FTX signs with global e-sports team TSM for $210 million, securing the team’s title “TSM FTX

TSM FTX will purchase $1 million in FTX platform coins FTT and distribute them to each player and employee.

FTX signs with global e-sports team TSM for 0 million, securing the team's title "TSM FTX

TSM (Team SoloMid), the world’s premier esports organization, reached a $210 million partnership agreement with FTX Trading Limited on Friday (June 4). TSM has partnered with FTX.US in the U.S. and FTX.com internationally. As the first crypto exchange to partner with the esports industry, FTX.com and FTX.US have jointly acquired the exclusive title rights to TSM, now known as “TSM FTX”.

Through this strategic partnership, TSM FTX will embark on a new plan to invest resources in esports and gaming over the next five years. The strategy includes a massive expansion of gaming into handheld games, increasing the reach of TSM FTX by establishing branches in Asia, Europe, and South America, and increasing investment in esports talent development on its current scale.

Not only that, TSM FTX will purchase $1 million in FTX platform coins FTT and distribute them to each player and employee.

“As soon as I saw Sam Bankman-Fried, I immediately knew we had to work together,” said Andy Dinh, TSM founder and CEO.

“Not only is TSM FTX a great fit for the brand, but SBF is quite an innovative CEO, young and ambitious for his time. sBF always makes smart decisions, and that’s down to a good team he has in place. He has proven that it is possible to build multi-billion dollar crypto empires and the size of the business is still growing at a phenomenal rate. In addition, FTX is using some of the proceeds to give back to the community and make the impact that businesses should have.

This partnership is critical to TSM’s future growth, and it’s equally important to me to work with visionary leaders. Just as the love of gaming connects players across age, ocean, and language barriers, Sam’s company connects the world with the value of cryptocurrency, and I’m quite proud that he chose to partner with TSM.”

For his part, SBF, founder of FTX and FTX.US, commented, “We are very excited to be working with TSM. the TSM team has excelled both in-game and in the real world, rightfully establishing itself as a leader in esports competition. Working with them has impressed us with their ability to innovate, communicate, and move forward with a combination of traits that only a few teams see.

We think working with TSM will allow cryptocurrency to become more popular in the traditional space on a larger scale, and our partnership will make us both stronger. We are equally proud to work with them and give back to the world together.”


TSM is the world’s most valuable esports organization. As a championship platform, TSM FTX strives to create its own maximum value by creating exciting yet simultaneously educational and entertaining content through the team’s superior competencies to deliver the ultimate esports gaming experience.


FTX.com is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for trading dollars. FTX offers innovative products, including industry-first crypto derivatives, volatility products, leveraged tokens, predictive contracts and more, and strives to provide a strong enough platform for professional traders. In less than 2 years, FTX.com has become one of the most innovative and popular cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, FTX has always had a mission of charitable giving, which led to the creation of the FTX Foundation, which donates 1% of all FTX.com net fees to the world’s most efficient charities.


FTX.US is a US regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Our mission is for FTX.US to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem and provide a good trading platform for US traders, and we also expect FTX.US to become the market-leading US cryptocurrency exchange within the next two years.

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