair will not be too long, nor too extreme (to give retail investors more time to get chips, note that here is not necessarily the price space but the length of time ), then it should be clear in a month or two.
  3. the face of such a globalized free market, can not rule out the possibility of various manipulation, but we can do is to reduce being cheated by them, and therefore suffer asset losses, how to do, it is very simple, either HOLD, in fact, no matter what the asset, if you want to five or ten years to see, bull and bear indicators may not really be that important, you see the real stock market gods he really have cared about the cycle.
    Either take a step back, at least you have to adjust to this.
Gold everywhere? Accumulation and distribution of chips

Instead of this.

Gold everywhere? Accumulation and distribution of chips

In the end, they become the manipulated consumers in this market.
The original blogger actually believes that our bull market is still in place, but I saw the current state of the market only after I wrote most of the above, I didn’t know what to say for a while, and even had to change the title [cover my face], I don’t know if the above content is “in line”?
Anyway, don’t panic when things go wrong, send a friend first, anyway, now this panic is useless, today it is so, I first slow down, also continue to see the market, if there is anything tomorrow to add.
Reference: the_wyckoff_method

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