Fully embracing the DeFi ecosystem, Firecoin Wallet strategically upgraded to a one-stop DeFi asset revenue management platform

Firecoin Wallet has opened a comprehensive strategic transformation, upgrading from a simple wallet tool to a one-stop wealth management platform.

Fully embracing the DeFi ecosystem, Firecoin Wallet strategically upgraded to a one-stop DeFi asset revenue management platform

With the explosive growth of the DeFi market in 2020, DeFi has been integrated into every aspect of the crypto market and has provided a broader imagination for the digital economy. The wealth in the crypto market has taken a diversified form, and the services that can be provided by the trading platform can no longer cover the entire ecology, and more and more scenarios require users to manage the corresponding assets on their own, and the explosion of DeFi has driven the prosperity of the wallet market at the same time.

According to TokenInsight statistics, the top 10 digital asset wallets in 2020 saw 140 million visits overall, an increase of 32% in the third and fourth quarters alone, from 22 million visits in July to nearly 30 million in December.

Yet the wallet’s service model hasn’t changed much, creating a conflict between the growing market demand and outdated service solutions. In order to help users participate in the DeFi ecosystem more smoothly, Firecoin Wallet has started a comprehensive strategic transformation, upgrading from a simple wallet tool to a one-stop wealth management platform.

Supporting 21 main chains, it is one of the on-chain wallets that currently supports the most stable coins

Liquidity mining is one of the key factors driving the outbreak of the DeFi wave, and is also the main way and means for ordinary users to participate in the DeFi market. Currently, there are a wide variety of projects in the market that support mining, and the wallet tools that can be supported vary due to the different underlying public chains and token ecosystems that the projects rely on, resulting in users having to use multiple wallets at the same time to adapt to different mining strategies, which is a cumbersome process.

Support for multi-chain mining business is the core of the transformation of the Firecoin wallet. The upgraded Firecoin wallet can support 21 main chains including ETH, HECO and BSC, providing all on-chain functions such as address creation, transferring, receiving and revenue viewing, with comprehensive coverage of hot DApps and emerging coins, and it is also one of the most supported on-chain wallets for stable coins.

The upgraded Firecoin wallet provides a convenient channel for users to participate in different on-chain mining activities, eliminating the need to switch between projects and addresses repeatedly, simplifying the path to participation in the DeFi ecosystem while providing investors with a diversified strategy space.

One-stop DeFi asset revenue management platform with real-time tracking of mining revenue

In addition to supporting multi-chain mining, the Firecoin wallet has been upgraded to introduce the ability to track mining revenue in real time.

Due to the decentralized nature of DeFi, the mining revenue of different projects often requires investors to go to the project page to view them individually. For investors who are involved in mining multiple projects, managing their own mining matrix is a very “huge project”, and with the large price fluctuations in the digital currency market, the mining revenue is also a dynamically changing value, so it is difficult for investors to control the whole picture under a fragmented management scheme and thus miss a lot of opportunities.

Users can quickly view their current portfolio, corresponding returns and interest rates on the wallet’s home page, and by switching networks to connect to the corresponding wallet, they can view detailed data such as capital allocation and returns of all projects on a certain chain to achieve global control.

Through the mining revenue tracking function, users can understand the benefits of investment strategies in real time and adjust the asset distribution in time. The FireCoin wallet also transforms from static asset management to dynamic wealth management service, realizing the full process coverage of mining ecology and completing the leapfrog upgrade of business model.

Comprehensive optimization of performance and functions

In addition to the core multi-chain mining and revenue tracking, FireCoin Wallet has also made comprehensive optimizations in performance and functionality. In terms of performance, FireCoin Wallet has significantly improved the speed and success rate of Dapp opening. The speed of Dapp opening on FireCoin Wallet has increased from 30s to 1s, and the success rate has increased from 87% to 98%, which has significantly improved the fluency and experience of users.

In terms of functionality, the Firecoin wallet has optimized the risk tips for coins to help users avoid unnecessary risks. At the same time, Firecoin Wallet uses a card-based wallet management model, which shows multi-chain assets and yields at a glance, making it easy for users to control the global dynamics of their wealth.

In the DeFi wave, many decentralized wallets have emerged in the market, and although they are more in line with the trend of decentralization, their complex processes of private key management, high miner fees, and authorization of different protocols and chains discourage many ordinary users. In contrast, with the credibility and strength of head enterprises as backing, years of experience in wallet services and a huge trading ecology as the foundation, Firecoin Wallet has an insurmountable advantage in helping users enter the DeFi world with senseless services.

Nowadays, as an important part of the crypto market infrastructure and the Firecoin ecosystem, Firecoin Wallet is no longer a wallet tool that simply stores tokens, but a one-stop wealth management platform that can support rich DeFi application scenarios, and plays an irreplaceable and important role as the entrance to the DeFi market traffic.

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