Future trends in the indoor farming Metaverse

At present, the “myth” of changing the world through virtual lenses is constantly being staged and attracting more and more attention. The virtual reality market is expanding rapidly, reaching $4.8 billion in 2021 and forecast to reach $12 billion in 2024.

The Metaverse, a network of 3D virtual worlds centered on community connections, is rapidly infiltrating every field as we know it, including indoor farming.

Corporate giants have also invested heavily in Metaverse’s related development plans in order to ensure its market position. Education, learning, and the ability to travel to any environment anytime, anywhere, are all very attractive to industrial innovation.

The South Korean Ministry of Agriculture created Metaverse-related content based on the popular online game Minecraft.The Metaverse-based game allows people to take virtual tours of agricultural museums, smart farms, and government agencies, among other things, with the goal of educating the post-95s and millennials about the meaning and importance of agriculture.

Plato Farm, a park dedicated to nutrient liquid film planting, has created an immersive Metaverse farm. On this virtual farm, visitors are arranged to do things such as planting crops and feeding livestock. Those who participate in the game activities will be rewarded with the farm’s tokens.

What opportunities does the Metaverse bring to indoor farming?

According to a research report from Marketsand Markets, a US market research consulting firm, the market value of indoor agricultural technology market will reach 24.8 billion US dollars in 2026. Indoor farming practitioners invest in technology at all stages of the industry, from seed to sale, in an effort to simplify and enhance the planting process for sustainable growth.

Future trends in the indoor farming Metaverse

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With more growers going indoors, the growing importance of food security, and the continued rise in calls for sustainable farming, virtual worlds have a lot to offer in indoor farming. Metaverse has outstanding advantages in assisting the upgrading of education and learning, and grand plans in related fields have also been proposed. So how does the Metaverse benefit indoor farming?

Metaverse helps innovation and popularization of indoor agricultural education

Indoor farming growers are already using augmented reality (AR) to digitize and monitor crop physiology, growth processes and related data. Metaverse will play a prominent role in the field of real-time traceability of indoor planting, as well as the education field of the complex discipline of indoor planting industry. Augmented reality saves training time by providing real-time fragmented “micro-courses” that allow growers to learn by doing. Indoor farming growers can receive training and education around the world, and this education is immersive, interactive, and more intuitive. Relevant learning can be custom designed for elements such as language and training environment.

In addition, growers or equipment buyers who join indoor agriculture in the future will be able to experience the container farms or hydroponic farms they plan to purchase anytime, anywhere. Although the environment is virtual, the experience is real enough. Some companies are already offering this virtual tour experience, such as Urban Crops Solutions, which originated in Belgium. Metaverse technology allows growers to know in advance what they need to do in terms of material procurement, planting management and job functions. Not only that, Metaverse technology allows you to simultaneously control costs, space, inventory and required equipment in real-time when designing and developing your farm.Subsequently, in response to the urgent need for planting technicians, Metaverse Technology also supports technical training with unlimited time and space.

Future trends in the indoor farming Metaverse


Community building in the Metaverse is one of the important elements that businesses and industries focus on. Well-known companies like Nike and Skechers both hope to build community between their brands and products, so they just recently registered eight trademarks involving virtual sales. However, community building for indoor farming is not the same here. Exhibitions and conferences may transfer their community-building and knowledge-learning functions to the Metaverse. Organize fairs, conferences and forums in the Metaverse to get more people involved. Even after the event is over, investors and new entrants can still enter the virtual show regardless of location.

AmHydro has already begun experimenting with this, bringing interactive workshops on hydroponic farming topics into the Metaverse.

AmHydro is a hydroponic system design and construction company. AmHydro has continued to innovate in technology since the introduction of the cost-benefit analysis agricultural model.

By combining proper gardening practices, efficient space utilization, and positive economic benefits, AmHydro continues to upgrade its technology, all of which are shared by the vast majority of indoor farms. They continue to develop and innovate in environmental control and nutrient management, resulting in high-quality crop production. Combining horticultural management with raw material handling, crop transplantation, and ergonomic efficiency, AmHydro not only achieves the optimization of crop varieties, but also effectively reduces production costs and makes the products sufficiently competitive in the market.

At present, AmHydro has begun to cooperate with a technology company to establish real-time interactive communication with growers, which can not only evaluate farm operation conditions, diagnose crop growth conditions, but also provide growers with real-time communication, demonstration and training. AmHydro believes that the Metaverse has great potential in long-distance communication. Although the combined application of indoor agriculture and the Metaverse is still in its infancy, with the rapid growth of these two markets, growers are expected to usher in excess returns in the future.

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