From Etherscan’s feature update in 2021, we can almost see the development process and direction of the crypto world

2021 is a big year for Ethereum and the wider ecosystem. With the popularity of DeFi and NFTs, a new generation of users is actually using blockchain for the first time.

While the bull market is exciting for end users, it’s tough for builders. Bringing distractions everywhere, and more users means more “firefighting measures” are needed to keep services safe and running. But whether it’s the Year of the Ox, the Year of the Dog, the Year of the Ape or the Year of the Shiba Inu, Etherscan will continue to grow.

Here are 21 major features Etherscan will release throughout 2021.


Etherscan’s block explorer is massively expanding in 2021. Etherscan and BscScan remain two of the most visited websites in the world. On top of these two, we built browsers for another nine blockchains.

From Etherscan’s feature update in 2021, we can almost see the development process and direction of the crypto world

These are the core features and tools of Etherscan (including the all-important night mode!).

From Etherscan’s feature update in 2021, we can almost see the development process and direction of the crypto world

Day/Night mode button in the footer of the site.

We have already started work on this in 2022, with more to come.

‘Method’ Column

Transactions on Ethereum can perform many different operations. The Method field, introduced in March, allows end users to see at a glance what function a transaction executes.

This is a user favorite in 2021, and users love the added context and are asking for it to be added to pending transactions, CSV exports, and more.

Tip: The method name is obtained directly from the corresponding smart contract and is not managed by Etherscan. When referring to the method name of any transaction, always DYOR (do your own research).

EIP-1559 support

Ethereum’s fee mechanism underwent a major update in August 2021 with EIP-1559, introducing dynamic gas prices, flexible block sizes, and fee burning. Etherscan supports displaying base charges, burn charges and dashboards!

From Etherscan’s feature update in 2021, we can almost see the development process and direction of the crypto world

Etherscan Blocks page

From Etherscan’s feature update in 2021, we can almost see the development process and direction of the crypto world

ERC – 1155 Token Support

At the long-term request of the NFT community, ERC-1155 was gradually integrated into Etherscan over the course of the year. Ethereum finally has a block explorer that supports ERC-1155, including:

  • Top Coin Pages
  • latest transfer page
  • Token page
  • as a tab in the address page
  • Appears as token transfers and trade operations in the transaction details page

DEX trading pair

Etherscan’s DEX Tracker originally listed DEX transactions taking place on Ethereum. DEX Trading Pairs expanded the feature in September, showing trading pairs and price charts for any ERC-20 token on SushiSwap or Uniswap v2 and v3.

Access to this page can be found by clicking the Chart button on any ERC-20 Token page!

ENS name tag

Until 2021, you can search for the ENS name in the website search bar or lookup page. In May, we added ENS name tags to accounts that set up a master (reverse) record for ENS names. Users can now see their ENS name throughout the browser instead of a random 0x…string.

Natspec support

Users of Etherscan’s Read & Write Contract received a gift, and in December Etherscan released Natspec support. Smart contracts with Natspec built in, now show descriptions in both Read and Write Contract, helping users better understand each function they are calling.

Enhanced Token Holdings page

The Token Holdings page has undergone several revisions. It now shows LP tokens and NFT inventory!

As our NFT indexer gradually catches up, we will be better able to provide the community with additional independent sources of NFT images and metadata.

From Etherscan’s feature update in 2021, we can almost see the development process and direction of the crypto world

NFT gallery on Etherscan.

Flashbots/MEV support

MEV is taking the Ethereum world by storm in 2021. It was previously hidden deep in the dark forest, but it was largely through the efforts of Flashbots that it brought it into the spotlight. Etherscan played our part in early April, annotating transactions and blocks involving Flashbots MEV for users.

Flashbots Protect is a service designed to help users securely submit transactions off-chain to avoid front-running and other MEV attacks. Shortly after it was released, the status of its pending transactions was supported by Etherscan (even if they were off-chain!).

Smart Contract Search

An obscure tool used by insightful developers. Launched in February, it allows users to search for specific keywords across all verified smart contracts on Ethereum. Users can further narrow their search by using various filters from Solidity version to deployment date.

Contract Diff Checker

Released at the same time as Smart Contract Search, this particular tool allows developers to compare the similarities or differences between two smart contract code side-by-side.

Transaction Decoder

Developers wishing to explore transactions in more detail directly on Etherscan can simply open any transaction, open the … menu in the upper right corner, and select Transaction Decoder.

wrong information

Error messages became a major problem for some users. Phishers use URLs with coin recovery misinformation to mislead users into opening malicious websites. This project required some thought, balancing user security with a censorship-free user experience.

Solidity custom error messages followed quickly, and in October.

safety report

With Ledger as an initial partner, Etherscan released a tool for third-party businesses to submit name tags on Etherscan. Ledger has directly flagged addresses involved in security incidents on Etherscan.


IDMs (Input Data Messages) have been around for a long time in Ethereum. In October, Etherscan released a simple read-only feature that collects this content into a chat form. Messaging is a key use case for Ethereum wallets – we look forward to seeing more innovations here this year!

Multi-chain address search based on Blockscan

In July, users of the EVM multiverse gained a super ability to easily see if an address on one chain is used by other chains supported by Etherscan’s block explorer.

Multi-file source code search

This multi-file search bar saves developers a lot of time sifting through lengthy source code.

More trading operations

In 2021, Etherscan will add more transaction operations to the transaction details page. The details of pending transfers and NFT transactions are two keys.

Transaction Navigation

The transaction details page got a cool update in November: users can navigate between transactions based on the sender’s instant message (or transaction order). Round-robin trading just got a lot easier.

Sparkline diagram for ERC-20 token holders

2021 is one of the earliest releases. The Sparkline graph shows the estimated number of token holders over the past 7 days: a useful indicator for traders.

API update page

Last but not least are updates to the API documentation and login page. Starting in August, users can clearly see descriptions of various API plans, a full list of API endpoints, helpful getting started tutorials, and more. Using the Etherscan API has never been easier!

That’s 21 features Etherscan will release in 2021.

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