Future DAO

Have you ever thought about what the future development of “DAO” will be like?

So when talking about the future development of a thing, it must be a development need at this time. If “DAO” is a decentralized autonomous organization, then what is a centralized organization? -“company”

In the 16th century, the Dutch East India Company was established. As the pioneer of the modern capital governance system, the corporate system changed the way of cooperation in human society to a large extent.

Future DAO

It is also the emergence of the corporate system that makes the decentralized, inefficient and primitive human collaboration in agricultural society evolve into a centralized, centralized and efficient modern collaboration.

“The centralized system or the decentralized system that people want?”

The things that people need in each era are different, and there is a need to be born, and the same is true for “DAO”. The people of the 16th century demanded the efficient collaboration of the centralized system of the company.

Future DAO

There is no doubt that the success of a company with a centralized system has laid a strong foreshadowing for the industrial revolution in the 18th century!

But in the 21st century, people have seen the infinite possibilities of blockchain, and what is needed now is the contribution that “DAO” can make to anti-monopoly and anti-core fraud!

Future DAO

“Preventing the Core Team from Fraud”

Because if the team doesn’t do anything, or what it does is not approved by the funder (the voting method written in advance through the smart contract), the team won’t get any remuneration, and at the appointed time, all the investors’ funds will be returned to investors.

Just as someone predicted 20 years ago that “all companies in the future will be Internet companies”, 20 years later today, it can also be predicted that “all companies in the future will be DAO organizations.”

As a creative attempt, DAO is essentially a new type of production relationship that subverts the modern corporate system—a decentralized cooperative relationship.

Due to the emergence of blockchain technology, it has brought the possibility of a new type of production relationship.

Future DAO

We can imagine that with the development of information technology, individuals will be liberated from the corporate system, and blockchain technology greatly enhances this possibility. In the future, the blockchain will become a large-scale platform. On this platform, any project can split and publish the work content in the form of task rewards through smart contracts. Individuals who have the ability and will can freely according to their own situation. Choose to accept assignments and achieve true freelance work.

“Deep Thoughts on Blockchain DAOs”

With the support of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the operation of DAO is open and transparent, and everyone can become a participant in the organization by purchasing shares of the organization or providing services. It is worth mentioning that in the process of operation, it can also be continuously maintained and upgraded according to the actual situation, and it can be adapted to its surrounding environment through continuous self-improvement.

If you think about DAO from a more philosophical perspective, it will undoubtedly create a utopian world where everyone is equal, rights are distributed reasonably, and common governance is created in the blockchain world.

Of course, the reality of DAO is that it is still in the early stage of combining rules and technology, and there are still many imperfections, but DAO will eventually become perfect.

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