Four times blocked by the same pressure, “day trip” market will be reproduced?

Market sustainability is still weak, the oscillation pattern has not changed significantly

Four times blocked by the same pressure, "day trip" market will be reproduced?

Market sentiment: According to relevant data, the number of major virtual coins in the market rose by 66.27% in the 24 hours before press time, which is less than the 33.73% of the number that fell, with 445 coins that rose by more than 10% and 648 coins that fell by more than 10%. Short-term sentiment has turned pessimistic again, market sentiment sustainability is still weak, and the oscillation pattern has not changed significantly.

Bitcoin stalled yesterday after briefly surging higher to the lower trend line in the chart. This line has had a suppressive effect on the coin’s rise 4 times. Currently the coin is not showing any significant pullback after the resistance, and the two-day pullback low line and the lower trendline above combine to form a minor sex triangle pattern.

In the medium-term trend perspective to see, although the day before yesterday there was a wave of sharp rise, but because the main rally high point down features still have not broken, so objectively speaking the medium-term trend still belongs to the short pattern. In this general context, must not see the momentum is rising to buy, especially when close to the important resistance level, very easy to buy in the stage high, it is best to only fall to important support or trend when there is an obvious signal to stop falling low. About support resistance, short-term advice to focus on the chart of the lower edge of the small and medium triangle support, roughly the price at 36000, not broken then can still hold positions to rise, the game on the opportunity to break the pressure line, broken then consider hedging not on.

Support: 36000–34500–33500

Resistance: 37700 – 39200 – 40000

The strength of ETH has been significantly weaker than bitcoin since the rally the day before yesterday and there is still no change. The overall trend is still in an oscillating pattern, and yesterday it was significantly blocked at 2617, a price level that is the overlapping area of the previous multiple retreat lows. From last night to the current decline in volume performance in the volume of contraction, kinetic energy indicators MACD small cycle in the bottom divergence signs.

The general direction is expected to continue to maintain the oscillatory pattern of operation, difficult to choose a clear direction in the short term. Short-term trend is also difficult to have big fluctuations, the upper resistance concern 2617 a line, not easy to break, the lower support is concerned about 2317 can, short-term is also very difficult to appear substantial break. Operation to see less action, small positions focus on support resistance low absorption high throw opportunities.

Support: 2380–2285–2185

Resistance: 2505 – 2617 – 2730

DOT spot

From a slightly larger perspective, the DOT as a whole is in a wide oscillation between 19-28.8. The big idea is to go around the area around the upper and lower edges of the oscillation range to do high selling and low sucking before moving out of this area. In the short term, the price of the currency is currently in a weak pattern, since June 3 touched the high point of the oscillation range has been maintained after the high point of the rebound downward trend. Short-term trend continues to continue the weakness gave a big, pay attention to the chart shown in the downward trend line pressure can, the current approximate price at 23.5 a line. The lower support is mainly concerned about the area near 19, if the price area and then close to the stop signal, the probability is still a good opportunity for low suction intervention.

Support: 21.80 – 20.50 – 19.00

Resistance: 23.50 – 25.00 – 26.40

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