Game live broadcast “snap-up” Metaverse

Since all kinds of live broadcast platforms have sprung up in 2016, the major live broadcast platforms have launched fierce battles to grab users.

Since all kinds of live broadcast platforms have sprung up in 2016, the major live broadcast platforms have launched fierce battles to grab users. Huya and Douyu relied on their differentiated advantages of focusing on game live broadcasts, and settled their heads in this “Thousand Broadcasting War”.

However, as the live broadcast industry has gradually entered a period of stock competition, live broadcast platforms have also derived a variety of realisation methods such as live broadcast delivery and knowledge payment. As the leaders in the game live broadcast industry, Huya and Douyu missed development opportunities due to their indulging in “internal fighting”, which also gave other live broadcast platforms opportunities. As a result, major video platforms have set their sights on the field of game live broadcast, and among the many players who have entered the game live broadcast track , the offensive of Kuaishou and Station B is particularly fierce.

Game live broadcast "snap-up" Metaverse

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Kuaishou, B station full offensive

Kuaishou and Station B, which were once famous for pan-entertainment and the second dimension, are very different from traditional game live broadcast platforms . But even so, in order to build a diversified live content ecology, Kuaishou and Station B have extended their tentacles to the territories of Huya and Douyu. The high expectations of Kuaishou and Station B for game live broadcasts have completely broken the original pattern of the industry.

On the one hand, Kuaishou is eroding the market share of Huya and Douyu through the combination of live broadcast and short video. Kuaishou, which started from short videos, built its own game ecology based on live content. Not only did it introduce more core game events and e-sports variety shows, it also further deepened its cooperation with Tencent in various e- sports events , such as Obtained the live broadcast copyright of the ” Glory of the King ” professional event.

In addition to taking actions around copyright, Kuaishou also spared no effort in supporting the anchor. Kuaishou not only proposed the “Millions of Game Creators Support Plan” to attract high-quality waist creators, but also invested a lot of traffic, funds and other resources to expand the influence of its game anchors outside the site. According to the “China Game Industry Inventory Data Report” released by Xiaohulu Big Data, the number of Kuaishou game anchors reached 1.086 million in July 2021, ranking first on all platforms, more than twice that of Huya, Douyu and other platforms.

On the other hand, Station B has also formed a direct rivalry relationship with Huya and Douyu on the copyright of the event and the anchor of the game. As we all know, copyright and anchors are undoubtedly the core resources of the game live broadcast platform, but station B is in contact with Huya and Douyu in these two aspects. Specifically, B stands for frequent investment in game copyrights, and once spent a huge sum of money to win the exclusive live broadcast rights of the “League of Legends” Global Finals (S Games) in China for three years, as well as exclusive live broadcasts of games such as the “Overwatch League” right.

In addition to accelerating the pace of buying exclusive rights, the number of anchors at station B is also catching up with Huya and Douyu. B station is not only expensive poaching “The Outsiders sister” von Timo, supporting a large number of virtual fitting anchor tonality of the community, but also invited more than eSports head KOL settled, and recruited a head game MCN goose culture of Three founders joined. It is reported that with the continuous penetration of the game live broadcast business at Station B, the scale of its game anchors has reached 403,000.

Huya and Douyu worked hard to guard

The raging coming of Kuaishou and Station B posed a great threat to Huya and Douyu on the vertical track. Although Huya has held its own basic market, its revenue data is far less glamorous than it seems on the surface. It is reported that from 2019Q4 to 2021Q2, the year-on-year growth rate of Huya’s net profit dropped from 60.35% to 8.36%. And Douyu has been in the quagmire of losses for four consecutive quarters. The financial report shows that in 2021Q3, Douyu’s revenue was 2.347 billion yuan, down 8% year-on-year; net profit was 144 million yuan, compared with 59 million yuan in the same period last year.

As a result, under the dual pressure of external opponents constantly catching up and their own performance growth hindered, strengthening the moat has become what Huya and Douyu have to do.

As a result, enriching the pan-entertainment content library will help form content diversification and differentiation. Relying on its huge game resource library and anchor group, Huya will broadcast its self-made e-sports events such as “Huya Men’s Cup” and self-made entertainment programs such as “Late Night Tavern” live in the third quarter of 2021, attracting many users to watch. Competition programs such as “What Do You Say”, “Betta Fish Interpreter”, and “Forexer League” launched by Douyu also meet the diverse needs of users and bring users a brand-new viewing experience.

Secondly, increasing the broadcast rights of popular events will help increase user retention. Top-level events can not only get rewards, attract advertisers, but also profit through distribution. Therefore, the copyright of the game has always been a “competitive place” for the game live broadcast platform. Huya and Douyu attach great importance to the copyright of the game. Invest. It is reported that in the third quarter of 2021, Huya broadcasted a total of 131 copyright e-sports events, with a total of 590 million viewers; Douyu also broadcasted more than 60 official large-scale events to promote the stickiness and activity of new and old users.

