From AI face changing to virtual digital human, “Haibaichuan” will be a technology provider in the Metaverse Era

The outlet of the Metaverse makes the combination of the real economy and the virtual economy more and more closely.

Considered to be an important infrastructure in the Metaverse era, it is also an important carrier for the combination of virtual and real economy – virtual digital human, which has actually landed in games, animation and other scenes long before the advent of the tuyere. From the perspective of industrial application, virtual digital humans can be roughly divided into two categories: “service-based virtual digital humans” and “identity-based virtual digital humans” . Specifically, the corresponding virtual companion robots such as Microsoft Xiaobing. And virtual idols such as Luo Tianyi.According to the qubit “2021 Virtual Digital Human Deep Industry Report”, in 2030, the overall market size of China’s virtual digital human will reach 270 billion.

Back in 2019, ZAO, which specializes in AI face-changing video production, set off a trend of “AI face-changing” in China.As early as 2014, “AI Star” under Beijing Haibaichuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Haibaichuan”) began to develop AI face-changing technology and established a relatively mature algorithm model.

With the popularity of the Metaverse concept, “Haibaichuan” has integrated the past AI synthesis technology and algorithm accumulation, and launched the virtual digital human generation system “IHUMAN” , providing virtual anchor live broadcast, virtual digital human customization and NFT production services.

From the perspective of live broadcast, the integrated live broadcast solution of virtual digital human software and hardware provided by “Haibaichuan” is to solve the problems of current live broadcasters, including account ownership, live broadcast duration, and the impact of brand image solidification caused by live broadcasters.

In terms of virtual digital human customization, “Haibaichuan” is currently mainly customized for corporate brand digital human IP and virtual digital hosts of conferences and exhibitions. Taking the MCN industry as an example, the incubating anchors request to terminate the contract “solo” after becoming popular, rollover due to personal reasons, or disputes between anchors and institutions similar to the “Li Ziqi Storm”, which are all kinds of problems in the operation of enterprises and the development of the industry. In essence, it is all “human risk”. The same is true for the entertainment industry. The negative news of celebrities will have varying degrees of impact on endorsement brands.

Sun Bo, founder and CEO of “Haibaichuan”, believes that the avatar is stable and can attend related brand activities frequently, which can well avoid the long-term stable holding of specific IP by MCN institutions and various types of IP that may appear relative to real people. Unexpected events, expensive fees, and difficulty for brands to accumulate their own traffic, while reducing the sunk costs that are paid in the early stage of IP creation but cannot be recovered in the later stage. To put it simply, “the expenditure on the virtual image is always spent on your own brand” .

The production cost of virtual images has always been prohibitive for enterprises or brands. According to Sun Bo, for example, Liu Yexi, a virtual beauty expert, the production involves investment in venue construction, optical motion capture equipment and other aspects. 500,000 yuan is required to make it.

Based on the deep machine learning technology accumulated by “Haibaichuan” earlier and a large number of virtual materials, the algorithm is used to generate the face, body and makeup in the video, which can achieve rapid modeling in 3-5 days and shorten the time required for avatar production. Time cost; at the same time, it supports a variety of motion capture solutions such as optics, vision, inertia, etc., relying on the high-precision modeling technology of artificial intelligence algorithms independently developed by “Haibaichuan” and the IHUMAN virtual image real-time live broadcast software. The hardware includes iPhone, Kinect depth camera, etc., From lightweight civilian level to professional level, covering zero to hundreds of thousands of product lines, customers are no longer subject to cost constraints, they can purchase on demand.

In terms of technical team, founder Sun Bo graduated from Beijing Normal University majoring in electronics and information systems, and has many years of experience in project development in the field of artificial intelligence. The rest of the team members have relevant professional backgrounds and experience in artificial intelligence, psychology, and the film and television industry. At present, “Haibaichuan” has 8 patents and 56 software copyrights, and will be selected as the seventh batch of “specialized, special and new” enterprises in Beijing in 2021.

In addition, “Haibaichuan” is also creating its own IP image and self-built market channels. Bo Sun expects that with the continuous popularization and development of Metaverse-related technologies, everyone will have their own avatar in the future, and avatar production may be It will be transformed into a C-end business like “selling game skins”. Sun Bo positioned “Haibaichuan” as a technology supplier, relying on the IHUMAN virtual image drive system to provide technical support for the Metaverse industry, and at the same time to provide customers with direct and effective technical solutions The dilemma of low profit margins.

Previously, “Haibaichuan” has received two rounds of strategic financing from WIMI Hologram and Profit Creation Fund. Sun Bo expects that the company will start a new round of financing in June this year .

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