FTX.US launches NFT casting function: The current SBF test NFT bid is $1100

On September 6, SBF, the founder of FTX, revealed on Twitter that FTX.US launched the NFT casting function. This function currently supports NFT on the ETH and Solana chains. The deposit and withdrawal function will be available within a few weeks. NFT is deposited on the platform.


This is another major deployment in this field after FTX launched the NFT trading market NFTs in early June of this year.

Currently, there are many types of NFTs on FTX.US, including: Hall of Fame, SBF test NFT, FTX.US peripherals, physical objects, etc.


As of press time, the highest bid for the SBF test NFT is $1100.


It should be noted that FTX.US charges the buyer and seller a 5% handling fee for each sale or transaction.

A few days ago, FTX.US President Brett Harrison said in an interview recently that he hopes FTX.US will become the next Robinhood, and is willing to listen to every customer’s comment in order to expand their user base.

In addition to FTX, cryptocurrency exchanges have deployed their NFT platforms.

On May 17, the NFT platform incubated by Huobi X Center- iBox was officially launched; in June, Gate.io launched the Gate.io NFT box based on its own platform, and Binance NFT auction platform BINANCE NFT was officially launched; in September, Ou Yi OKEx launched its decentralized digital asset ecosystem DeFi Hub, one of its core products is NFT Marketplace.


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