Forefront | Domestic Yuan Universe Baidu “Greetings” officially opens its internal beta and will host an interactive conference with 100,000 people on the same screen

This year’s Baidu AI Developer Conference will be held in the Greek Space

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36 Krypton learned that on December 21, Baidu’s first domestically produced Metaverse product “Hirang” officially opened for targeted internal testing, and users can enter the Hirong space for advanced experience with the invitation code.

Baidu said that on December 27, “Greece” will be open to all users, and this year’s Baidu Create 2021 (Baidu AI Developer Conference) will also be held in “Greece”. The theme of this Create conference is “the spirit of the creator”. Through the immersive interaction method of virtual + real world, Baidu’s technological progress in artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, quantum computing, biological computing and other fields will be released. Application, and invite global developers and creators to participate.

“Xia Yang” is a Metaverse project officially launched by Baidu in December 2020. It is an immersive virtual space parallel to the physical world.

At the “Baidu Create 2021·Xishang Advanced Exploration Day” event held on the 21st, Baidu Senior Vice President Hou Zhenyu and Baidu Vice President Ma Jie focused on how the “Xishang” was built, the opportunities and opportunities faced by the future development of the Metaverse industry. The challenge was shared.

Baidu vice president Ma Jie said that the Greek project originated from last year’s epidemic and it was impossible to meet face-to-face, so the team chose to start with a VR virtual meeting. The DEF CON CHINA hosted by Baidu last year was the earliest attempt at an online conference.

In this press conference, Greek Land officially upgraded to the -6.0 version. Relying on Baidu’s brain’s vision, voice, natural language understanding technology and Baidu Smart Cloud’s computing power, Greek Land has achieved 100,000 people interacting and interacting on the same screen. “Ten Thousands Concert Class” real sound effects are restored.

Forefront | Domestic Yuan Universe Baidu "Greetings" officially opens its internal beta and will host an interactive conference with 100,000 people on the same screen

The world’s first city in Greece “Creator City”

At present, the overall space of Greece presents a Mobius ring. The first city in the current space is called “Creator City”, which translates as creator. In Creator City, Greek Land built the main stage of the conference center, human-computer symbiosis scene, future city day/night scene, cosmic starry sky scene, moon scene, Mobius ring scene, technology scene, landscape painting scene, for Baidu Create 2021. There are ten scenarios in smart industrial scenes.

In addition, Creator City introduces Chinese elements into the meta-cosmic space. The city layout refers to Chang’an City in the Tang Dynasty and Beijing City in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, while the city decoration elements refer to the astronomical map of Suzhou stone carvings, etc., and re-engraved Shaolin Temple, Baoqing Square, Sanxingdui, Shijiazhuang Zhaozhou Bridge, Hangzhou West Lake and so on.

Forefront | Domestic Yuan Universe Baidu "Greetings" officially opens its internal beta and will host an interactive conference with 100,000 people on the same screen

Shaolin Temple

Forefront | Domestic Yuan Universe Baidu "Greetings" officially opens its internal beta and will host an interactive conference with 100,000 people on the same screen

Ghiron Conference Center

The Baidu create2021 conference will be held on December 27th in the tallest building in Creator City, the ” Greeyang Conference Center” . The Greece Conference Center is the central building of creator city. It is 1,600 meters high and has 8 doors facing 8 directions, intended to welcome visitors from 8 parties. The tower body is spirally intertwined with 8 ties, which means to condense all directions. Inside the tower is a huge dynamic space that can accommodate 100,000 users for meetings and interactions at the same time.

In addition, this press conference also showcased a number of collaborations at the IP level of Greece, such as the “Three-Body” series.

At the avatar level, Baidu has also launched an avatar function based on AR multi-modal technology. Simply put, users can generate personalized avatars through a simple description in one sentence in the Greek world, such as “I want to be a cool girl with short hair”. At the same time, in the Greek world, you can also call Xiaodu’s assistant to have a conversation.

Forefront | Domestic Yuan Universe Baidu "Greetings" officially opens its internal beta and will host an interactive conference with 100,000 people on the same screen

Greek character pinched face

The 36Kr reporter also experienced the Greek world through the VR headset on the scene. In the Greek world, the overall setting and layout of Creator City have already taken shape, and the characters move smoothly, and they can already be explored smoothly in venues, green spaces, scenic spots and other areas. However, the character design or interaction in Greece is still at a relatively early stage, and the interaction with other characters will be delayed accordingly, and the fineness of the setting needs to be improved. 

Baidu Vice President Ma Jie mentioned the current development challenges of Metaverse at the meeting. He believes that vision, hearing, and interaction are the three major technical problems that hinder the development of the metaverse.

“Under the current network technology conditions, vision, hearing and interaction are the three mountains that hinder the development of the metaverse, and the challenges brought by technical difficulties are very large.” Ma Jie said that the path to solving metaverse problems requires breakthroughs in a series of technologies. The bottleneck requires the support of strong basic technical capabilities, including: secure, autonomous, and intelligent cloud computing technology; continuous innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, ARM cloud, edge computing, smart video, VR and AR, and the construction and development of content ecology Huge market base.

Take a difficult point of the Create 2021 conference as an example-the online 100,000 people conference, Baidu has realized the sound field reconstruction work of the super large open-air complex open venue by modeling the acoustic characteristics of the 100,000-level stadium. In other words, the audience can hear 100,000-level real-time background sound, and the 3D sound effect technology can also provide realistic spatial sound effects. At the same time, users can also listen to the chat conversations of participants within 5 meters in every corner of Creator City, and as the user’s location changes, they will also hear new chat content accordingly.

Hou Zhenyu explained that Baidu’s accumulation of basic computing power can provide the underlying support for Metaverse. “Metaverse’s demand for computing power is almost infinite. The AI ​​native cloud created by Baidu Smart Cloud provides PFLOPS-level heterogeneous computing power, hundreds of GB of bandwidth resources, and infinitely scalable Storage can support this super large-scale data transmission project.” Hou Zhenyu said.

From the perspective of Greece’s positioning, in the future, Greece will become an important place for life, work and entertainment. Baidu’s endeavor is to become an infrastructure platform for Metaverse, providing technology engines such as AI and cloud computing for Greece and other Metaverse products. Currently, after more than a year of development and testing, Greece’s version number is -6.0, which is still a negative number.

Ma Jie said that this means that there are still many imperfections in Greece, and there is still huge room for growth from the goal. The Metaverse is still in the very early stage of industrial exploration, and it will take a long time for the entire community to build and mature together.

In October 2021, Baidu also officially released the Baidu VR 2.0 industrialization platform based on Baidu Brain, which includes two major platforms: VR content platform and VR interactive platform. The former includes material collection, editing management, content distribution, and collection equipment/material/unified agreement. And other functions; the latter focuses on Metaverse scenes, virtual avatars, multi-person interaction, VR headsets/social networks, and provides more support for three-dimensional information.

In addition, Greece will also be officially open to developers, inviting partners and developers to jointly build the world of Greece.

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