Galaxy Blitz, a corner of the Web 3.0 game, announces more than $10 million in financing

The Metaverse that countless people are talking about, with the concept full of science fiction, stirs the imagination of the technology circle, capital circle, cultural circle and countless netizens. As a star-level Metaverse virtual reality game, Galaxy Blitz has attracted much attention since its inception. And as the release date approaches, the game’s popularity continues to climb. Meanwhile, another big news is in front of eagerly-anticipated gamers: the Galaxy Blitz development team has announced it has raised more than $10 million and revealed details of a co-financing to build the game’s financial ecosystem and features.



Star-level Metaverse virtual reality game

Designed and developed by the people behind Clash of Clans at Finnish game company Supercell, Galaxy Blitz is a space-themed massively multiplayer online Play-To-Earn battle strategy and NFT game. Galaxy Blitz is the latest innovation in the GameFi industry, leveraging blockchain-powered NFTs and tokens to support a new generation of entertainment games and applications.

Maybe some people still don’t have a good understanding of the GameFi industry. GameFi is a blockchain game, also known as a chain game, which refers to the presentation of financial products in the form of games. In the traditional game field, the game account has only the right to use but not the ownership for the player. As the developer shuts down the game server, virtual assets such as virtual skins and props will be instantly reset to zero. The game rewards in the chain game are encrypted assets, which can be freely bought and sold on the chain. Taking Galaxy Blitz as an example, users play games through digital identities, and the game resources, system tokens, and NFT props produced in them all belong to the players themselves, not to the game company. That’s one of its charms, and it brings it closer to the decentralized virtual reality games that many gamers are really looking forward to.

In terms of story, world view and gameplay, Galaxy Blitz has created a new virtual Metaverse: tens of thousands of years later, with the development of technology, the earth has spread all over the galaxy, and humans have evolved into four races after absorbing foreign technology: High-energy physical races, mechanical races, silicon-based creatures, plasma creatures. Players of Galaxy Blitz can play as these four races and battle for dominance in land and space warfare. Players will be able to earn token rewards by farming or “blitzing” loot, as well as participating in a galaxy-wide arms race. For pacifists, there are also a variety of PVE events that generate rewards, as well as a fascinating lore, storyline, and immersive experience.

Speaking about the upcoming launch, co-founder Clement said: “We are all very excited about the upcoming Galaxy Blitz and pleased with the level of fundraising to date. It’s an honor to be part of such an innovation-driven team and a part of the GameFi industry that is truly at the forefront of entertainment and technology. We are committed to bringing the ultimate gaming and virtual world experience to our users. We are confident that the Galaxy Blitz’s Q2 2022 launch will only be It’s a start.”

As GameFi straddles many parallels in the blockchain space, the $10 million investment in Galaxy Blitz was funded by multiple partners from different fields, such as the Conflux Foundation, IoTex Foundation, as well as Bitmart & Amplio Capital, Bybit, , Lbank and other exchanges. Also participating in the financing are EnjinStarter, NFTb and other incubators and Nordic investment institutions OIG Capital, Starter, North American well-known PE institution BlackDragon Capital and world-renowned YouTuber, the original KOL of BTC: MoonCarl.

GameFi: The New Frontier

Games are the prototype of the Metaverse. However, traditional centralized games, in the final analysis, are a model of “players working for game companies”, which does not meet players’ expectations for the Metaverse. In addition, the virtual resources of traditional games cannot be “realized” and there is a danger of loss, tampering, and theft, all of which make the implementation of decentralized Metaverse games difficult.

Different from traditional centralized games, GameFi (chain game) guarantees the ownership of digital assets, and with the characteristics of “decentralization”, “difficult to tamper”, and the combination of blockchain technology + games, it gives market participants A fair game of opportunity will be one of the key pillars that will revolutionize the entire digital entertainment industry in the future. As a GameFi representative product, Galaxy Blitz combines GameFi trends with NFTs to create an unprecedented experience, allowing users to become part of an ever-evolving ecosystem, earning great rewards while gaining a new and superior gaming experience .

In the Galaxy Blitz game, players can sell virtual items such as props in the game to trading platforms in the encrypted market in exchange for real money. The childhood dream of countless people to “make money while playing the computer” is expected to come true. In addition, players can make key decisions about the future of the entire gaming ecosystem – a fundamental difference from traditional games. It can be said that this decentralized gameplay will fundamentally change games and online entertainment.

From nascent to mainstream

As a new thing in the game industry, Chain Games is still relatively young. Only in terms of picture quality, special effects, playability, etc., it is still unable to compare with the crown jewel of the game industry – large-scale 3A games. However, based on the advantages of advanced technology and model, it may not take too long for chain games to become mainstream. Galaxy Blitz is committed to creating the first 3A chain game.

Take the star-level chain game Galaxy Blitz as an example. It has a huge team consisting of 70% developers, 20% designers and 10% marketing and operations staff. The members are mainly from northern Europe, and many of the team members have well-known game development experience. For example, CTO Allen worked as the main programming lead for “Clash of Clans” at the Finnish game company Supercell. Co-founder Diana, who has lived in Finland for many years, met Allen for the first time in Helsinki, and as a passionate supporter of Web 3.0, the two hit it off. Lead Designer Tutu has worked in CG on Marvel’s Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean effects teams. Strategic planning director Wheat has been deeply involved in the development of the well-known game manufacturer Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. The original ability of the team and the exquisiteness of the project have a higher ability to compete in the NFT market.

Following the disclosure of the private sale, the Galaxy Blitz team also announced an upcoming NFT pre-sale. At the same time, the Galaxy Blitz team announced that NFT will support AR technology, and all NFT props can be put into real scenes through AR (Augmented Reality). The team gave us an idea: in the future, NFT props owned by players can be directly put into the real world, and AR will be used to combine the real and virtual. The Galaxy Blitz team also plans to incorporate virtual reality (VR) into the game. At present, most GameFi projects are simple remakes of classic farm, tower defense or blind box games; the Galaxy Blitz team understands the value and importance of diversified gameplay and “fun”, and is committed to creating a game that users are happy to participate in. Fun game. With the further development of VR technology, it will be able to support high-quality immersive experiences, allowing players to play as if they were there, and start adventures in “other worlds”. The gaming experience will first be offered to mobile users, with a PC version of the VR gaming component to follow.

In addition, the digital economy of the Galaxy Blitz ecosystem is also in full swing, and will run in parallel with the game in the future, providing players with incentives and rewards to attract more new users to join. In addition to functions, the Galaxy Blitz team will cooperate with other teams who are passionate about environmental protection to explore the practical path of tokenization to drive carbon neutrality by purchasing carbon credits, organizing cooperation, etc.

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