Founder of Ergo: Digital identity can be easily realized on Ergo


In the opening remarks of Dan (Ergo’s strategic consultant and head of business development), he updated the status of the new exchange to the community. He revealed that the team is working hard to negotiate the launch of several second-tier exchanges and will disclose more details shortly after the written materials are completed. In addition to these exchanges, Dan mentioned that several cross-chain bridges are being actively developed, which will promote the launch of ERG on large decentralized exchanges (DEX). The deployment of ERG on these new exchanges is part of the team’s strategy to get Ergo online on top exchanges. By increasing the number of online exchanges, ERG has increased trading volume and liquidity. Dan reminded the community that this goal is equivalent to getting ERG online on the top exchange.

In terms of rebranding and marketing, the team is actively working on redesigning the official website of the Ergo platform to make it more refreshing, more interactive and provide a smoother user experience. At the same time, Ergo is developing new products for future marketing activities. Dan said that they are designing educational, research, and commercial products that are more “easy to understand and interesting” for ordinary people. The goal is to build a portal by building these products to allow more people to get in touch with Ergo and its community.

Educational initiatives may include cooperation with major colleges and universities to jointly develop products. Dan revealed to the community that he plans to contact a key university shortly after the AMA to discuss this cooperation. He also talked about the development of more payment processing tools on Ergo, and its current progress, because it is a product that is easy to sell and market. By attracting more merchants influx, Ergo attracts a more diverse group of people and increases the exposure rate of the Ergo ecology.

At the end of the speech, Dan updated the community on the work of the PR company hired by Ergo. They prepared detailed news and marketing plans for the team, including major media, television and online interviews. This work will help create wider exposure for Ergo and will become the focus of the community.

When Alex (Ergo co-founder and core developer) spoke to the audience, he spent a lot of time talking about the importance of security and the recent exposure of log4j vulnerabilities. He explained how Java applications were compromised due to this vulnerability, but he was happy to say that Ergo’s robust security did not allow the vulnerability to compromise any application. Alex mentioned that safety has always been Ergo’s top priority. So much so that he announced that Ergo Hack III will focus on developing and building tools and dApps that solve blockchain privacy and security issues. More details about Ergo Hack III will be provided to the community in the next few days, but for those who are interested in participating, Alex recommends that they start familiarizing themselves with ErgoScript. He shared a new community project ErgoLearn, which provides weekly courses and course materials to help people better understand the technical elements of Ergo. (Annotation: Apache Log4j is an open source Java logging framework. Most Java versions use this framework. It has recently been exposed that there are high-risk vulnerabilities that can be exploited for remote code execution.)

Alex mentioned Ledger wallet support and other new wallets in the ecosystem, as well as updates to Yoroi repairs. He reiterated that Yoroi’s dApp connector is coming soon and it will help unlock more features in ErgoDEX. Kushti continued to introduce the development projects of the ecosystem and talked about the Paper Wallet function on Ergo and the new joint spending tool under development: ErgoTeam.

At the end of his opening remarks, Alex talked about the protocol upgrade and reminded the community about the soft fork proposal to redesign the Ergo release schedule. He said that he will continue to communicate with the community, and developers and miners are welcome to put forward different opinions on the soft fork proposal and other agreement discussions.

AMA question summary

The following is a summary of the questions raised by the audience during this AMA. Last week, Dan and Alex answered questions about Ergo’s release schedule, marketing in Africa, blockchain identity services, commercial adoption, UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) alliance, etc. Alex mentioned how he really likes to communicate with the community, and found that this kind of interaction can inspire wisdom, and Dan also introduced his cat Leo and his pranks. Please go to the YouTube channel Ergo Platform to view the full AMA.

Are there any updates regarding the E RG release adjustments in the proposal Have any models been run to see how the adjustments in the proposal affect the network?

Alex “Kushti” Chepurnoy’s answer

We can make some assumptions about the storage lease fee

If you talk about network security, it depends on external factors.

Talked about how unpredictable price changes are

As Ethereum moves to Proof of Stake (PoS), it is expected that Ergo will attract more network computing power

Many scenarios can be assumed, but it is difficult to know how they work in practice

For long-term security, it may be better to have continuous rewards for miners

Allow time for the increase in storage rental fees

Regarding the release proposal, is it helpful to make a visualization?

Dan Friedman’s answer

Sounds like something we can do for the community

Provide a visual diagram of how this will work

Asked Kushti if this is feasible

Alex “Kushti” Chepurnoy’s answer


We can do it

Need some community exchange on this

May be available on social media channels

Can you share the secret behind lex’s smile? What secret are you hiding?

Alex “Kushti” Chepurnoy’s answer

Replied jokingly: “All secret plans start with promises.”

Continue to joke: “Don’t remember any secrets”

Dan, speaking of commercial adoption, given that both Ergo and Cardano are eUTXOs and have similar tools (NFT, smart contracts, etc.), how should people decide whether to use Ergo or Cardano as their commercial solution?

Dan Friedman’s answer

Don’t think Ergo and Cardano are competing blockchains

Both have their unique market positioning

Use analogy: “Ergo is a sports car, Cardano is a luxury SUV”

Each has its own purpose

Ergo provides a more compact solution that can be extended to small and medium enterprises

From there, you can establish a symbiotic relationship with Cardano

For Dan, Cardano is more like a blockchain for large-scale solutions; similar to national registries and international markets

These solutions can use two blockchains

When designing products for these two blockchains, the scope and scale of functions are important

Not a competitor

What is the main goal of your final cooperation with another UTXO PoW blockchain? 

Alex “Kushti” Chepurnoy’s answer

Have talked with related people

Record podcasts with Komodo in the next few days

Talk to them regularly


Talk about UTXO Alliance and BPSAA (Blockchain Privacy, Security and Adoption Alliance)

Think it’s always good to talk about these alliances and how they help Ergo users

Dan, what do you think of this FUD craze directed at eUTXO blockchain directed by FUD “Muffins”? !

Dan Friedman’s answer

Dan called the internet fanfare obsessed with targeting UTXO as FUD “muffins”

When they criticized UTXO, they did not present valid arguments

This happens when a new technology enters a market where “examples” have been established

Fake news and smear activities lead to false information

Committed to solving misleading information and implementing education

Is there a marketing plan for Africa?

Dan Friedman’s answer


Hope to educate and pay for Africa

I believe that Africa has a lot of demand for these products

Will definitely get in touch with the African community

Alex “Kushti” Chepurnoy’s answer

Mentioned Chris Ray and his work for the Kenyan and Nigerian communities

ErgoLend project provides loan services

Can digital identities work on Ergo ?

Alex “Kushti” Chepurnoy’s answer

It works.

Many identity functions on Bitcoin have failed

Bitcoin is protecting itself from dust

In Ethereum, it is very expensive

In Ergo, this is not a problem

Designed for identities and other records that can be written to the blockchain

I believe that blockchain and Ergo’s support for light clients is very useful and efficient for identity services

The identity function can be easily implemented on Ergo

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