From the beauty expert Liu Yexi to the government-led metaverse: the crossover of virtual and reality

The integration of the underlying technology of computing power, communication, and modeling is a long-term competition belt.

Just in November, a virtual beauty expert who can catch demons went viral on the Internet. October 31, vibrato account “Liu Xi Night” released a “world now, I see, you can see a” short video titled, classification label is a “virtual idol”, “meta-universe” and “makeups”.

This day happened to be Sunday. According to statistics from Feigua, this short video of only 2 minutes was praised by 2.477 million within 5 hours that night. After this video was released, Liu Yexi gained more than 1 million followers in just one day. As of November 29, although Liu Yexi had only released two videos, his account fans had exceeded 5.6 million. The video The number of likes reached 3.42 million. With the labels of meta universe and virtual idols, Liu Yexi is on fire!

From the beauty expert Liu Yexi to the government-led metaverse: the crossover of virtual and reality

Speaking of virtual idols, we have to mention the concept of “meta universe” that only entered the public’s field of vision in 2021 . In March 2021, Reblox, the first stock of the Meta Universe concept, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Meta Universe boom followed, attracting many domestic and foreign investors and entrepreneurs to enter the market.

Liu Yexi’s enthusiasm is also inseparable from the hype of the meta universe concept. Xie Duosheng, the founder of Chuangyi Video, the company that operates the IP, also publicly stated that Liu Yexi’s popularity is “60% benefited from the good time that Metaverse climaxed again after Facebook’s name change. We did not deliberately, or just caught up; 30% of IP form and technical innovation, the company is the ‘willow night Hee’ is defined as ‘2.5D’ virtual idol introduced, and virtual people and live interaction in the form of a short video, which did not have before; and finally 10% lies in the worldview construction and plot design of the entire video content.”

Recently, the Seoul government officially announced the first five-year plan for the local government of South Korea’s Metacosmos (2022-26), which will fully expand Metacosmos in seven areas of economy, education, tourism, letters and visits, cities, administration, and infrastructure. application.

As major technology companies such as meta platform, NVIDIA , and Microsoft have recently announced their plans for Meta Universe, Meta Universe is becoming a strategic development path recognized by the mainstream.

01 Is the “number one player” coming to reality?

Who is Liu Yexi? How did she come about? When it comes to the connection with the meta universe, we have to talk about the content of the video.

The video starts from the back of a mysterious woman, and the camera suddenly turns to a group of people behind her who are holding a mobile phone to film her. When the woman turned around, everyone saw a peculiar makeup with a national style and a sense of the future. Such amazing makeup frightened a group of people. Only a little boy stepped forward and asked, “Do you want to scare people with such ugly makeup?” and questioned whether she was a real person. The self-proclaimed “Yoo Hee night,” the woman asked the boy dare to try it, the boy said, “I am not afraid,” Yoo Hee night also gave the boy’s eyes immediately on the makeup, the moment between ordinary moment all over the streets of the marketplace “demons “.

From the beauty expert Liu Yexi to the government-led metaverse: the crossover of virtual and reality

A domestic “Chuangyi Video” team that has just been established for three years and focuses on the digital content and cultural industry is preparing to make further progress in content innovation. After a lot of market analysis and data research, they decided to take the “virtual idol” shuttle bus and grab a cup of “beauty soup” in the world of the meta universe.

Xie Duosheng, founder of Chuangyi Technology , said in an interview, “In the first three years of post-production special effects video production, the team has accumulated a wealth of technical experience, such as CG and facial drive technology. At the same time, we have also accumulated a lot of Brand resources in the beauty field. So, the innovative concept of’meta universe + virtual idol + beauty makeup’ was born.” And Liu Yexi is the product of this concept.

Reblox summarizes the characteristics of the meta universe as: individual virtual identity, making friends across space, immersion, low latency, diversification, access via equipment anywhere, possessing an economic system, and forming independent social rules and civilizations. The emphasis is that human beings enter a virtual world, have a virtual identity, and have an immersive experience, just like entering another universe.

And a virtual IP like Liu Yexi is just a character in the story, and her relationship with the meta universe is more like an extension of real life in the virtual world- in the future meta universe, not only can the offline scene The content becomes more virtual scenes that users can reach, and it is more likely that the scene content existing in human fantasy will become highly realistic and interactive virtual scene content.

At present, the virtual IP Liu Yexi still can only obtain commercial benefits in the real world. For “Yu Yexi”, who has been labelled as beauty makeup, her next appearance is likely to be linked to playing beauty makeup. According to the founder Xie Duosheng, after Liu Yexi, the team received thousands of invitations from brands within a week, including beauty and skin care, food and daily chemical brands, and Internet technology companies.

02 Seoul took the lead in joining the “Meta Universe Platform”

Recently, according to the official website of SMG (SMG: Seoul Metropolitan Government), the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the first five-year plan (2022-26) for the local government of South Korea. The 7 major areas of infrastructure have fully rolled out Metaspace applications. It is planned to launch the first Metaspace platform built by the local government by the end of 22. The total investment is expected to reach 3.9 billion won.

From the beauty expert Liu Yexi to the government-led metaverse: the crossover of virtual and reality

According to The Verge, as early as May 21, the Korea Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency united 25 institutions and enterprises to establish the “Meta Universe Alliance”. The related fields have already been laid out. This transformation further demonstrates the South Korean government’s emphasis on Meta Universe. While driving the development of South Korea’s Metaspace industry, it is expected to help the construction of global Metaspace. It is recommended to pay attention to the long-term investment opportunities of the Metaspace industry chain.

In terms of infrastructure, SMG launched the first Metaverse Seoul platform created by the city government. The platform is tentatively named “Metaverse Seoul” and will be constructed in three phases: 2022 is the introduction period, and 2023-24 is Expansion period, 2025-26 is the completion period. The Seoul government plans to initially complete the construction of the Metaspace platform by the end of 2022, with an estimated total investment of 3.9 billion won.

According to the plan, the Seoul Yuan Universe platform will become an important part of the Seoul Yuan Universe ecological system, a carrier for economic, tourism, education and other activities. It will provide public services that can break the boundaries of time and space and overcome language barriers, and will expand to administrative work. Improve the office efficiency of civil servants. In order to prevent the platform from being abused, SMG will also establish corresponding guidance policies to guide and establish healthy and safe citizenship codes of conduct.

From the beauty expert Liu Yexi to the government-led metaverse: the crossover of virtual and reality

The meta universe aims to create a virtual world that spans geographic distances. Therefore, the integration of the underlying technologies of computing power, communication, and modeling is a long-term track determined in the meta universe era. The construction of the meta-universe world is also highly dependent on the development of technology. Under the ultimate form of the meta-universe, many new industrial opportunities will be spawned.

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