Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

In 2021, the outbreak of Axie Infinity has promoted the “gold-playing” craze of P2E games, and the game guild is an important driving force behind it.

According to the data released by YGG, the game guild with the largest number of players, the number of YGG Axie Scholarship players has exceeded 20,000, which is equivalent to the 24-hour user volume of Axie Infinity yesterday.

In addition to YGG, game guilds such as Merit Circle, GuildFi, and Unix Gaming have also gathered a large number of players from Axie Infinity.

Game guilds provide players with a low-cost and quick opportunity to play on the bracelet.

Taking YGG as an example, YGG’s market is mainly in Southeast Asian countries. The epidemic has kept the unemployment rate in these countries high. Unemployed people who want to gain profits through P2E games face obstacles in terms of lack of encryption knowledge and high game costs. YGG provides these players with Training services, “playing gold” strategies to help them get into the game quickly.

Through the Axie Scholarship Program, novice players can get 3 Axies for free, which greatly reduces the economic cost of playing the game. To a certain extent, the game guild will introduce crypto novices into the world of blockchain games and cryptography.

Up to now, there are more than 40 game guilds around the world. The members of the top game guilds are concentrated in Southeast Asian countries. The game guilds help the people in Southeast Asia to increase their income. The game guild service group is centered on Southeast Asia and spreads globally. South America, Africa, and South Asia have become new markets for game guilds.

As a new track in the encryption field, the game guild ecology and functions of the game guild are gradually improving. The main functions of the game guild include DAO, investment, pledge, LaunchPad, etc. In the future, new functions will be added according to the development of the industry.

The game guild is an important part of the GameFi field. On the premise of achieving a virtuous circle with chain games, players, investors and other elements, continuous optimization and improvement can achieve sustainable development.

This article will discuss the development of game guilds in detail from four aspects: the introduction of game guilds, the current status of game guild ecology, the introduction of game guild projects and the prospects of game guilds.

Introduction to Game Guild

Definition of Game Guild

A game guild is a product of game development. It refers to a guild formed in the game, with the main purpose of playing the game, with stable core members, a clear organizational structure, division of powers and responsibilities, and rules and disciplines, and has at least one independent form of outside the game. A means of communication, a platform for gamers to communicate with a specific name or logo.

The game guild in the field of chain games is the combination of GameFi and DAO.

At the level of guild formation, the game guild of ChainGame provides players with the opportunity to participate in P2E games at a low cost, and players can get rewards by participating in P2E games.

At the organizational structure level of the game guild, the organizational form of the game guild of ChainGame is DAO. Players join the DAO and have the right to participate in governance by holding NFTs, tokens, etc.

Why do you need a gaming guild?

  • Provide chain game entrance for players outside the circle

Gaming guilds introduce outsiders into the crypto world through chain games, the most typical case being Axie Infinity players in the Philippines.

YGG’s documentary shows people in Canabanduan, Philippines, earning double to triple the local minimum wage by playing Axie Infinity. At the same time, the cooperation between YGG and Axie Infinity has greatly lowered the threshold for Filipino users to enter the game.

The Axie Infinity community launched the Axie Scholarship Program, offering 3 free Axies to newcomers. There are managers in the YGG game guild to provide training services for newcomers to help newcomers get started with games at a low cost and quickly.

In addition to lowering the threshold for newcomers to enter chain games, Game Guild is a one-stop platform for newcomers to quickly learn about popular chain games.

Taking Merit Circle as an example, Merit Circle has specially set up a section to display the games that have been launched and the games that will be launched soon, with detailed game introductions for players’ reference. Some game guilds will attach a game link to the page, and players can directly enter the game. The game guild greatly reduces the time cost of players’ search by aggregating information.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

  • Help Chain Tour pull new

From the example of the cooperation between YGG and Axie Infinity, it can be seen that the game guild has cultivated new players for the chain game. Game guilds and chain games are complementary. News of the cooperation between Xinfa Chain Games and the game guild can often be seen on social media. Xinfa Chain Games has reached a cooperation with a well-known game guild to provide members of the game guild with a new place to “play gold”. Introduce high-quality players to newly released chain games while enhancing user stickiness within the guild.

