From real 3D maps to digital twins, “AIRLOOK” is exploring new ways to play the Metaverse

2021 is called the first year of (Metaverse), and how to realize the Metaverse has become a hot topic in the industry. In 2022, as Metaverse gradually moves from concept discussion to product implementation, many existing technology manufacturers have begun to become the cornerstone of Metaverse construction. ” AIRLOOK “, which was established in 2015, is one of them.

Different from the Metaverse startups in the past two years, the main business of AIRLOOK in the early stage of its establishment was based on real-world three-dimensional maps, and its application fields covered smart city construction, smart cultural tourism, smart comprehensive management, smart emergency defense, smart park investment, Rural revitalization, ecological protection, smart real estate and many other fields.

From real 3D maps to digital twins, "AIRLOOK" is exploring new ways to play the Metaverse

Digital Cultural Tourism Platform

Founder and CEO Wang Yanze told 36K that the customized business of real 3D maps is still an important development direction of AIRLOOK, but with the arrival of the Metaverse tide, more and more game manufacturers, social platforms, film and television production companies, etc. With the help of real-world 3D maps and digital twin technology, scene construction and human-field interaction can be completed more efficiently, which happens to be the field that AIRLOOK is good at.

Taking iQIYI’s self-produced drama “The Wind Rises in Luoyang” as an example, AIRLOOK restored a three-dimensional map of the entire scene for the crew and made it into a high-precision digital asset. Many scenes in the film were completed based on virtual shooting. The show saves a lot of money. After the filming of the content, the playmaker can also choose to open the digital scene to users for re-creation or other interactions, which allows the map itself to have more room to play.

Of course, the content development tools used by enterprises in different fields are also different, and the map formats required by the software are also different. According to the traditional map development model, AIRLOOK needs to continuously invest a lot of manpower, material resources, time and money. From this, Wang Yanze and his team thought of upgrading tools and platforms.AIRLOOK recently launched its self-developed map open platform cloud rendering version, which is a generalized, standardized and extensible full-stack development platform. question. The AIRLOOK map open platform has changed the previous customized project development mode, creating a full-stack platform integrating map construction, visual rendering and efficient distribution, taking the lead in meeting the market’s demand for generalization and batch construction of 3D maps.

As a real-life 3D map manufacturer with A-level aerial photography surveying and mapping qualifications, AIRLOOK hopes to take this opportunity to optimize the point-to-point service model and bring general-purpose tools and platforms to users. Customize map formats with different precision levels for users with different types of needs.

“Our plan is to build tools first and then build platforms. At this stage, tool products have begun to be put into use. This is a PaaS layer application. Most game, film and other content developers can call our application in the application. map for development.” Wang Yanze said.

Since the establishment of the special group, AIRLOOK has gone through the realization of new products and the stage from zero to one. Next, it will widely promote the application of real 3D maps in all fields.

Wang Yanze believes that the virtual world imagined by the Metaverse will eventually come, but in the process of human beings moving towards the Metaverse, the “virtual world” created based on digital twins and real 3D maps will greatly lower the threshold for users to understand the Metaverse. It also allows creators to complete content creation more efficiently.

From real 3D maps to digital twins, "AIRLOOK" is exploring new ways to play the Metaverse

City publicity platform

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to more than 6 years of polishing of the map production process, AIRLOOK can complete a real 3D map scan of a medium-sized city with 4 staff members per week, and through the later data integration, the tool platform can be used to realize the map. Cross-industry applications.

The Ministry of Natural Resources issued the “Notice on Comprehensively Promoting the Construction of Real 3D China”. The innovative application mode of 3D map in the industry. In addition to traditional businesses such as smart cities, based on tool platforms and material ecology, these real-life 3D maps will also be widely used in film and television, live broadcast, games, online concerts, digital exhibition halls and other scenarios, allowing users to experience the charm of the Metaverse up close.

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