Giants start the Metaverse talent battle

Previously, in order to compete with their peers for talent, Wall Street companies had to significantly increase their salary levels, making their year-end bonuses the most inflationary place in the United States.

And now the same battle for talent is also kicking off in the tech world, and Metaverse talents are very popular.

With most tech giants now planning to launch their own VR headsets, salaries for engineers with AR/VR experience are skyrocketing.

Salaries for Metaverse-related positions have risen 10-fold , according to December data from job site Indeed .

Although the competition is fierce, the number of talents is limited, so under this “zero-sum game”, naturally some people are happy and others are worried.

Microsoft is hurt

Microsoft is one of the first pioneers to enter the field of virtual reality, and its product HoloLens is already the most technologically advanced headset device.

But about 100 people left the HoloLens team last year, according to The Wall Street Journal. Among them are several team leaders who have worked at Microsoft for many years, including Charlie Han, who specializes in collecting customer feedback for HoloLens, and Josh Miller, who works on the display technology team.

Peers have been aggressively vying for Microsoft’s Metaverse talent, sometimes offering double pay, according to former Microsoft employees.

And here specifically “targeted” Microsoft is Meta. In addition to the two mentioned above, 40 of the 70 former employees on the team joined Meta after leaving Microsoft.

Meta’s strong charge

From Zuckerberg’s renaming of Facebook to Meta, it can be seen that he wants to conquer the metaverse world.

According to IDC data, Meta’s Oculus headset enjoys a leading position in the VR hardware market, with a market share of 75%. Total sales reached 9.4 million last year and are expected to increase to 13.6 million by the end of this year.

Therefore, whether it is the current status of the industry or the grand plan in the future, Meta is even more relentless in selecting talents.

Meta has said that it will recruit more employees to participate in the Metaverse project, which will reach 10,000 employees in Europe alone in the next five years.

Meta has such a large-scale talent acquisition program that it’s not just Microsoft’s peers who are losing employees. A former Microsoft employee said that Apple also has employees who jumped to Meta’s Metaverse business, but Apple declined to comment.

In the early days of the metaverse, VR headsets are expected to be a battleground for gamers. At present, Meta has become the representative of technology, but can it continue to dominate the world after Apple enters the game?

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