With the gradual increase in the number of game guilds, game guilds have become a new front for chain game promotion and competition for high-quality players. To a certain extent, the promotion of game guilds reduces the promotion cost of game guilds.

  • Aggregate player resources

The game guild gathers chain game players in the form of DAO, and the key value lies in information sharing, DAO governance and collective wisdom.

The GameFi track is booming, and there are more and more opportunities to “make money” in the field of chain games. At this time, information sharing among game guild members is particularly critical. There are veteran players and newcomers in the game guild. Senior players have a stronger ability to screen and process information, and spread the information through the internal communication platform of the game guild. After the source information is disseminated and interpreted by the members of the game guild, and the information is added, the value content of the information is improved.

DAO governance can reflect collective wisdom. Game guild members have the right to vote and decide important matters of the game guild. Through DAO governance, the organizational structure of the game guild can be optimized and efficiency can be improved. Forming a virtuous cycle will help improve the game revenue of guild members.

Game Guild Ecological Status

Overall situation

According to the ecological map of game guilds produced by investment and research institutions and estimates from various parties, so far, there are more than 40 game guilds around the world. This research report selects 30 game guilds as a sample for research.

  • amount of users

In terms of Twitter followers, as of March 9, among the 30 game guilds, 9 game guilds exceeded 50,000, and 3 game guilds exceeded 100,000, namely YGG (171,000) and Good Games Guild (146,000). ) and GuildFi (111K).

In terms of the number of players, YGG is the gaming guild with the largest number of players, with more than 20,000 members. Among the leading game guilds, GuildFi, Merit Circle, Avocado DAO and other players have more than 1,000 players.

  • Token ecology

Among the 30 game guilds, 16 game guilds have launched tokens and listed on exchanges. Among them, YGG (15666), Good Games Guild (11777) and Merit Circle (6772) ranked the top 3 in terms of currency holding addresses. Merit Circle ranked fourth in the number of Twitter followers, the number of currency holding addresses and the number of Twitter followers. positive correlation.

Of the 16 game guilds that have launched tokens, 5 game guilds allow users to earn rewards by staking tokens. Taking GuildFi as an example, users can stake GF tokens to get rewards such as GF, GXP, and NFT airdrops. As of March 10, more than $40.28 million of tokens have been pledged.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

  • Location distribution

The headquarters of the Game Guild and its service targets are concentrated in Southeast Asian countries. The 9 Southeast Asian game guilds listed by GameFi Drops are from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.Apart from Singapore, the other five countries are economically underdeveloped. The epidemic has led to an increase in the unemployment rate in these countries, and the emergence of game guilds allows the unemployed to obtain a source of living through “gold money”.

The three game guilds with more than 100,000 Twitter followers are all from Southeast Asian countries, namely the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. The Philippines has the largest membership of these gaming guilds, followed by Vietnam.

The game guild is centered on Southeast Asia and spreads to the world. Countries such as China, the United Kingdom, and the United States also have game guilds, and YGG has promoted game guilds to India by establishing its SubDAO IndiGG.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

  • Cooperation with the head chain game

The game guild has reached a cooperation with the head chain game, and by launching more games in the guild, it can win more high-quality players for itself. In turn, the head chain game can absorb high-quality players of the game guild and increase the interaction and influence of the game.

According to the data compiled by Momentum 6, the top game guilds all have cooperative relations with Axie Infinity. It is worth noting here that Axie Infinity is the most played game by YGG members, and YGG and the Axie Infinity community have a deeply cooperative relationship.

In addition to Axie Infinity, blockchain game projects that have cooperated with leading game guilds include the multiplayer action role-playing game Big Time, the Metaverse game Star Atlas, the Metaverse game The SandBox, and the MOBA e-sports game Thetan Arena.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

  • Investment agency

A number of well-known investment institutions set their sights on the game guild. Among the investment institutions, Animoca Brands is the most active. Among the 10 game guild financing situations compiled by Coinko, Animoca Brands participated in the financing of 4 game guilds. Of the 3 game guilds with the highest market capitalization, Animoca Brands has invested in two of them.

