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Based on the future ecological development of Metaverse, this article predicts and lists eight emerging professions, including virtual character pinching and virtual scene construction. Come and see which one is right for you. You will go to work in Metaverse in 2022.

Original Title: Eight Major Occupations That Will Rise in the Metaverse-Go to Work Together in Metaverse in 2022

Author: MetaMatrix

2021 is the first year of the Metaverse. Overseas Metaverses such as Roblox, Decentraland, Sandbox, and CV have begun to attract more and more people’s attention, and domestic social platforms such as Rainbow Universe and Baidu Xiyang have also gradually begun. Landing, 2022 will be the year when all kinds of ecology in each sub-universe begin to land gradually.

What follows is that various emerging professions in the Metaverse will also emerge as the times require . In the future, going to work in Metaverse will no longer be an illusory and mysterious profession, and will surely be as prosperous as the popular anchors, up hosts, and KOLs in the current video era.

Based on the future ecological development of Metaverse, MetaMatrix predicts and lists eight emerging professions including virtual character face-scraping and virtual scene construction. Come and see which one is right for you. You will go to Metaverse to work in 2022.

1. Metaverse face pincher

Face pinching is the most basic project in the “Metaverse” system. Everyone needs to customize their own avatar to create a virtual avatar. In fact, face pinching has already existed in traditional games, social networking, etc. Early part of the game provided a large number of shapes for users to choose from, but with the need for personalization, custom pinching is the general trend.

At present, part of the face pinching is to automatically generate a basic avatar through the system algorithm, and then adjust it; the other type is that the face pinching artist forms a series of personalized shapes based on the artistic creation for the players to choose and replace.

It is reported that the Soul Personality Mall in China has audited and signed 80 face pinchers from users, uploading an average of 7000-8000 avatars per month, and the face pinchers will name and price themselves. Among them, the most popular face-squeezing artist “Ro\ Hearing” only has a monthly income of nearly 45,000 yuan.

2. Metaverse costume designer

The virtual characters in the Metaverse, the avatars and facial vision are all in the face. After the face is confirmed, the daily dressing and matching are as great as daily life. The costumer is to help the player guide the selection of suitable accessories among the massive costume props and various jewelry, and provide professional dressing suggestions, so that the player is unique in the various social activities of the Metaverse.
Of course, in the future, clothing stylist will mainly need to obtain cash through clothing sales. IMVU is an online Metaverse and a social networking site. It has opened its first fashion show this year. There are 50 million pieces of clothing in IMVU’s virtual store. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of IMVU was as high as 44%, with approximately 7 million monthly active users.
Three, Metaverse builder

The Metaverse builders will be very in-demand talents in the process of Metaverse infrastructure construction. In 2021, Hong Kong New World CEO Zheng Zhigang will spend US$5 million to buy land in the sandbox, and JJ Lin will buy land in decentraland… Many of these landlords have limited energy or lack professional skills, and follow-up needs professional builders or teams to provide Construction and development.

Based on the Build software provided by different Metaverses itself, the Metaverse Builder will construct brick by brick on the land purchased by players, including overall structural planning, floor laying, wall painting, and functional design of each floor, etc. According to the requirements of the players, it can be built into exhibition halls, headquarters buildings, etc., for conferences and exhibitions. Of course, there are also domestic Metaverses such as Rainbow Universe that provide more than a dozen basic room types, but the rough state still requires the builder to perform professional decoration according to the purpose and function.

At present, relatively well-known foreign companies such as Voxel Architects have built a series of well-known buildings in the CV world, such as spaceage; domestic well-known companies such as ME Yuanzhu, Roasting Construction, etc., completed the CryptoArt.ai exhibition hall, Metachi Gallery, Haolin Ju Restaurant And the Star Trek Villa series.

Four, Metaverse props master

In the real world, in addition to clothing and bags, people also need a variety of traveling cars, yachts, etc., in the Metaverse, a variety of high-quality props are also needed to satisfy players’ novelty or status symbols. On major overseas platforms such as opensea, there are already sports cars, battleships and other Metaverse props produced by professional prop sellers. The prices are expensive, but the sales are also very impressive.

In addition, various well-known brands and major IPs are also deriving a variety of interesting ornaments or equipment, which requires prop masters to create excellent works.

5. Real estate agency consultant

At present, the land in Metaverse is the same as the real real estate industry. Professional consultants are required for buying and selling properties and leasing. For example, real estate transactions, which location to buy in Cryptovolexs, the main city of origin or Nakamoto district, different plots will have different characteristic businesses; in addition, which characteristic buildings or shopping malls are adjacent to each plot, or nearby celebrity residences, etc. The land price is different again.

In addition, in the CV world, players can complete a building on space by themselves, but if there is no land, they can only visit by themselves, and other players cannot. If you do not have land, you can find a suitable piece of land for lease, put your own scene in place, and open it up for business. And landlords who hold land but don’t have the energy to develop, why not rent out the land?

For this reason, with the continuous development of Metaverse, its land transaction and land lease will be a very rigid demand, and the sale and lease intermediary services are indispensable.

6. Metaverse advertising spread

The entire city in the Metaverse is built with a huge space. Just like the real world, there are many landmark buildings such as squares, exhibition halls, and outdoor signs. These locations can be placed in advertising locations, such as Baidu Xiang. The 188-story World Congress is a huge screen, currently playing CCTV interviews with Baidu; inside the venue, there are Baidu smart cars, diving halls, etc., these indoor and outdoor spaces can be used for traffic advertising.

At present, foreign MVB (metaversebillboards) is an advertising service provider that specializes in metaverse, and has 250 billboards in more than 140 locations in the CV world, and the service price is 1ETH per week. There is also a traditional media company MetaFocus in China, It is directly announced that it will transform into a communication company focused on Metaverse. Currently, dozens of high-quality billboards are deployed on major Metaverse platforms. The goal is to become a Focus Media of Metaverse.

In addition, the placement of advertisements in a large number of games or social interactions in Metaverse will also be a very impressive market.

7. Metaverse Exhibition Planning

Metaverse has the advantages of natural exhibitions and concerts. Its immersion across time and space and deep into its realm, etc., makes the exhibitions have good interaction and three-dimensional effects. A typical example is an art exhibition. The curator can organize various artists’ works to be exhibited in Metaverse in turn; for corporate merchandise exhibitions, such as certain luxury brands exhibiting merchandise in Metaverse, such as a car company providing cars in Metaverse. Go back and forth for brand output and so on. Some artists such as Song Ting’s Panda Gallery and BCA Gallery are good examples.

Before and after Thanksgiving in November, many Metaverse companies have planned various themed activities and parties in combination with various art exhibitions, and there will be more similar themed activities in the coming Christmas. The first batch of Metaverse curators have been gradually exploring and accumulating relevant experience.

8. Metaverse waiter  

As long as there are various activities, supporting services or assistance staff are needed. In the future, Metaverse will have various talk shows, even cross talks or talk shows, as well as online KTV, etc. Some of these activities require the sound engineer to play the piano nearby to match the atmosphere, and some require interaction from the audience. Or some consumers are willing to invite popular singers to join online KTV, etc., all of which require a series of service staff.

For example, a player organizes a gathering of friends from the universe. After everyone’s awkward chat, the excellent piano accompaniment or singer hired on time and charge will greatly invigorate the atmosphere and social effect.

Of course, Metaverse is a very large ecology. With the development of ecology, it is expected that there will be far more than the eight major occupations mentioned above. MetaMatrix believes that in the near future, many people will directly work in the Metaverse.

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