For the development of NFT, DeFi, and public chain next year, listen to what the big Vs have to say

2021 has been with us for more than 300 days, and finally it’s time for it to end. Looking back, we suddenly discovered that so many things worth remembering happened this year. Crypto has bloomed so bright this year, and it has been so dim; there is the joy of harvest, the loneliness of failure, and the excitement of growing together and toddlers. We have seen a peak of 60,000 meters and have fallen into a dark trench. For the encryption industry, 2021 is a year worthy of a big book.

Cobo launched the 2021 Encrypted World Miniature Yearbook event, hoping that everyone in the industry can summarize the gains and gains and losses of this year through three questions and three answers in the form of words. Every investment of each person is a process of self-growth and self-experience accumulation, and the return is the projection of cognition; when we master this cognitive gain, we actually have mastered the wisdom of our own investment, and will be in the future. The road goes more smoothly, gaining insights and growth in every fluctuation. Rhythm is here to release some KOL answers, hoping to help readers look forward to 2022 while looking back at 2021. More answers can be found in the Twitter topic #2021 Crypto-World Miniature Yearbook.

Three questions

1. What investment behavior did you do right in 2021 made you proud? (Share the DeFi / NFT projects you participated in, share why you participated? What are the benefits?)

2. If you can go back in time, what moment do you hope you can go back to in 2021? why? What happened at that time?

3. What are your judgments about the next year, and what changes do you hope you have? Or what investment opportunities to participate in?


Looking back at 2021

2021 is still a year of deep plowing around DeFi. The beginning of the year is stable, the BSC ecology broke out, and the DeFi 2.0 in the middle of the year also aggregated the experience, skills, lessons, and tools accumulated in the DeFi field, and precipitated it into a unique DaaS product; Unforgettable moments can be regarded as a series of security incidents such as O3. Within 72 hours, I am very grateful to the distributed joint efforts of the entire network, and the results are surprising and not dangerous. The O3 incident exposed the underlying security vulnerabilities of the interdependence of the defi protocol. The following series of incidents made industry security always the top priority. This was also one of my initial ideas for FleetDao.

When do you hope to return to 2021?

Hope to return to April. April is a watershed node, which is basically the early stage of the industry’s transition from a single DeFi hotspot to a multi-chain ecology, NFT, and GameFi outbreak. In the mid-year resumption of the market, I found myself neglecting a lot of macro developments, and then spent some energy to reconstruct the macro perception of the future development of the industry. In the past year, I was too focused on details, and many tracks participated in but did not have a heavy position. It is a little regrettable.

Outlook 2022

I am not a secondary market trader who speculates coins, so I don’t talk about short-term market conditions. Cognitive aspects can be shared:

1) L2 will gradually mature, and the performance of the public chain will increase significantly;

2) Gamefi and NFT new paradigm innovation will gradually land;

3) The explosion and maturity of DAO.

I hope to iterate with the industry so that I can jump out of the micro perspective, better grasp the macro trends, and explore the infinite possibilities of DAO in the future.

Cao Yin

Looking back at 2021

In 2020, the main energy will be on DeFi. Every day I will look at models, mine and harvest vegetables. To be honest, I am a little tired. Therefore, when I summarize at the end of 2020, I decided to only do what I like and invest in projects and teams that I admire. Such as SuperRare, Pianity, Koii, Republic Realm, OnCyber ​​and other encrypted art projects, and even made some pure sponsorships that do not count back, such as CityDAO, and after investment, they will deeply participate in the operation of these encrypted art projects and community activities, making investment fun , Achieve yourself and help others.

However, what I am most proud of in 2021 is not any project investment behavior, but a lot of energy and resources to build an international Chinese crypto art community from the ground up, through the establishment of an online gallery Shanghai Gallery, sponsoring artists, and hosting online online The next activities, continuous live dialogues, output the correct values ​​and aesthetics, and at the moment when international exchanges are factually isolated, the Chinese world can still have a place in the international encryption art community.

When do you hope to return to 2021?

Hope to return to the first day of 2021. 2021 is the first year of the web3 revolution and the first year of the post-epidemic world. Every day and every major event in 2021 is worthy of repeated taste.

