From NFT to Metaverse JGN, the layout of GameFi achieves ecological leap-forward development

In the crypto world, Metaverse and NFT are inseparable. The emergence of NFT makes it possible to create a truly meta-universe world. In the future, every piece of land in the meta-universe world, every table, every prop, every collection, and every character will be an NFT. .

Nacho, the founder of JGN, pointed out that NFTs do not represent money, but unique assets and items, which are essentially meaningful and valuable things in the form of cryptocurrency. From NFT sales, to collections, to digital art, NFT has unlimited possibilities. The maturity of the NFT market provides important support for the explosion of the meta-universe ecology.

JGN’s vision is to help people participate in the innovation of the DeFi revolution in a simple and interesting way. After the completion of the DeFi + NFT infrastructure, JGN officially opened the Metaverse GameFi section and formed the NFT exchange, Swap, Game, DAO governance and other NFT+Defi+Metauniverse full-ecological products closed loop.


From infrastructure construction to ecological explosion, JGN enters the meta-universe to achieve an ecological leap

Meta Universe aims to create a virtual digital second world independent of the real world, enabling users to live freely with digital identities. Its core lies in sustainability, real-time, no access restrictions (multi-terminal), economic functions (with its own closed-loop economy), connectivity (connecting the real world through terminals), and creativity (PGC&UGC).

A complete meta-universe ecology must be supported by strong underlying facilities and basic ecology. After long-term infrastructure construction, stepping into the meta-universe field is the only way for JGN to develop ecologically.

At present, the NFT exchange JuggerWORLD built by JGN based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been upgraded to the V2 version, which can provide many high-quality services such as NFT purchase, sale, casting, auction, pledge, royalty and so on. Through the JGN ecosystem, users can not only freely trade NFTs, but also can easily cast exclusive NFTs for free and launch transactions on JuggerWORLD or other platforms that support BSC NFT visualization. Through the royalty function, creators can obtain a certain percentage of revenue in each NFT transaction, which greatly enhances creators’ creative enthusiasm and revenue, and creates an innovative NFT ecosystem that is more in line with the market’s tone, combined with JGN DAO (DJGN) The launch allows the JGN token to run through the entire system, integrates the scattered functions into a complete transaction ecology, and lays a solid foundation for the outbreak of the JGN meta-universe ecology.

Games and GameFi are the first stepping stones for JGN to enter the meta-universe, and are also an important milestone for the comprehensive upgrade of JGN’s ecology.

Games are currently the best carrier for Metaverse

In today’s market, some excellent blockchain games such as Crypto Kitties, NBA Top Shot, The Sandbox have attracted players in some mainstream markets, and concepts such as blockchain games and GameFi are constantly breaking the circle, but corresponding doubts follow. Come. Due to the existence of the token system, GameFi has been questioned as having too strong financial attributes, and it is difficult to attract real players other than speculators. And Nacho said that the value of GameFi is not just speculation.

“The application of the GameFi currency system can provide incentives for different groups in the game, whether it is players, developers or ecological supporters. For example, players can obtain tokens through normal game content, or through advertising and To earn rewards through publicity and other means, the currency system can provide more creativity and vitality to the game industry, and speculators are not the only beneficiaries.”

Nacho further pointed out that the main core of Metaverse lies in the carrying of virtual assets and virtual identities. It needs to create a fair, open source, and reliable economic system. In this process, the game has become an important carrier of Metaverse + NFT design.

Nacho believes that “GameFi is also called Play-to-earn. In addition to the experience itself, it also involves providing economic incentives in the game. GameFi is the intersection of blockchain-based games and finance. Players create new opportunities and allow game developers to innovate again in their new creations.” Therefore, JGN hopes to gradually build a complete and interesting meta-universe product ecosystem that belongs to JGN through innovation from the GameFi perspective.

JGN will integrate the existing DeFi+NFT transaction ecology with the new Metaverse metaverse ecology. All Metaverse products will be directly linked to JGN’s existing infrastructure. Players only need a wallet to participate in the JGN metaverse ecology. Each link of the game gives players a complete and smooth GameFi experience.

“We believe that JGN’s meta-universe game experience and the component of income earned by playing will attract a large number of players on BSC.” And JGN’s layout of meta-universe is far more than just a gold game, Nacho said, “The first stage of the game The launch is just the beginning. In a highly competitive market, we must be forward-looking and plan the future development direction in advance. JGN has started the ecological expansion of the metaverse + NFT2.0 decentralized game, which will be more fully and purely displayed in the follow-up The real meta-universe. At the same time, Nacho also revealed that JGN is about to launch an exclusive game featuring battle, NFT collection, land, etc.

Continue to expand and innovate for the JGN ecosystem and attract top IPs

The layout of the metaverse ecology marks a transformation of the JGN ecology. JGN will also continue to carry out ecological expansion and innovation with the comprehensive layout of DeFi + NFT + Metaverse as the core. “At present, JGN is committed to upgrading the experience of the NFT exchange JuggerWORLD, expanding DAO to add new functions such as voting, and further strengthening the connection between JGN and Diamond JGN and the entire ecosystem. At the same time, it is also trying to integrate top IP such as Steve Aoki, ATV & Miss Asia Introduce the NFT field.”

Although NFT and Metaverse are open ecology, everyone can participate equally and become a creator, but star IP has a high level of creation, and comes with a star effect and fan economy, which can be the ecological belt of the NFT metaverse. With the unparalleled value and vitality, more users have no sense of entering the blockchain world. Therefore, JGN attaches great importance to IP cooperation and has already had a layout.

JGN is the official strategic partner and NFT provider of Asia Television Limited (ATV), providing ATV with a full range of NFT output and global communication and support, including the famous Miss Asia pageant brand and the world’s top 100 DJ music stars Steve Aoki has successively reached an in-depth NFT cooperation relationship with JGN, jointly launching new NFT works, and jointly promoted diversified art to a larger international stage.

As an early participant in the NFT field, JGN has accumulated its own unique value in the market. The rapid development momentum has also enabled JNG to win many praises and favors from all parties in the industry. At present, JGN has received strategic investment from many institutions such as Goldman Sachs Group (Canada), Australian SFIP Fund, Binance “Seed Fund”, SoftBank Group (UK), Lianshan Capital, LD Capital, K24 Ventures, etc. It was rated as the TOP 3 project in the BSC ecological ranking by ROI, and was also listed as the “best place” for NFT creation by Binance, becoming the official creator strategic partner of Binance NFT market.


From last year’s DeFi boom to the rise of NFT in the first half of this year, and then to the explosion of the meta-universe concept in the second half of this year, all this is not a coincidence, but the continuous development and accumulation of technology, application, consciousness and other fields, and finally at a certain key Breakthroughs have occurred at the nodes, pushing the whole to a new height. The development process of JGN coincides with the trend of the industry.

From the early DeFi+NFT ecology, JGN has continued to accumulate strength. When the meta-universe ecology broke out, JGN had already built a solid and complete basic system. Now it uses Gamefi as the entry point to step into the meta-universe field, raising the entire ecology to A whole new stage of development. Standing at a new starting point, can JGN respond to market expectations? Can the upcoming Gamefi products lead a new wave of industry? let us wait and see.

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