GitCoin GR13: Inventory of those popular donation projects

PS: This article sorts out some projects based on the highest donation amount, the largest number of donations, and the highest matching amount, and does not constitute any investment and financial advice.

In less than 18 hours, Gitcoin’s 13th donation round will end.

A few hours before this, Buterin also went off the stage to appeal for this round of donations and posted a promotion on Twitter.XCddVaED5eYT17OKaB8Cb9zAsAfgxIId2RaAZldu.png

Next, let’s take an inventory, what are the popular donations at present?

Orbiter Finance 

Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-rollup bridge, an optimistic approach to support high-frequency cross-rollup transactions, cheap and fast enough to accommodate long-term cross-rollup use cases. Supports ETH and USDC transfers on Ethereum, zkSync, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism networks.

In Orbiter Finance, there are two roles, Sender and Maker. When Sender initiates a transfer, Maker provides liquidity to it. Smart contracts ensure the safety of this process. If Maker behaves badly and the transfer fails, Sender can use Maker’s margin to initiate an arbitration request to the contract, and then obtain overcompensation.

As of 18:00 on March 23rd, Beijing time, Orbiter Finance has received $46,030 in funding from 8,150 contributors.

Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

The website aggregates the current mainstream projects using zk-Rollup technology, including the zk-Rollup protocol of mainstream public chains, wallets that support zk-Rollup, and mainstream applications using zk-Rollup technology.

After this donation, the team plans to continue to improve the layout and navigation of the website, adding related Token information and comparison functions between projects.


Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

TVL is one of the most important reference indicators of Defi projects, and DefiLlama is a professional analysis tool focusing on TVL data of Defi projects. It classifies the current Defi and tracks its TVL for a long time. DefiLlama classification includes decentralized exchanges, packaged assets, lending, annualized rate products, insurance, etc.; it can classify locked assets, and the locked assets of the project can be seen at a glance; the same project can be cross-chain data classification function.

As of 18:00 on March 23rd, Beijing time, DefiLlama has received $37,284 in funding from 5,415 contributors.


Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

Rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects the privacy of users. Rotki uses computer local software for data management, and user data is stored in the user’s local computer. It is worth mentioning that Rotki not only supports the import of data from Ethereum, but also supports the import of data from some centralized trading platforms.

Currently, Rotki is linked to centralized exchanges such as Kraken, FTX, Kucoin, Bittrex, BinanceUS, Coinbase, etc., and DeFi projects such as MakerDAO/Aave/compound/Uniswap/Balacer, etc.


Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

ManagerDAO implements a novel governance approach to the running and ownership of sports teams. Utilizing Web3 Governance, it allows anyone online to directly participate and participate in the direction of any team under ManageMDAO, no matter where they are located. Fan involvement in team management is nothing new, and indeed many clubs started with fans and players. Corporate and venture capital ownership of teams is a modern experiment.

ManagerDAO is a radical new approach to sports team ownership. It uses the DAO governance model, allowing almost any participant to participate in the brand under ManagerDAO. Conflicts between ownership and fans are resolved through the acquisition of sports teams and brands through different sub-DAOs.

The decentralization of Manager DAO and the issuance of $MNGR tokens will be confirmed by an announcement at a later date. At the time of the 13th round of the Gitcoin Grant, there was not a single token.

As of 10:30 on March 24th, Beijing time, ManagerDAO has raised $89,280 through 984 contributors.


Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

POAP is the acronym for Proof of Attendance Protocol, which can be translated into Proof of Attendance Protocol in Chinese. With the rapid spread of the phenomenon of POAP in the Web3 space, another need has been found in the POAP ecosystem. More and more Web3 activities need to design POAP, and event organizers are struggling to find POAP design, so there is such a platform, POAPathon.

POAPathon started as a POAP design competition at NFT.NYC, and it has grown rapidly, sponsoring and adding more competitions. POAPathon has grown to ETH Denver 2022 with logos, NFTs and most recently POGs.

After some information and bounties are provided, there will be several artists competing for the user’s design needs.


Start with POAPathon website; click on Request Design button and fill in design requirements; navigate to POAPathon Discord to confirm bounty and details; select winning design; pay winning artist in USDC/MAI on Polygon; end.

Tokens: Unissued

Official website: is a file sharing between blockchain addresses. With the help of Ethereum and IPFS, any Ethereum user can directly send a message to the specified ETH address, and only the corresponding specified address can be viewed, so as to realize Peer-to-peer on-chain private social networking. Golden Finance and the official communication learned that the project can be used in China. Currently, the estimated matching amount is $45,000.


Tokens: Unissued

Official website:

PawnSpace is a decentralized NFT mortgage lending platform deployed on Polygon. The platform allows the mortgage of any NFT that conforms to the ERC-721 standard, and the valuation of NFT is determined by the market, and financial operations such as mortgage lending are performed.

The loan process consists of a multi-step procedure, starting with the creation of a loan order. A borrower who wants to make a loan against an NFT will first create a loan order and lock their NFT in the PawnSpace contract. Users can choose to stake multiple NFTs in an order, provided they are issued from the same ERC721 contract. Borrowers can then specify their preferred loan terms for instant loans and list them on the PawnSpace platform. Currently, the estimated matching amount is $45,000.

Gitcoin’s 13th round of donations officially opened on March 9th and will continue until March 24th at 6:00 pm (this is MDT time, March 25th at 8:00 Beijing time). Up to now, the number of projects that have registered on Gitcoin’s official website and participated in the 13th round of donation activities is displayed as 872.

In this round of donations, the main prize pool has been raised from 1 million yuan in the previous round to $1.2 million. In addition, targeted matching donation bonus pools have been established for projects belonging to specific fields:


Ethereum public goods: $1.2 million

Support Ukraine: $700,000

Projects that have a positive impact on climate change: $465,000

Open source projects in the zk ecosystem: $275,000

Projects built on the Polygon platform: $100,000

Support for open source games: $100,000

Projects built with ENS DAO: $69,000

OlympusDAO project construction: $50,000

Algorand-based project: $50,000

Support open source projects in the Uniswap ecosystem: $50,000

Support for open source projects in the NFT ecosystem: $50,000

Decentralized projects that sustain longevity: $40,000

Items paid for with Radicle Drips: $25,000

Previously in December 2021, the 12th round of Gitcoin donations ended. Data shows that a total of 272,000 donors provided 470,000 donations in this round of donations, with a total donation of more than 3 million US dollars, which is the largest round in the history of Gitcoin. Donate.

We will continue to pay attention to the results of the 13th round of Gitcoin donations.

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