From Douyu to Tencent Douyu, intended for the Metaverse

Tiger teeth? Betta? In the penguin’s mouth, it’s all a taste!

At the moment when the Metaverse is popular, Tencent first significantly reduced its holdings in, then bought the game manufacturer Black Shark, and then privatized Douyu. It is inevitable that people will be suspicious. Tencent is already building a game-centric Metaverse Empire, grinding The knife is horrified.

From Douyu to Tencent Douyu, intended for the Metaverse

Tencent’s business map may add another wholly-owned subsidiary, and Douyu may be privatized.

On the afternoon of January 27, there was media news that Tencent plans to privatize the game live broadcast platform Douyu, which means that Tencent, which previously only held 37% of Douyu shares, will truly own the second domestic game live broadcast platform. .

Tencent hopes to work with at least one private equity firm to complete the deal, and is currently in discussions with investment banks, according to a source familiar with the matter, adding that Tencent aims to close the deal this year.

In response to the above situation, neither Tencent nor Douyu would comment.

At the moment when the Metaverse is popular, Tencent first significantly reduced its holdings in, then bought the game manufacturer Black Shark, and then privatized Douyu. It is inevitable that people will be suspicious. Tencent is already building a game-centric Metaverse Empire, grinding The knife is horrified.

Earlier today, Tencent’s main competitor, ByteDance, announced that it has launched four new products at the same time, the social APP “Party Island”, Wukong Search, the game community “Lingxuan” and the robot.

The battle of the giants in the Metaverse has begun to line up.

01 The cost of privatizing Douyu is lower

Tencent is also the top two major shareholders of Huya and Douyu in the game live broadcast industry. After the previous merger of the two companies failed, Douyu began to have management conflicts. The management decided whether to insist on game live broadcast as the core business, or to shift to a more The lucrative entertainment live-streaming has divided divisions, and the departure of founder and co-CEO Zhang Wenming last month has not slowed the debate.

As a result, some media began to speculate whether Tencent’s repurchase of Douyu was related to management chaos.

In fact, in the e-sports live broadcast track, the top two Huya and Douyu belong to Tencent. To put it bluntly, as the undoubted overlord of the game industry, Tencent is the one who decides the fate of these two companies.

If the next Internet era is the Metaverse, then games will be the best medium for early development.

At present, the market value of Huya is 1.476 billion US dollars, and Tencent holds 47.2%, while the market value of Douyu is 7.17, and Tencent holds 37.21%. Tencent is the major shareholder of both parties.

However, one account is very clear. Douyu’s current market value is only half of Huya’s, and there is little difference between the shares held by both parties. The price of Tencent’s privatization of Douyu is about half of Huya’s.

At this time, many investors may think that if privatization, they should privatize the head of Huya first, instead of choosing the second-ranked Douyu in the industry.

However, if you deeply study the business of these two e-sports live broadcasts, you will find that the so-called scale is completely within Tencent’s control. That is to say, whoever chooses has little impact on Tencent. In terms of business model and audience, there is no essential difference, so privatizing a lower-cost company will have a higher input-output ratio.

02 The game will be the main battlefield of the Metaverse

Just earlier this month, Tencent also reported that it was about to acquire the Black Shark mobile phone, which has the largest market share in the e-sports mobile phone market, from Xiaomi.

In connection with Tencent’s high-profile reduction of last month, all signs are showing that Tencent is gradually selling off its assets in the mobile Internet era and turning to the next Internet-shaped asset layout.

Just as Ma Huateng once described starting a business in a public interview, walking on thin ice and Tencent is an ordinary company. This company always has a strong sense of crisis. Before every Internet revolution, when the traffic was facing a shuffling crisis, Tencent Product upgrades and strategic layouts will be launched in advance.

It can be said that if the next-generation Internet is a VR-based Metaverse, then Tencent can now say that it has obtained a ticket of the highest quality in the world. It has game empires, videos, novel scripts, and social media, except that it does not have hardware. , the content, games, and social elements required by other Metaverses are the strongest in the world.

Through Tianyan Check, the investment entities of Tencent (including Tencent’s parent company, China Literature Group, Tencent Music Entertainment, Tencent Cloud, and Tencent Maker Space), such as Linzhi Tencent Technology Co., Ltd., found that in 2021, a total of 301 investment projects will be invested. In total, Tencent has invested in more than 1,040 companies, with a total market value of nearly 2 trillion yuan, nearly half of Tencent’s own market value.

So, where will the Metaverse develop from, this is the question that the major giants need to think about.

At present, Tencent is betting on games. After all, this is a constant dairy business from the PC era to the mobile Internet era, and users have been contributing a steady stream of cash flow to games.

At present, starting with games has several advantages for Tencent.

First, strong inheritance genes, Tencent’s main potential opponents in the Metaverse at home and abroad, Mate, ByteDance, and Google do not have game genes, Microsoft was in a hurry a few days ago, and spent a lot of money to acquire Blizzard, Tencent has the first develop an advantage.

Second, games are the most likely product form to form early user stickiness, which can easily allow users to extend their online time and cultivate user habits.

Third, games are also the easiest, quickest, and cash-flowing businesses.

To sum up, Tencent is likely to cut into the Metaverse from the game, and the privatization of Douyu is likely to serve this purpose.

03 Metaverse needs to increase user time

Perhaps, within Tencent, there have been countless deductions on the layout of the Metaverse, because this is when the cicada sheds its shell, and any seemingly powerful and indestructible traffic pool may face collapse, even if it is stronger than WeChat or Douyin, The giants are racking their brains not to be eliminated.

In this process, how to improve the retention time of current users in the Metaverse will be an important task.

From the perspective of several products currently evaluated by Lu Jiu Finance and Economics, such as Oculus and Pico, the product form of the VR Zhongyuan Universe is still very rudimentary, including the Xirong launched by a big company like Baidu, which is also a very immature product: screen Rough, lack of content, poor interactivity, few users, no stickiness.

Therefore, if Douyu, an e-sports live broadcast product, can be translated into the Metaverse, it will greatly enrich its playability and make a great contribution to retaining users.

First of all, the height of users overlaps. Generally speaking, Douyu users are heavy gamers, and they are most likely to enter the Metaverse and become users.

Secondly, the distribution and popularization of games in the early Metaverse requires a content platform to support, and Douyu can play this role.

Finally, the immersive experience will be another form of game live broadcast, which can better serve the needs of players.

How to solve the user’s stay time in the future Metaverse will be a difficult problem faced by all giants. At this time, it is time to compete with each other’s content foundation. The thickness of the family background will determine the depth of the future, but unfortunately, at present, These contents in the 2D world will most likely not be applicable to the VR world, and the world will be leveled again.

As a result, opportunities are once again opened to the world. The essence of the product will not change, and the shape will definitely change. In the process of moving from the mobile Internet to the Metaverse, there may be new giants, and old giants may fall.

As a result, even the media companies Blue Cursor and Tianxia Xiu have begun to “sharpen their knives to the pigs and sheep”, and they are not satisfied with serving Party A, and they have also begun to invest heavily in the Metaverse, hoping to become a giant; entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized The bosses of the company, the dream has been ignited again, and everyone seems to have confirmed that the Metaverse is the wave of the mobile Internet.

Obviously, Penguin does not want to fall down on himself, and also hopes that the traffic will still be in his own hands in the next 20 years.

The truth cannot be revealed, it can only be approached.

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