Thirdly, cultivating and storing high-quality e-sports creative talents will help to form unique barriers to competition. Since Huya and Douyu have been deeply cultivating the game industry, they have always paid great attention to the cultivation and exploration of game anchors. Huya, together with Tencent E-sports, Communication University of China and other institutions, has jointly created a talent training system featuring “vendor + platform + colleges and universities” linkage. In addition to maintaining the advantages of its own big anchor, Douyu has also formed a set of effective play methods in cultivating and digging new anchors.

Forth, strengthening technological innovation can further optimize the viewing experience. Huya not only tried live broadcast interactivity by opening the “one-click black” function, but also introduced black technologies such as “HDR image quality” and “no delay AI subtitles” to adjust the game screen. While Douyu combines machine algorithms with live broadcast scenes, it is the first to launch the AI subtitle function in the live broadcast room , and launches “game language recognition model”, “smart matting” and “one-click video generation” functions to improve users Enthusiasm for interaction.

The situation is stalemate

As the leading players in the game live broadcast industry, Huya and Douyu have successfully survived the “Thousand Broadcasting War”, but with the strong entry of Kuaishou and Station B, the competitive situation in the game live broadcast industry has begun to surge again. In the face of such a complex environment, Kuaishou, Station B, Huya, and Douyu have different competitive ideas.

Station B and Kuaishou have stronger flow advantages and financial strength. With a strong community atmosphere and a rich business model based on the market, Station B has a very deep accumulation in both game content and copyright; and Kuaishou, who is good at live streaming and advertising business, also has incomparable commercialization. Therefore, the development potential of the two derived from video services to live broadcast services cannot be underestimated.

Huya and Douyu have extremely high user stickiness and brand influence. Relying on the advantages of continuously launching high-quality live events and deep binding professional anchors, Huya and Douyu have always had a strong appeal and retention to users. And it is precisely because of their unique platform tonality that Huya and Douyu have become the well-deserved leading companies in the important segment of game live broadcast, and thus have unquestioned popularity and influence in the entire live broadcast industry.

It can be seen that although Huya and Douyu are the two old game live broadcast platforms, although they have a wide range of talents, the emerging platforms Kuaishou and Station B also have sufficient ammunition, and each player has its own advantages and disadvantages in the field of game live broadcast. Under the background, this game live broadcast battle between giants may be difficult to tell the winner or loser in the short term. However, as the stock competition between the four giants gradually intensifies, it will inevitably bring involution to the entire game live broadcast industry. Therefore, it is imperative for “tiger, fish, fast, B” to wait for an opportunity to break the game.

Is the meta-universe a key variable?

In the fiercely competitive environment, all game live broadcast platforms are trying their best to find new increments, and the recent explosive meta-universe seems to allow the game live broadcast industry to see new development opportunities. Therefore, in the age of fast Internet, game live broadcast players have begun to actively embrace Metaverse in an attempt to seize the opportunity of the Metaverse track.

This is mainly because VR and other technologies are the interface of the meta-universe, and the most widely used scene of VR is games. Even analysts at CITIC Securities believe that games and social networking may be the form of user-end products that Metaverse landed in the early days. Therefore, the layout of the meta-universe on the game live broadcast platforms led by Huya and Douyu seems to be a logical matter. It’s just that it is far from easy for Metaverse to land in game products.

First of all, there is no clear and accurate definition of the meta universe so far. Although the term “metauniverse” is now familiar, and many companies have begun to deploy on the metaverse track, these companies are still at the preliminary stage of exploring metaverse and only touched on relatively shallow concepts. Therefore, regardless of whether the metaverse has a vast space and multiple possibilities, for now, the metaverse is still a new thing that has not yet formed, and its future is full of too many uncertainties.

Secondly, the core technology to construct the meta universe is still in its infancy. Insiders pointed out that Metaverse is an extremely open, complex, and huge system, which covers the entire cyberspace, as well as numerous hardware devices and realistic conditions. Therefore, extremely complex and advanced technology is required to construct the meta-universe. However, domestic AI, AR, VR, 5G, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies are still immature, and the application scenarios are not complete. Therefore, there is still a long way to go to build a diversified meta-universe.

Finally, Metaverse is still being closely monitored. With the great fire of the meta universe concept, the concept stocks related to the meta universe have also risen. Among them, the leading stock of the meta universe, Zhongqingbao, has increased by more than three times in two months, while Dafu Technology and United Optoelectronics have increased in the month. Also more than 50%. In response to this boom, the regulatory authorities have also had to take action to “cool down”. According to statistics, 10 companies have received a letter of concern or supervision issued by supervision within the month.

At present, Metaverse has not reached its ideal state in terms of technology, model, ecology, commercialization, or even law, consciousness, etc. Therefore, it is difficult for the game live broadcast platform to “turn over” by relying on Metaverse for the time being. . If the game live broadcast platform wants to have a higher chance of breaking through in the future meta-universe wars, I am afraid that it will still have to work harder on the content.

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