In addition, well-known investment institutions investing in Game Association include a16z, Coinbase Ventures, AU21 Capital, Hashed, Three Arrows Capital, etc. Judging from the investment lineup, the game guild has become a hot track for financing.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

Game Guild Features

At present, the game guild mainly has four functions: DAO, investment, pledge and LaunchPad of the game.

  • DAO

DAO is the core function of the game guild. The game guild creates a player-based DAO. The DAO sets different roles. The players have different roles in the DAO and have the decision-making power over the affairs of the DAO. Astra Guild Ventures and Merit Circle are all examples of focusing on building player-based DAOs.

  • Invest

The game guild, as the main body of investment, participates in the investment of some projects while cooperating with the chain game, and obtains more rewards for the guild members. Ancient8, the largest game guild in Vietnam, invests in games in the early stages of development, participates in NFT pre-sale, participates in game testing, obtains early game rewards, NFT airdrops, and provides these as rewards to guild members.

  • pledge

The game guild issues tokens, allowing token holders to obtain tokens, NFT airdrops and other rewards by staking, bringing more practical benefits to token holders. As mentioned above, GuildFi users can pledge GF tokens to receive rewards such as GF, GXP, and NFT airdrops.

  • LaunchPad

The game guild provides a distribution platform for the new chain game. The new chain game is released in the game guild to attract guild members to experience the early game release and form a high-quality player base. Fundraising through LaunchPad’s features provides financial support for game development and optimization.

Game Guild Project Introduction

  • ASB

The game guild YGG located in the Philippines is currently the largest game guild and an important driving force for the outbreak of Axie Infinity last year. Axie Infinity is the most played game by YGG members. As of now, the number of YGG Axie Scholarship players has exceeded 20,000.

In addition to Axie Infinity, YGG is gradually expanding its game territory. From October to November last year, YGG has reached cooperation and investment with 8 chain games, including CyBall, Thetan Arena, MOBOX, Aavegotchi, DeHorizon, etc.

YGG expands its user base by establishing SubDAO. YGG established YGG SEA and IndiGG, respectively targeting the Southeast Asian market and the Indian market outside the Philippines, and participating in investment in new chain games through SubDAO.

YGG’s operating model:

  1. Build a global community for players to earn while playing (P2E), players get rewards by playing games;
  2. Obtain income by renting or selling NFT assets owned by YGG;
  3. Allow the community to participate in the governance of the DAO through proposals and voting;
  4. Coordinate the research and development of players in the DAO to gain revenue by maintaining competitiveness in Metaverse related games.

Evaluation: The organizational structure of YGG is relatively mature. After Axie Infinity gradually subsided, the cooperation between YGG and other leading chain games can maintain the activity within the game guild. The user volume and activity are the best among all game guilds, and they have broad prospects under the GameFi boom.

  • Merit Circle

Merit Circle creates DAO based on chain game players, and MC holders have the right to participate in decision-making.Merit Circle has set up a SnapShot voting page and a governance forum, through which MC token holders can express their views on the proposal.

In addition to decision-making, Merit Circle’s chain game players can earn money by playing the game. Merit Circle’s income distribution ratio is 70/30. The project party gets 30% of the game revenue, and the player gets 70% of the game revenue.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

Merit Circle has ample financial reserves. Up to now, Merit Circle has made a profit of over 2 million US dollars through chain games. Through investing in NFTs and participating in pre-sale, the asset management scale has reached 113 million US dollars, and the capital reserve will be used for DAO operation and project optimization.

Merit Circle’s operating model:

  1. Establish a global community for players to earn while playing (P2E), players get rewards by playing games, and the guild obtains certain benefits from it;
  2. Obtain income by renting or selling NFT assets owned by YGG;
  3. Allows the community to participate in the governance of the DAO through proposals and voting.

