Giants take the lead in sounding the rallying call of “Metaverse”, will the demons flurry or the heroes?

Should the meta universe borrow the east wind?

What exactly is “meta universe”? There are many people who explain it, but too few explain it clearly.

In March of this year, Roblox, the “Meta Universe First Share”, landed on the New York Stock Exchange, using 8 elements to define “what is Meta Universe”. In April, NVIDIA used “True and False Huang Renxun” to give people a sense of the meta universe for the first time, which also triggered infinite reveries about the form of the next generation of the Internet.

Under the interaction of industry and capital, in just six months, a series of events have made Metaverse the focus of the industry’s common attention. Among people skeptical and see the byte beating nearly 100 million yuan of investment known as the “Chinese version of Roblox” of the code universe , has spent 9 billion yuan acquisition of domestic equipment manufacturers VR Pico; Facebook changed its name to Meta, its subsidiary VR / AR Related products will begin to transition from the Oculus brand to the Meta brand at the beginning of next year; Apple is expected to launch new MR products next year; Tencent proposes to move from the form of “big entertainment + social” to the “true Internet” that has the same effect as the Yuan universe. Step forward.

If Roblox defines the eight attributes “identity, friend, immersion, low latency, diversification, any place, economic system and civilization” defined by Roblox as a reference, the metaverse has made VR/AR and NFT as the representative products and The application successfully went out of the circle.

Even though the concept of meta-universe is hot, but due to the lack of standardized definitions, there is a saying that “there are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people”. Although it is the consensus of the industry that Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, many players who use the concept of Metaverse, and even companies that “sell the dog meat”, make the originally vague concept even more confusing. 

Is it accidental or inevitable?


Speaking of “meta universe”, American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson cannot be bypassed. In his novel “Avalanche” published in 1992, he created a three-dimensional digital space that is closely connected with society , parallel to the real world, and people who are geographically isolated from each other in the real world can communicate and entertain themselves through their respective “avatars”. . This virtual reality, which surpasses the existing Internet form, is now the “Metaverse” that is talked about by people. 

Stephenson words describe a virtualization of parallel world , millions of people in the street dealings through, whether it is Broadway, the Champs Elysees avenue, or a brightly lit main road, the protagonist of these images reflected in the eyepiece Hiroaki , Can be seen by the eyes, can be reduced, reversed, so real but does not really exist, and ultimately leave readers endless reveries about this virtual world.
For this abstract concept, “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” outline the rough outline of imagination through intuitive pictures, and move people’s imagination of the meta universe to the screen. For example, in “Number One Player”, as soon as the player puts on the VR helmet, puts on the sensing device, and steps on the sports device, he can be completely immersed in the virtual space of “Oasis” and interact with players from all over the world.

“Meta universe” can be understood as a virtual space parallel to and independent of the real world, and an online virtual world that mirrors the real world. However, it is not so much that it constructs a virtual world, it is better to say that this immersive experience is the aim of the next generation of the Internet.

From the PC era to the mobile Internet era, from e-commerce to application ecology, we can clearly see the evolution of the physical terminal and the diversification of application scenarios. The mission given to “Meta Universe” is to complete the upgrade of the Internet form from two-dimensional to three-dimensional.

In 2020, the epidemic has to some extent become an accelerator for advancing the digitalization of the industry. “Cloud Supervisor”, telemedicine, VR exhibitions, virtual concerts, virtual hosts, etc. have moved life scenes online.

For example, in April this year, Epic moved the American rapper Travis Scott online and held a different concert in the chicken-eating game “Fortress Night”; in the same month, NVIDIA held a 1-hour 48-minute press conference. The virtual “Lao Huang” and his kitchen were reproduced with the technology of the 3D simulation platform. Although only a short period of 14 seconds, this pre-planned “fake” video still deceived everyone and gave everyone more inspiration and thinking about the future Internet world.

Regarding how to lead to this virtual world, Code Qiankun CEO Xing Shanhu said in an exclusive interview with DoNews (ID: ilovedonews) that from the real world to the meta universe, “it is not fusion, but gradual.” Judging from the current time that people use the Internet for work, communication, shopping and other activities, which has accounted for 60% of a day, he believes that the current Internet is in fact the era of Pre-Metaverse.

The reason for choosing to call this year the first year of the “Meta Universe” is that the meta universe is not limited to the Internet, but a collection of a series of new technologies, similar to the “Critical Mass” experienced by the Internet in 1995.

