From “get money” to “lie flat”, after 90 rich dream shattered

From "get money" to "lie flat", after 90 rich dream shattered

The post-90s: very want to get, can not get, can only lie.

In order to get money, after 90 feet out of the “Zhang Kun Global Support Association”, after the foot to look up to “19 bitcoin Shenzhen to buy a house” of the gods; and even invented the word “Shenzhen girl”, specifically refers to every party not to talk gossip, not to blow water, are talking about how to get money Shenzhen girl. The term “Shenzhen girls” was invented to refer to the Shenzhen girls who don’t talk about gossip or blow water at every party, but talk about how to make money.

However, in May, the wind seems to have turned sharply.

On May 24, the word “lie flat” continues to climb in popularity, Baidu search index than before 10 times, the search crowd of 20 to 29 years old accounted for 60%. Is it shameful for #young people to choose to lie flat #became a popular topic on Weibo, harvesting 220 million readers.

From January to March this year, the fund wilted and fell sharply. Zhang Kun, Xiao Nan, Liu Yanchun, Wang Zonghe and other “star fund managers” have products that have set new historical maximum retracement.

Only February 18 to March 9, there are 3,084 funds fell by more than 8.09%. Among them, the decline of more than 20% there are 1045; more 4 funds have a cumulative decline of more than 30%!

But the direct increase in “lie flat” search fever, seems to be bitcoin. the week of May 24, bitcoin all day drop of more than 30%, the lowest approaching $ 29,000 / piece, and previously frequently on the “new high” of more than $ 65,000 compared to the search. It was close to being decimated.

In addition to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies also plummeted: Ether fell 46% at one point, Litecoin fell 50% at the highest, and Dogcoin fell nearly 55%.

From “getting money” to “lying flat”, the post-90s woke up from a beautiful dream and returned to the reality of the inner volume.

“Lying flatism” is a network buzzword that appeared last year, referring to the low desire life of not buying a house, not buying a car, not getting married, not having a baby, not consuming. But this time, the young people who sent “lie flat” to the hot search may be the ones who have to lie: can’t afford to buy a house, can’t afford to buy a car, can’t get married, can’t have children.

The fund and bitcoin gave the post-90s a beautiful dream, allowing them to catch their breath under the high pressure of high housing prices, pension difficulties, and strong internal volume. However, now the dream has awakened, can’t afford to buy a house by speculating on funds, and can’t retire by mining bitcoins.

The only way to escape from the inward roll seems to be to lie flat.

From "get money" to "lie flat", after 90 rich dream shattered

I. The fund gave me a beautiful dream

Universe: 25 years old, second degree, working in the game industry

I came to Guangzhou after graduation in 2018, and my first job pays 3,000 yuan a month, now it’s 9,000 yuan. I work from 9am to 6pm every day, and when the project is busy, I will work overtime until after 10pm, and occasionally I need to work overtime on weekends.

I never thought of buying a house in Guangzhou, to be precise, I didn’t dare to think about it. A few thousand dollars of salary and tens of thousands of dollars of housing prices together will make people lose the passion to work hard instantly.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. But 60,000 yuan, in Guangzhou can do it?

Until last year, always listen to colleagues around to discuss the fund, listen to more think that there seems to be no threshold, even to earn a cup of milk tea money also ah. After much deliberation, last July or so, following a fund enthusiast to buy two funds, put in about 20,000. Follow this friend slowly add and sell positions, each time 500 yuan – 1000 yuan to replenish positions, learn a little regulation way.

In 2020, probably made more than $4,000. “It’s that easy to make money?” That’s what I thought in my mind at the time, it’s much faster than working to save money.

If the pace is a little faster and the profit is a little more, buying a house in my hometown (6,000 yuan/square meter) is certainly not a problem anymore, and maybe it’s not impossible to buy a house in Guangzhou.

This year after the opening of the year, I bought 20,000 funds in Alipay again, or the two funds that made money before.

However, this time the consequences are very different.

From "get money" to "lie flat", after 90 rich dream shattered

Screenshot of the fund’s return trend provided by the interviewee

It fell particularly hard at the beginning, basically losing over $500 every day. When I came home after a long day, I saw the updated returns at night and felt that I had worked for nothing today. During that time, I was distracted at work, and I was looking for comfort by brushing up on the fund’s news and situation and reading the gods’ analysis.

Because I think the fall must be temporary, so every time I fall 500 yuan I will make up 500 yuan, up a little and throw some, but the fall is still more than the earnings, fell to the back basically has given up.

In the account almost 10,000 yuan left, I no longer look at the fund. It is right to throw away 20,000, I just can not stand this kind of suffering.

From "get money" to "lie flat", after 90 rich dream shattered

Screenshot of fund returns provided by the interviewee

I’m back to my old state of not having hope in life, even more indulgent than before. There are more parties with friends and more expenses. When I have something I like, I just buy it as long as it doesn’t cost more than 2,000 yuan.

I know very well that there is no future in such a life, but what is the point of saving money for a house and marriage? Who can know which comes first, tomorrow or the accident? It’s like not knowing today if the fund will fall tomorrow.

I happened to see a friend say that the fund situation had improved, I opened it and saw that the accumulated loss was still more than 4,000 yuan. But my heart did not fluctuate, it did not matter how much I lost, it was a kind of helplessness after waking up from a dream.

Now I transferred all the money to the balance again, like before, boiling frogs in warm water.

I don’t want to get married, don’t want to buy a house, just in time is now my favorite life.

From "get money" to "lie flat", after 90 rich dream shattered

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