Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte’s Pico, the giant fighting method “Metaverse”

Pico is trying to “cannibalize” Meta’s consumer VR market share.

With globalized enterprises, there are ubiquitous collisions and competitions.

Especially the Internet giants, before the official arrival of the tide of the Metaverse, it is inevitable that there will be some open and secret battles.

No, ByteDance and Meta have recently been competing not only in short videos, but also in the emerging VR track.

Meta senior engineer jumped to Pico, behind the brain drain is team competition

According to the latest report from foreign media MIXED, Jian Zhang, who has previously worked at Meta for a long time, has officially switched to ByteDance to establish a new team for its Pico. As for whether to actively switch jobs or be “poached” by Byte, it is still unknown.

The reporter noticed that according to Jian Zhang’s Twitter, he said at the end of July: “The holiday is over, I have started my new job at ByteDance, and we are in Mountain View (located in California, a part of Silicon Valley). One of the core areas, reporters note) to build a new XR engine and operation team, we are looking for some engineers and image experts.”

Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte's Pico, the giant fighting method "Metaverse"

Figure | Jian Zhang’s Twitter screenshot

It is reported that Jian Zhang has extensive experience in graphics development. Before entering the VR space, he spent a decade in the gaming industry, leading the graphics development for Tom Clancy’s Endwar, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and several Call of Duty spinoffs.

Jian Zhang officially joined Facebook in 2016 and has held leadership positions in graphics and rendering technology, VR SDK, game engine integration and OpenXR. Of particular note is that Jian Zhang is the co-inventor of the App application Spacewarp – a new rendering technology that allows Meta Quest 1 and 2 to boost CPU and GPU power by up to 70% when running VR games. This speaks volumes about how important Jian Zhang is to Meta’s VR business.

MIXED believes that Jian Zhang’s expertise in VR will be “invaluable” for Pio, especially at a time when Pico is looking to catch up to Meta.

Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte's Pico, the giant fighting method "Metaverse"

Figure | Screenshot of ByteDance’s recruitment link

At present, Jian Zhang has posted a number of ByteDance recruitment links on Twitter. MIXED believes that this may be to prepare for the new devices that Pico will launch: Pico 4 and Pico 4 Pro – Pico, or ByteDance, It’s ready to face off against Meta in the North American market, and may be the first to release Pico 4 before Quest Pro.

“Entering” North America, Pico is about to challenge Meta head-on

The reporter noticed that the news about Pico’s positive entry into the US market is no longer groundless. In June of this year, foreign media The Verge broke the news that Pico’s parent company, ByteDance, is seriously considering entering the field of virtual reality (VR). A source told The Verge that ByteDance has plans to invest “a lot of money” to develop VR-related content.

The foreign media Protocol also recently broke the news: ByteDance is preparing to let Pico officially enter the U.S. market. The latter has begun to form a localization team on the West Coast of the United States, hoping that Pico’s hardware products can gain more American users.

Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte's Pico, the giant fighting method "Metaverse"

Figure | Pico’s Hardware Series

At present, Pico has more than 40 positions in the Bay Area, Seattle and San Diego, including VR game strategy director, operations manager and consumer sales director, etc., and the latter’s responsibilities are “responsible for Pico’s overall product in the United States. Sales and Marketing in the Consumer Market”.

So, in the face of last year’s consumer VR sales champion Meta Quest series, and in the North American market where the other party has the “home advantage”, does Pico really have a fighting force?

The reporter noticed that although in terms of hardware performance, the outside world obviously favors the latter in the comparison between Pico and Quest. But in terms of the “soft power” of price and content, the gap is narrowing.

Take the Pico Neo 3 Link (6GB+256GB), which was officially released by Pico in Europe in April this year, as an example. Its current selling price in Europe is 449 euros (about 460 US dollars), which has no obvious advantage over the Quest series before.

Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte's Pico, the giant fighting method "Metaverse"

However, due to the pressure of income, Meta has officially raised the price of the “explosive” Quest2 since August 1: the 128GB version and the 256GB version have each increased by $100. After the price increase, the two versions of the device are priced at $399 and $499, respectively. In this way, at least price-wise, Pico and Meta are already above the same level.

In terms of content, ByteDance, which is willing to invest money, is constantly reaching out to more VR content producers. The reporter noticed that Pico’s hardware devices can already support a number of VR games that have previously become “popular” on the Quest series, including “Superhot VR”, “Red Matter”, “Eleven Table Tennis” and “Arizona Sunshine”. .

ByteDance vs Meta, a full-scale battle that is getting closer and closer

The reporter noticed that when price and software content are no longer an obvious gap, Pico is expected to use TikTok, a subsidiary of ByteDance, to quickly catch up with Meta in the VR field and even the Metaverse field.

Last year, Pico, which was little known in the domestic market, had a huge leap in sales in the domestic market during the Spring Festival this year due to the tilt of Douyin’s traffic: the sales volume of all channels increased by 32 times year-on-year, and the transaction volume was year-on-year in the Spring Festival last year. A 29-fold increase. The power of “traffic” has made Pico rise rapidly in the domestic market, and by the way, it has also driven the popularity of the domestic consumer VR market.

Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte's Pico, the giant fighting method "Metaverse"

As the “foreign version of Douyin”, TikTok is currently becoming a “traffic monster” in the US market.According to the data of Sensor tower, the total duration of TikTok in North America from 2019 to 2021 has soared from 4.2 million hours to 15.34 million hours, which is the fastest growing social media in North America, and has also squeezed users from other social media to a certain extent. Traffic, in other words, has taken away a lot of users from the social overlord Meta.

In response to Tiktok’s violent offensive, Meta embarked on a “comprehensive imitation” route, from Instagram to Facebook, from functions to algorithms. In order to win back more users, Meta does not hesitate to “pay tribute” to TikTok so often that it does not Fewer users began to complain: Can you stop learning TikTok!

Front hard? Meta senior engineer jumped to Byte's Pico, the giant fighting method "Metaverse"

In the field of VR and even the Metaverse, Pico is to ByteDance what Oculus is to Meta. From this point of view, the current move to go deep into the “hintland” of Meta is more like ByteDance’s response to the frequent plagiarism of the former, although it now seems to have a bit of “ephemera shaking the tree”.

Against the backdrop of uncertain global economic prospects, the Metaverse has become one of the few bright spots and expectations in the Internet industry. Today, however, the “Matthew effect” has always been effective, and no business can sit idly by while other competitors grow bigger, which is why even a VR track in a niche market has become the Meta and ByteDance. A battleground between the two social giants. And this “involution” between giants has undoubtedly become a microcosm of the global Metaverse competition.

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