From AR virtual fitting to social Rubik’s Cube, “LinkedIn” hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

The core of C-side AR is the application ecology

Since 2016, my country has successively introduced industrial policies to support the development of the VR/AR industry. In December 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Virtual Reality Industry”, which put forward key tasks for the development of the virtual reality industry in terms of core technology, product supply, industry applications, platform construction, and standard construction. The “14th Five-Year Plan” also pointed out that the VR/AR industry should be listed as one of the key industries of the digital economy in the next five years.

According to CCID data, the market size of my country’s VR/AR industry will reach 41.35 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 46% year-on-year; as the technology matures, the application of VR/AR in various fields will gradually expand. It is expected that my country’s VR/AR industry will be launched in 2023. The market size will exceed 100 billion.

Founded in 2016, LinkedIn is developing AR products and application scenarios by combining software and hardware, and further building an AR industry ecosystem. Provide B-oriented AR cars, AR industrial remote maintenance, AR digital venue transformation, etc., enterprise customization services based on augmented reality, and accelerate the development of C-oriented AR products.

From AR virtual fitting to social Rubik’s Cube, "LinkedIn" hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

LinkedIn hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

LinkedIn Way will develop a series of products for C-end users, including: AR virtual trial installation, AR wearing alarm clock, AR social cube , Internet of clothes, AR game console, AR watch, AR smart housekeeper, etc. More than ten models The software and hardware collocation products form an AR-based social closed loop, and according to different needs, match different application scenarios corresponding to the software to provide end users with a personalized experience.

“At the beginning of its establishment, LinkedIn developed a set of AR glasses, applied them to B-end customers, and developed supporting industrial remote maintenance and other system solutions.” Huang Yangzhixiang, founder and CEO of LinkedIn 36氪 introduced: “At the same time, the company has improved the software and hardware team, shifted the focus of research and development to the C-side, and developed an AR virtual fitting system. It only needs a smart phone or tablet to connect the virtual The clothes are worn on real-world clothes in real time.”

From AR virtual fitting to social Rubik’s Cube, "LinkedIn" hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

AR virtual trial assembly

In the traditional online shopping process, users can only refer to model pictures, and the judgment method is single. After starting, it is easy to cause “buyer show” problems, and the return process is long, leading to a “vicious circle”. However, the existing virtual fitting mirror products in the market generally suffer from high cost, single use scene, and poor experience.

LinkedIn Way uses SLAM spatial positioning system, neural network training, 3D texture recognition and other technical algorithms to combine virtual clothes with human bodies, combining virtual and real, to reproduce the real fitting effect to the greatest extent.

From AR virtual fitting to social Rubik’s Cube, "LinkedIn" hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

AR virtual trial hardware is equipped with a series of simulation simulators

The product has gone through three iterations and added three simulation simulators: a stretch simulation simulator, a fabric simulation simulator, and a temperature simulation simulator, which highly restored the intuitive experience of tightness, breathability, and fabric texture in offline fittings.

The innovative combination of hardware makes the texture of the material realistic, and the clothing is repaired and fit, and you can view the effect of different degrees of try-on at 360°. And support free DIY collocation, one-click sharing of good things and wearing effect pictures to friends, to maximize the restoration of the offline shopping experience, as you want to match clothing styles, and open up new ways to try online shopping.

For merchants, using LinkedIn’s AR virtual fitting system can reduce the return rate by 40%, increase user stickiness by 70%, and ultimately increase profits by 4 times.

Huang Yangzhi said: The purpose of developing the AR virtual fitting system is actually to attract more female users in the C-end market. For the AR social, AR game, AR cube and other platforms that LinkedIn will launch in the next step, female users are very important, and they can form very good interactions with male users. They are also compared with family-based consumption. Powerful consumer controller.

From AR virtual fitting to social Rubik’s Cube, "LinkedIn" hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

AR social cube

LinkedIn’s next-generation product, the AR social cube, is also in rapid iteration. The original idea was to make an AR display device that is similar to the concept of Lego bricks and can be disassembled. As an AR hardware product, it has a strong commonality with AR glasses. The core part is the optical module + embedded system. Its characteristics are shown in: 1) first-person vision; 2) multi-window operation; 3) spatial positioning system; 4) interactivity.

AR is a social product form cube hexahedron cube, each face is a screen, and may be in the fight together into a large screen, may be folded separately, by operating a plurality of windows, also provides a rich interactive accessories.

From AR virtual fitting to social Rubik’s Cube, "LinkedIn" hopes to build a complete AR application ecosystem

AR social cube

Britain led the way for the future production of goods road planning path mainly from the technical aspects underlying the years of accumulated precipitation, independent research and development of optical field chip, chip packaging and self clean laboratory, achieve large-scale chip light field Production; At the same time, it has AR/VR multi-depth display, LiDAR core devices, and core technologies in the communication field.

In terms of software algorithms, we have independently developed a number of computer vision and IMU fusion algorithms for use in a variety of interactive and positioning systems to achieve inside-out spatial positioning technology without external markers; SLAM spatial positioning algorithm; 6Dof handle tracking algorithm ; Gesture recognition algorithm.

LinkedIn Way has established its own closed-loop application ecosystem through the AR virtual fitting system. On the one hand, through cooperation with e-commerce platforms and local promotion for small B-end clothing companies, it forms a platform for products and content and private domain traffic; On the other hand, the Eintoo fitting hardware is distributed to the C-end in large quantities at a low price. At present, market verification has been completed, and a cooperation intention of tens of millions of orders has been reached. In the future, as new product lines such as AR social cubes are launched, entertainment, games, and embedded advertising will become revenue growth points.

LinkedIn has previously received multiple rounds of financing from the American PNP, and Dr. Lu Qi’s Qijie Innovation Forum. The company has more than 30 inventions and patents. The founder, Huang Yangzhi, graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Imperial College in the United Kingdom. He is an early C-end augmented reality research scholar in China. He was selected in the 2018 Forbes China U30 List and the 2020 Hurun Entrepreneurship Leader List.

It is reported that with the support of the local government and industry associations in Wuxi, LinkedIn has established the Metaverse Industry Valley entrepreneurial base. At the end of the year, the Yangtze River Delta Metaverse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be held to help more startups in the XR field increase their influence and work together. growing up.

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