Evaluation: Merit Circle’s DAO governance is relatively mature and has a relatively complete governance mechanism. Merit Circle actively participates in the purchase of NFTs and investment projects, and has a certain scale of asset management.DAO governance and game links are easy to use and have a better user experience.

  • GuildFi

GuildFi offers players three ways to play.

  1. Earn money by playing P2E games on the platform;
  2. Regularly release NFT blind box airdrops;
  3. Stake GF tokens to gain income.

GuildFi’s operating model:

  1. Players earn income by playing P2E games online on the platform;
  2. Integrating game and player data, and by analyzing the performance of ID accounts, GuildFi provides players with additional benefits;
  3. GuildFi cooperates with game developers to provide early investment opportunities for NFT assets or tokens of new games, and the allocation amount is determined according to the player’s level and participation in GuildFi.
  4. GF holders can earn income by staking, participate in DAO governance, and participate in Metaverse games.

Evaluation: GuildFi provides players with additional benefits in three ways, helping to enhance the user stickiness of the platform. The platform participation method is relatively direct and the experience is better. The fly in the ointment is that players do not have a strong sense of experience in participating in community governance.

  • Ancient8

Ancient8 is the largest game guild in Vietnam. Its functions include blockchain game scholarship, game community, and investment.

Chain Games Scholarship means that Ancient8 has reached a cooperation with Chain Games and purchased NFTs of Chain Games and distributed them to players as rewards. At present, Ancient8 supports players to apply for scholarships in Axie Infinity, CyBall and Thetan Arena. Players can put the scholarships into the game to get more income after winning the scholarships.

The gaming community and investment don’t go into too much detail. Vietnam is an important market for chain games. Ancient8, as the largest game guild in Vietnam, provides Vietnamese players with a local chain game exchange platform, which is also an important condition for Ancient8 to gain a foothold in the competition. The investment mainly focuses on NFT pre-sale, NFT secondary market purchase, P2E game revenue, and provides financial support for community operations.

Ancient8’s operation mode:

(1) Players earn income by playing P2E games online on the platform;

(2) Through cooperation with Chain Games, the NFT purchased from Chain Games will be distributed to players as rewards;

(3) Obtain NFT through NFT pre-sale, NFT secondary market purchase, and gain income by playing P2E games to increase the scale of asset management.

Evaluation: Ancient8 is based in the Vietnamese market, supported by Vietnamese capital such as Coin98, and combined with the characteristics of the Vietnamese market, it provides Vietnamese players with an income-increasing plan for chain games, and its development is relatively mature.

  • Avocado DAO

Avocado DAO is a DAO established based on P2E chain game players, and Axie Infinity is the core game of Avocado DAO. When the two have reached a cooperation, Axie scholarship players can get more rewards. Up to now, there have been more than 11,000 Axie Scholarship players on the platform, with a total of more than 95 million SLP rewards.

Game Guild: A Transformer of the Chain Game Economy

Avocado DAO will soon launch a staking service, and AVG token holders can obtain additional income by staking tokens.

There is a strong lineup of investment institutions, including Three Arrows Capital, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Hashed, etc.

The operating model of Avocado DAO:

  1. Invest in NFT assets of different games and establish a scholarship NFT lending system to create income;
  2. Train game guild members and provide game guides for them;
  3. Organizing offline/online community events;
  4. Invest in high-quality chain game projects.

Comments: Avocado DAO sets up revenue-generating functions around players, and connects players, investors and games through DAO. The platform functions have a sense of hierarchy, and the AVG token economic model is clear. The fly in the ointment is the lack of new features that differentiate it from other competing products.

Game Guild Prospects

The combination of GameFi with DeFi, NFT, DAO, and SocialFi is an important trend in the development of the GameFi track, and the Game Guild is a comprehensive platform that can well combine multiple players.