At present, technologies such as 5G/VR/AR basically meet everyone’s daily needs, as are hardware CPU/GPU, VR/AR, etc. Many people in the industry said that the current single-point technological innovation applied to Metaverse has gradually emerged. In order to further expand the demand for application scenarios, whether it is called Metaverse or the True Internet, it is the next goal that the industry is working together. And Metaverse will inevitably drive the development of industries such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, AR/VR, smart wearable devices, 3D engines, AI, and cloud computing, and promote technological innovation and business model innovation.

“Meta Universe is a kind of future, a future that will be realized to a large extent, and now is the best time to take the initiative.” Baidu Vice President Ma Jie explained why the popularity of Meta Universe has remained so long. Now, what they have to do is adjust their posture while running, instead of waiting for everything to be ready. 

Is it time for the meta universe?

When Yuan universe become hot topic in the industry, is also the capital Yue Yue want to try. In the secondary market, Meta Universe concept stocks have been soaring all the way. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the market size of Meta Universe will reach US$1.5 trillion in 2030.

If you take Roblox’s eight attributes of “identity, friends, immersion, low latency, diversification, anywhere, economic system, and civilization” as a reference, the metaverse can be divided into multiple tracks such as VR/AR, games, virtual communities, etc. .

Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and is currently the company with the most comprehensive layout of the meta universe. Its banners include Creator content creation community, VR/AR Oculus Quest, digital currency diem and commerce, and Workplace virtual office. Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, said that Metaverse will be the next frontier, and that Metaverse will be prioritized in the future, not Facebook. He hopes that within the next ten years, Metaverse can cover 1 billion people and carry hundreds of billions of dollars in digital services.

Giants take the lead in sounding the rallying call of "Metaverse", will the demons flurry or the heroes?

Source: Nvidia Virtual Image Toy-Me

Compared with the “consumer meta-universe” built by Facebook, NVIDIA provides the “engineer’s meta-universe”, hoping to put everything in the real universe into the virtual space collaboration platform Omniverse. At the GTC conference held a few days ago, Nvidia founder and CEO Huang Renxun demonstrated a robot based on Omniverse: Project Tokkio, a restaurant waiter who can talk to customers and help order food, a virtual assistant in-car, and Huang Renxun’s own AI image Yoy- Me.
Looking back at China, Tencent has undoubtedly become the domestic Internet company with the most extensive layout of the universe. It is not only a shareholder of Roblox, but also holds 40% of Epic’s shares, and has invested in the “Mini Play”, a competing product under the code Qiankun in the early days. At the same time, Tencent also has China’s largest social platform and the PGC content platform with the largest number of users in China. It can be said that it has received multiple tickets for Meta Universe.

At the end of 2020, Ma Huateng put forward a concept that is close to Meta Universe and based on Tencent’s own business line-Quanzhen Internet. Ma Huateng believes that the next generation of digital world will be realistic, immersive, intelligent and open, and will break the shackles of traditional content interaction such as text, pictures and videos.

Giants take the lead in sounding the rallying call of "Metaverse", will the demons flurry or the heroes?

Tencent divides the development of True Internet into three stages: the entertainment industry Metaverse attracts users, deep integration of life services, and the birth of a True Internet that accommodates all industries. At present, Tencent is consolidating the technical foundation of true interconnection from the three directions of massive computing power, real-time analysis, and extreme transmission.

And bytedance has also been paid attention to by the outside world because of the investment code. On August 29, Pico, a domestic VR equipment manufacturer, sent all its staff to Reliance that it was acquired by ByteDance for RMB 9 billion. Bytedance’s “batch acquisition” reflects the determination to go deep into the meta universe from the side.

It’s not surprising that Internet manufacturers grab the starting point. Luo Yonghao, who intends to return to his old business , expressed his interest in Metaverse on Weibo : “A lot of things we will do in the technology industry in the future will inevitably lead us to this metaverse. , Even whether we like it or not. From this perspective, our next entrepreneurial project is also a so-called’Meta Universe Company’.”

From the current point of view, the battlefield of the “meta universe” seems to have become a “ruffled dance of demons.” New VR/AR devices and smart glasses are emerging in an endless stream; virtual anchors have appeared one after another; operators that focus on network infrastructure construction in everyone’s inherent impression are also fully deploying the meta universe; even in the registered trademark, it seems that they have obtained meta universe related The trademark is equivalent to getting the “entry ticket” of Yuan Universe.

