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Baidu CEO Robin Li said, “Intelligent transportation will be a major change that will affect the next 10-40 years. It will make China’s first-tier cities no longer need to limit purchases and traffic within 5 years, and basically solve the congestion problem within 10 years.”

From December 27th to 29th, Baidu Create 2021 (Baidu AI Developer Conference) was held in its Metaverse product “Hirang” APP. At the sub-forum, Baidu Apollo also announced the latest developments in its three major businesses: autonomous driving, smart cars, and smart transportation.

In the field of autonomous driving, Baidu ushered in the version of Apollo7.0, an open platform for autonomous driving. Based on the four open source platforms of cloud services, open source software, hardware development, and vehicle certification, Apollo 7.0 can provide a series of upgrades including one-stop practice cloud platform Apollo Studio, industry-leading simulation services, and efficient new models. Open code Full capabilities, provide a full-stack tool chain for autonomous driving, and provide a more easy-to-use and efficient development platform for autonomous driving developers.

According to official data: As of now, Baidu’s Apollo autonomous driving open platform has completed 11 iterations, with more than 80,000 developers in 135 countries and 700,000 lines of open source code, making it the most active open platform for autonomous driving in the world.

At the same time, based on autonomous driving technology, Baidu Apollo is working with a number of ecological partners to jointly create “automobile robots”, covering sub-scenarios such as passenger cars, buses, trunk logistics, warehousing and distribution, and mining and port operations. Taking the port and mine scene as an example, DeepWay, a truck company jointly built by Baidu and Shiqiao, is expected to invest 1,000 heavy trucks in 2023.

In the smart car business, Baidu has announced the latest on-board status of its car intelligent products AVP (self-service valet parking), ANP (pilot assisted driving) and Xiaodu car. At present, the AVP autonomous valet parking function has been implemented in Weimar W6, GAC Aian V Plus, and Great Wall WEY Mocha; ANP is expected to be mass-produced and listed on Baidu Jidu in 2023; Xiaodu’s front-mounted vehicle The carrying capacity currently exceeds 2.2 million.

In the broader field of intelligent transportation, Baidu CEO Robin Li believes that the future of urban intelligent transportation requires not only “smart cars” but also “smart roads”. Therefore, in addition to building “smart cars” , Baidu Apollo also released a roadside “automatic driving system” to create a “smart road.”

It is understood that the AIR intelligent road system, as the roadside “automatic driving system”, has the same sensors, computing units, software and cloud systems as autonomous vehicles, and has the same level of perception, planning and decision-making capabilities as Apollo’s autonomous driving.

In addition, thanks to the self-learning of the AIR intelligent road system and the two-wheel data-driven algorithm of the Apollo smart car, it can promote the rapid iteration, upgrade and evolution of the AIR intelligent road system, thereby creating a highly intelligent road system.

At present, Baidu AIR intelligent road system has achieved “city-level” real-time optimization of information control at more than 2,000 intersections across the country, increasing travel efficiency by 15%-30%.

At the main forum of the conference on the 27th, Baidu CEO Robin Li said, “Intelligent transportation will be a major change that will affect the next 10-40 years. Within 5 years, China’s first-tier cities will no longer need purchase restrictions and traffic restrictions. Basically solve the congestion problem.”

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