Fun NFT summer: this tool collection is worth collecting

Like DeFi summer, NFT is also experiencing NFT summer.

The arrival of DeFi Summer 2.0 that many people are looking forward to has now become NFT Summer!

There are so many things happening every day around NFTs, and keeping the pulse of what is happening in this thriving ecosystem can be very challenging.

But don’t worry. The way to overcome this challenge is to master the right tools and services, which you can use when you want to easily analyze and act on NFT data.

So, this Metaveral article will introduce you to some of the NFT resources that the author has recently found useful, and you may also find them useful.

1. Analysis tools
CryptoSlam! — This is an NFT market analysis service that can track NFT activities on blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Ronin, and Flow.‌ — As previously introduced in the Metaversal article, this NFT analysis service can help users easily search for segmented data about popular items such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes Yacht Club, VeeFriends, etc. is an emerging NFT market analysis platform that can be used to track the hourly NFT sales of OpenSea.

2. NFT reserve price tracking – This website is named after the acronym of the slogan “We’re Gonna Make It”, which helps users easily track the daily changes in the reserve price of dozens of popular NFT projects. – Similar to, this site is a resource for analyzing daily changes in the NFT price floor.

Zeneca_33’s floor updates——NFT author Zeneca_33 provides daily base price updates for top NFT projects on Twitter; if you want to analyze market trends over a period of time, these are must-read content!

3. New NFT sales’ “Upcoming NFT Sales” tool ‌ — is mainly for collectors who want to analyze the rarity of features in NFT collection items, but the site also has a nice “Upcoming NFT Sales” Part, used to keep abreast of upcoming NFT sales activities.

4. Ga s management
NFT Gas Station‌-This website was created by tech0ptimist to help you compare the current ETH gas prices on the top NFT platforms of Ethereum.’s real-time gas dashboard-this resource helps you view the current gas cost of various activities on the Rarible platform.

5. Wallet management-tracking intelligent NFT portfolio management service that helps NFT users track extensive analysis about their NFT inventory.

Rainbow‌ — A mobile Ethereum wallet that allows you to easily track your DeFi and NFT activities in a single application.

Zapper ‌ — An Ethereum wallet dashboard used to manage your DeFi and NFT holdings.

6. NFT trading
Sudoswap‌ — A peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol for trading “ERC20/721/1155 token collections”.

NFT Trader ‌-A P2P NFT transaction protocol used to exchange token baskets. ‌ — Another user-friendly NFT exchange protocol.

7. Community
Discord Nitro‌ — With so much NFT community activity happening on Discord, the high-quality benefits provided by Nitro are worth considering because they improve the overall user experience of the application.

PartyBid ‌-Created by PartyDAO, this is a new decentralized product used to create group bidding on NFT.

8 . Yuan universe
Awesome Metaverse ‌-A huge repository filled with metaverse resources compiled by Metaverse expert Jin.

The Open Metaverse OS‌ — An extensive research report on the contemporary possibilities of the metaverse written by the Outlier Ventures network.

Click to access OV_Metaverse_OS_V5.pdf

9. Polygon NFT NFT + games section‌ — A repository of NFT and game projects running on Polygon’s PoS sidechain.

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