Outlook 2022

I once made a video of the New Year message on the last day of 2019. The general idea is that in the past year, the world has undergone a turning point. In the past, all the experiences we rely on to make judgments are no longer meaningful. We cannot live in the inertia of the existing cognitive structure, cannot live in a sense of security of self-deception, and stay away. Crowd, embrace humanity, stay away from knowledge, embrace wisdom, stay away from experience, embrace law, stay away from money, embrace wealth. Unexpectedly, it became a truth soon afterwards. Today, I still want to give this passage to everyone as a message for 2022. As for myself, I will continue to be loyal to my own values ​​and aesthetics and participate deeply in the Web3 wave. Be a ferryman on the other side of the digital world, help more digital new citizens around the world, and witness the true digital renaissance.

Niu Fengxuan

Looking back at 2021

Punks, BAYC, and NFT have already seen their debut at the beginning of the year. The PFP-like NFT on the head will have many application scenarios and values ​​in the future.

When do you hope to return to 2021?

When the Gamefi section was launched in the middle of the year, as the founder of DappReview, he started to milk blockchain games in 2018 and has also witnessed the growth of Axie and Sandbox. However, in this wave of Gamefi craze, I have not completely stepped on it.

Outlook 2022

It is expected that there will be more games and more playable products in the field of blockchain games. Pan-entertainment and social networking may be the track that will break out and out of the circle below. The individual and fund level will pay more attention to several subdivision tracks and some middleware in the application layer.

Wang Yishi

Looking back at 2021

Take a close look at DeFi, NFT and GameFi.

It used to be pure BTC Maxi, skeptical of all Altcoins. Now it’s different, the cognition is cleared, and the old leek is remade a small leek. Do valuable things. If you can’t proudly share what you do with others in the world, then it’s best not to do it. Looking back at the mines dug in 2021: SUSHI, FORCE, NRV, DYDX, ELIPSIS, FLOAT, BDP, BAS, TORN, GHST… etc., but most of them have collapsed, and DeFi survives the fittest so quickly. EGLD and CRO ecosystems are also on the rise. Wealth and wealth should be considered for reasons. Heroes don’t ask where they come from. Projects that were insignificant or were on the verge of bankruptcy in the early years have soared to the sky by seizing opportunities. The reason for participating in DeFi is not to be abandoned by the times. Many old people in the industry have stopped talking for various reasons. So that when new things appear in the industry, they still look at it with the glasses of the past. For example, when the ecology of SOL, LUNA, ALGO, COSMOS and so on is booming, instinctive resistance often results in the mistake of the big wealth opportunity behind it. Similarly, there are NFT projects such as BAYC.

Even if you can’t participate in mining with heavy warehouses, airdrops with small capital are also possible. A friend in the Super4DeFi community asked me about the basics of a lot of hardware wallets in the early hours of the morning, but didn’t care about it at the time. Later, I heard about his purely manual airdrop, with hundreds of accounts, and the return far exceeded 8 digits in just a few months. Seeing his project manual, the content is detailed and conscientious, multiple chains are parallel, and each move is shifted to the greatest extent to improve capital efficiency.

In a trance, it was like returning to the college entrance examination. Serious and hard work would be rewarded. Airdropping is also a physical activity.

When do you hope to return to 2021?

Going back in time is a foolish dream. Going back 2 years ago, the best decision was All in DeFi. One month later, I will be my ninth year in the industry. I have missed countless. I am grateful to Satoshi Nakamoto for giving everyone a chance to change their destiny under the pressure of reality.

Outlook 2022

The data on the Crypto chain is very healthy, and the callback or sideways is temporary. It is still very optimistic about the market in the new year. There are 3 points that I hope everyone can take good care of:

1) Maintain physical strength and exercise regularly. Starting a business is really exhausting.

2) Better mentality, no FOMO, no EMO, focus on things within your own ability, and don’t earn every piece of copper.

3) Join if you fail, and actively embrace DeFi and GameFi.

Yang Mindao

Looking back at 2021

Interesting participants in 2021 should donate money to PEOPLE to auction the text of the constitution. It has nothing to do with investment, but it brings me back to the origin of the circle.

