Forbes China released the best CEO list: Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu on the list

Compared with last year, the number of CEOs in the Internet industry has declined.

Forbes China released the best CEO list: Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu on the list

In this year’s list of Forbes China’s Best CEOs, we see that the global economic repair trend in the post-epidemic era is making a group of extraordinary Chinese companies. In the context of China’s dual economic cycle, Internet anti-monopoly and carbon economy are two topics that the current market cannot avoid. Giant companies are trying to rediscover business boundaries, and the concept of sustainable development is also reshaping China’s business society.

As in previous years, a total of 50 CEOs made the list this year, and the period of review of their business performance began in 2018. The scope of the subject inspection covers A shares, Chinese Hong Kong stocks listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Chinese concept stocks listed overseas. In order to exclude some CEOs from chasing short-term financial indicators at the expense of the company’s long-term development, Forbes China’s review period for the best CEO is the company’s three consecutive years of operating performance, rather than the company’s performance in the capital market in the short term.

Forbes China released the best CEO list: Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu on the list

This list is made with reference to basic financial indicators such as the market value of listed companies, range stock price changes, net profit and growth rate, ROA, ROE, etc., and requires listed companies to have three-year financial data for 2018-2020, and the CEO’s tenure spans three financials year. In order to more accurately reflect the stock price fluctuations and exclude the inconsistency of stock prices caused by dividends and allotments, the three-year stock price increase is from May 31, 2018 to May 30, 2021, with the stock price increase after restoration. Industry trends and the environment have a huge impact on the CEO’s performance. As in previous years, in addition to leading the company to achieve outstanding performance and maintaining a high growth rate under uncertainty, CEOs also need to compare their peers to outstanding performance.

The average age of the 50 CEOs on the list is nearly 54 years old, of which 5 are female CEOs. Compared with last year, the number of CEOs in the Internet industry has declined.

In addition to the poor performance of the capital market, in the context of the Internet anti-monopoly policy, personnel affairs in the Internet industry are also experiencing turmoil. Hu Xiaoming resigned as CEO of ants Group, founded to fight a lot of Huang Zheng has resigned as company CEO and chairman, byte beating Zhang Yiming company also recently announced his resignation as CEO; ecological upheaval of China’s Internet industry, the brand coerced era barbaric growth of capital or Will end.

This year, it is worth noting that the valuation of the food-related companies of the company where the CEOs are on the list has dropped significantly, and the number of CEOs on the list has fallen. Only 2 dairy company CEOs are on the list, and the liquor and pork industries collectively absent from this year’s CEO list.

The valuation of the semiconductor industry still maintains a climbing trend, and the world is still spreading a “core shortage” crisis. Chip production anxiety is being transmitted from the automotive industry to smartphones. This year, the CEO of China’s chip semiconductor field is the same as last year. SMIC Zhao Haijun and Liang Mengsong are on the Forbes China Best CEO list at the same time, and solving the chip card neck problem has become a structural opportunity for Chinese chip companies.

In terms of industries, there are 2 CEOs related to western medicine, 2 medical and healthcare equipment and supplies, 4 vaccine-related biotech companies, 2 medical service companies on the list, and a total of 10 in the big health field. , Accounting for up to 20%.

Although the epidemic has affected business travel and tourism, the performance growth of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings is showing that international business and trade exchanges are still effectively active. The prosperity of China’s container transportation has increased, and there was even a shortage of outbound containers. Under the effective prevention and control of the epidemic, China’s production capacity is being further exported to the world.

List of instructions

1. Due to the different positions of each company, the best CEO is the collective name for each company’s CEO, president, general manager, bank president, etc.

2. Research scope: A-shares, Chinese-funded Hong Kong stocks, and overseas-listed Chinese concept stocks.

3. Eligibility criteria: The listed company has three-year financial data, and the term of the CEO spans three financial years.

4. Calculating rankings and methods: focus on the performance and market size of listed companies through net profit and growth rate, ROA, ROE and other indicators, as well as the stock price increase and decrease in the reference interval, and the total market value.

Note: Non-RMB currencies are converted at the exchange rate at the end of the year. The stock price increase is from 2018/5/31 to 2021/5/30, and the stock price increase after restoration is uniformly extracted. The total market value is based on 2021/5/30 and is extracted according to the Wind database.

* The representative has now left the position of CEO/President/General Manager

Data source: Forbes China Research, annual reports and announcements of listed companies, Wind data

List Maker: Joel Li

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