From SHIB, we see the legacy of blockchain spirit

From SHIB, I see the inheritance of blockchain spirit, and I believe this spirit will continue to be inherited, and we will definitely see such projects full of ultimate utopianism in the future.

From SHIB, we see the legacy of blockchain spirit

Yesterday’s article on SHIB had a number of comments from readers, some of whom expressed regret that they would have known about this type of project earlier.
In fact, my knowledge of SHIB has only recently begun.

SHIB was launched in August of last year. In retrospect, it was at a time when DeFi was on a roll, and almost all of my attention was on DeFi at that time, and as far as I can remember, almost all of the media attention was on DeFi as well.

On reflection, we can say that even if someone (including me) or the media knew about SHIB at that time, they might not be interested in digging up the story behind the project, let alone spreading the word about it. Since there was no media interested in spreading the word about such projects, it was almost impossible for the majority of people to know about them in the first place.

So as I mentioned in the article I shared with you earlier about Dogcoin, such an opportunity probably does not belong to most people, but only to a lucky few.

Besides, even if someone really knows about this project, how many people would dare to buy it at that time?

I would also like to remind our readers that they should be careful and cautious about buying such a high-risk project now. One of our readers said in a comment that he bought a bit of SHIB and kept it until now. Here is a rough guess about the situation of this friend who bought SHIB at that time.

1, this investor was afraid that when he bought the shit coin, he was like most investors: he may not have thought that the shit coin would go up 100 times or 1000 times in the future, but I am afraid that for various reasons, he thought it was a bit interesting and bought some spare money to play with without hindering his life.

This friend also said himself: buy not much. I think this is more indicative of the investor’s casual, peaceful state of mind at the time.

2, this friend mentioned that it is because buy not much, so have been able to get now.

I have a deep understanding of this, in the process of investment, when we use only a small part of the money to invest, because the money is insignificant to us, we are better able to treat investment with a calm mind, the heart will not be affected by the kind of mentality of worry: if it falls, even if the loss does not matter; if it goes up, it is a windfall, and if it comes across SHIB such a bit of fun Project, then why not always hold in hand to see what it will eventually become? So take it and see it go up 100 times, 1000 times, 10000 times.

For such an investor, I even think it doesn’t matter how SHIB ends up, the most important thing is that he personally felt the growth experience of 100 times coins, the investment experience of 100 times coins, and this experience will be his investment career is also interesting and meaningful.

If we look back carefully at our own investment experience, we may find that the investments that often bring us unexpected surprises are the ones we make without thinking, and those that we value most and spend the most time on may not bring us as much as those accidental investments.

But can we therefore devote our energy to finding those unintended projects? No. We still have to put our most important ballast in low-risk, risk-controlled assets (e.g. Bitcoin, ethereum).

When we have ballast, we can free up our energy, time and money to boldly layout those high-risk projects, and at this time even in the face of high risk, our mindset will become calm and tolerant, and this mindset will often bring us unexpected gains. And once we reap huge wealth from these high-risk projects, this experience will fundamentally raise our level and greatly deepen our understanding of investment.

I’ve shared my thoughts on dogcoin and now I’m sharing my thoughts on shitcoin. My feelings about these two coins are very different.

For the surge of dogcoin, I think the factor of human chance is stronger. If Musk didn’t hold dogcoin and held other coins, I guess other coins might have similar market.

For SHIB’s surge, I think there is a deeper layer of blockchain spirit at play: the pursuit of personal sentiment, the pursuit of pure ideals, and the pursuit of freedom. This is the unswerving pursuit of countless idealists and utopians since Satoshi Nakamoto, and it is also the fundamental sentiment of the whole crypto world that is fascinating.

From SHIB, I see the inheritance of blockchain spirit, and I believe this spirit will continue to be inherited, and we will definitely see such projects full of ultimate utopianism in the future. But such a treasure cannot belong to the exquisite profit chasers, it will only belong to the innocent idealists.

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