According to the data from Tianyan Check , more than 400 companies have applied for Metaverse-related trademarks. Among them, major manufacturers such as Tencent and Ali have applied for trademarks such as “QQ Yuan Universe” and “Ali Yuan Universe”. A number of companies associated with NetEase have applied for the registration of trademarks such as “NetEase Yuan Universe”, “Leihuo Yuan Universe” and “Fuxi Yuan Universe”. The international classification involves advertising sales, education and entertainment, and website services. The current trademark status is in application. 

Excessive pursuit of profit requires a touch of “coolness”

Under the tuyere, many companies have taken a free ride in Meta Universe.

As early as September, there was a whirlwind in the A-share market, and the meta-universe concept stocks rose sharply. Among the most prominent ones, Zhongqingbao and Tom Cat received inquiries from the China Securities Regulatory Commission. But this did not cool the market down.

Public information shows that Xiaopeng Motors recently applied for the registration of a number of “Xiaopeng Yuanyu” trademarks; sports brand Nike submitted multiple trademark applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office, requiring the use of Nike’s logo of the same name in the virtual digital world. , Logo and “just do it” slogan and many other trademarks.

When almost everyone is sure that the meta-universe will be the future, the industry has not yet reached a consensus on the meaning of meta-universe existence.

In the eyes of those who advocate the “meta universe”, the huge opportunities that the meta universe brings are worth looking forward to. There are two types of people who oppose the meta-universe. One is that the realization of the remoteness of the meta-universe is a hype, and the other is that they question the meta-universe. For example, Liu Cixin thinks that the meta-universe is extremely tempting and highly tempting. The hallucinogenic “spiritual opium” worries that human beings are immersed in the virtual world and rest on their laurels.

From the perspective of social value, Meta Universe is the same as 5G, or the form of “Meta Universe +” will appear. Social and games are the most prominent entrances to the meta-universe recently. The fundamental reason why these players vigorously tout the meta-universe is that on the one hand, games and social interactions can be closer to reality and make people feel more real. More importantly, they can expand the industry chain. In the past, they only sold game services. In the future, they will not only buy services, but also software, hardware, and various services in the virtual space.

Therefore, it can be seen that Liu Cixin’s worries are not groundless. In some areas, the disadvantages may far outweigh the advantages. “. Furthermore, while developing the meta-universe, we must also clarify the “red line” and maintain a calm and pragmatic mentality.

Around November 10, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has sent letters of concern to 7 listed companies including Zhongqingbao and Pingzhi Information, questioning whether they are actively speculating on their stock prices. In addition, companies such as Orient Guoxin , National Technology , and Yingqu Technology also stated on the investor interactive platform that their companies have not yet been involved in Metaverse.

“In any case, the enthusiasm of the metaverse reflects the technological trend of this era, user experience requirements, and a certain anxiety of capital.” A senior in the communications field believes that how to judge the metaverse is a matter of the benevolent seeing benevolence, and the wise see wisdom. “Just as people could not understand today’s mobile Internet 50 years ago, we cannot understand the future of Metaverse. But anyway, in the era of excessive capital pursuit of profit, it is a reminder to be wary of the scam of Metaverse. This It is not a denial of the meta universe, but a warning from historical experience.”

Of course, the maturity of technology is inseparable from the Gartner technology maturity curve. From the birth of technology to the peak of high expectations, and then from its peak to the period of bubble underestimation, only by withstanding the big waves of the market can the transition to stable and even actual production. The stage.

In the end, whether Metaverse will follow the visual expressions of “The Matrix” and “Out of Control Players” remains to be determined. “At present, Metaverse is in a period of excessive expectations of people, and the tide will fade in the second half of next year or the next year. What Metaverse needs most at this time is calmness and pragmatism, and it needs to solve the infrastructure and market step by step. Nurturing, software and hardware development, content construction and other problems can lead to the ultimate “meta universe” world.” said Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu.

A single flower does not mean spring, but a garden full of spring when a hundred flowers bloom. In the era of mobile Internet, there is no dominant company, and it will inevitably not exist in the future. As the next-generation Internet, Meta Universe is a venue for “cutting leeks” in new bottles of old wine, or whether it can break the data island and create the next “earth”, which urgently needs industry participants to confirm.

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