Therefore, the game guild needs to do the following in order to achieve rapid development in the future: the game guild has in-depth cooperation with chain games and NFT projects; improve the DAO organization construction; enrich the DeFi gameplay in the game guild; avoid excessive homogeneity.

The game guild has in-depth cooperation with chain games and NFT projects

The game guild has a complementary relationship with chain games and NFT projects. At present, the game guild obtains benefits from participating in early chain game projects and NFT pre-sale, providing additional benefits for guild members.

In order to make this model sustainable, the game guild can consider in-depth cooperation with chain games and NFT projects in the future. Game guild members have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making of important matters of chain games and NFT projects, and improve the interaction and cooperation between game guild members and cooperative projects. The sense of participation links the development of the game guild, the development of chain games/NFT projects and the improvement of income.

At present, the scholarship program of Axie Infinity is an excellent practice. Optimizing the scholarship program and promoting it among chain games and game guilds can be regarded as a good strategy for players to earn sustainable profits and increase the user stickiness of chain games and game guilds.

Improve DAO organization construction

DAO is an important organizational form in the Web3 world and an important trend for future organizational development. Among the game guilds, YGG and Merit Circle provide high-quality cases.

The lesson YGG provides is SubDAO, which is like a company opening a subsidiary. The subsidiary not only owns the business of the head office, but also expands its business to places that the head office cannot take into account, and provides special services according to the characteristics of local users.

SubDAO enriches the organizational structure of game guilds, and can make detailed adjustments to specific groups of people energetically and strategically. This is the experience that game guilds can refer to when expanding their business territory.

The experience that Merit Circle can learn from is the more mature DAO governance. Game guilds should not govern without DAOs. On the basis of building DAOs, game guilds provide members with opportunities to propose proposals, platforms for discussion, and channels for voting, and clearly provide the port for governance. It is more scientific and efficient in DAO governance and improves the efficiency of information access, which helps to enhance the sense of responsibility of DAO members and enhance the cohesion of the DAO organization.

Enrich the gameplay of DeFi in game guilds

At present, 16 game guilds have launched tokens. These game guilds can consider improving the use cases of tokens and launch more DeFi and NFT-related applications around tokens, not only the current methods of staking and lending NFTs.

In addition to chain games and NFTs, DeFi is an area to be mined by game guilds. How to utilize and circulate the important tokens of game guild members to enhance the economic value of tokens is an important issue for game guilds to consider regarding tokens.

Due to the deep cooperation between game guilds and NFT projects and chain games, tokens can become a bond for deeper cooperation and mutual penetration between game guilds and these projects.

Avoid over-homogenization

With the increasing number of game guilds, the competition for users between game guilds has become increasingly fierce. Newly established game guilds need to consider the introduction of differentiated features if they want to gain a place in the competition.

At present, the functions of game guilds are relatively simple, and there is still a lot of imagination in the combination of DeFi and NFT. New game guilds can consider launching functions with their own distinctive characteristics, and design platform use cases on the basis of identifying target groups.

Game guilds that have been developing for a period of time need to consider launching new features that combine current popular gameplay to optimize user experience while giving users a sense of freshness.


The upsurge of chain games and NFTs will continue, and game guilds have become a rigid demand in the market. The game guild is based on the creation of chain game players, and continuously improves itself through DAO governance, investment and other methods to consolidate the foundation of guild members.

As mentioned above, the game guild is a bridge connecting chain games, players and investors. Under the background that the competition in chain games is gradually intensifying, forcing various players to come up with new ideas, the game guild provides chain games with a platform for information dissemination and competition for players. Position, this is the advantage of game guild development.

Under the premise of making good use of the background advantages, the game guild will optimize itself in the above four aspects and strengthen the ability of differentiated competition. We will see more high-quality guild operation templates emerge in the fierce game guild competition.

Note: This article does not provide investment advice, please pay attention to preventing investment risks!

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Coinyuppie is an open information publishing platform, all information provided is not related to the views and positions of coinyuppie, and does not constitute any investment and financial advice. Users are expected to carefully screen and prevent risks.

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