I first got to know Bitcoin through participating in public welfare organizations. In the past few years, I have always felt that crypto should move out of the paradigm of finance and currency speculation. There are many new attempts in social mobilization and social movements. This year we finally saw interesting experiments in this area. .

When do you hope to return to 2021?

If you can go back in time, I certainly hope to return to January 1.

Time is scarcer than Bitcoin, 1/78th of a year is burned, and spend it and cherish it.

Time is gas, no more ERC20 is useless.

Outlook 2022

Next, the emergence of Crypto will be more violent than in the past, Web3, Layer1, DeFi, GameFi, and all vertical verification logic will be found. Crypto is eating the world, this is a big narrative.

We are all Crypto citizens, and I hope that I can participate globally in various ways, do projects, participate in DAO governance, and initiate new experiments.

Looking back, we will be the generation of “getting the sky & finding the land”.

Zhang Xiaoyu

Looking back at 2021

Around the beginning of 2021, I began to really understand DeFi. As someone who has been in the traditional financial industry for a long time, I am actually very excited to see this level of innovation. But at that time, I really made up my mind to do this “full-time”, and it felt like there were still some shortcomings.

Man is a very interesting animal. Sometimes, when you want to get something, but you don’t dare to get it, we will use some other behaviors to “compensate.” So during that period of time, as long as I met a good friend who I trusted, or a friend who was in a career transition period, I would tell them-look at DeFi, this must be the future. At that time, I even half-jokingly said with my friends in traditional finance, “You are almost out of work, don’t you open your eyes to see the world.” Later, I had a chance to have coffee with a well-known entrepreneur. Ask me if I have seen anything interesting recently. My first reaction was: “Let’s know about DeFi?” Because Amway used too many times before, my speech and beliefs were polished quite skillfully. Even I felt that I was very emotional and contagious at that time. However, when I finished speaking, this entrepreneur who is known for his deep thinking and sharp expression said to me:

“If you are so optimistic about this thing, why not do it yourself?”

I have forgotten what my specific feelings were at that moment, probably a mixed feeling of excitement, epiphany, and shame. But I know that it’s time to make some changes.

The following story is logical. I shut down the traditional fund that I was managing at the time and had good performance. I suspended almost all traditional financial businesses that I participated in. The money was returned to the LPs, and I helped them find new places. I also told them that I will be all-in Web 3.0 in this field, and you will definitely encounter it in the future (or you may vote for it now). So starting from the spring of 2021, I embarked on a new fantasy journey. During this year, I learned a lot of new things, met many lovely new friends, and personally witnessed a new world unfolding slowly, and I had a foreboding that it would sweep everything by storm. In this field, people always like to say that “time is the ultimate currency.” So in 2021, bidding farewell to the past and participating in the future is my most important and proud investment.

When do you hope to return to 2021?

I have always believed that at every moment, people actually made the best choice that TA could make at the time-no matter whether the outcome of this choice looks good or bad, it is actually the result that is destined to happen after the cause is sufficient. Up. So I know that even if I can travel back to a certain moment, I should make the same choice. So although there are inevitably many regrets in life, there is no need to regret too much.

Of course, having said that, I still hope to sell the house in Beijing sooner and buy more _____, not because I don’t know how to explain to my parents and drag it so long. Hahaha (doge).

Outlook 2022

In 2022, I will still stick to my own investment method-I call it the “weak system”-this system also draws on several famous investors in the traditional world that I like very much. The “weak system” means that in terms of investment, I think I am relatively weak-whether it is in terms of information acquisition, depth of understanding, time and energy, emotional control, network resources, etc., they are all at a relatively low level in this market. . Therefore, instead of believing in my strong research abilities or information advantages and thinking that I have a level of continuous alpha, I will do more of these things:

1) Don’t predict short-term ups and downs, don’t think you can predict which track will be hot, don’t think you have too strong research capabilities. Pay more attention to the main logic of market movement. When things become relatively clear, I have a clearer understanding of the attitudes of both the long and the short, and then place a bet on a relatively large position. Even if you don’t make the most profit, it’s okay;

2) Focus more on people rather than projects. I have always insisted that good people can make bad ideas good, and bad people can make the best ideas zero. There is absolutely no exception in the field of Web 3.0. If you walk with good people for a long time, the result will not be too bad;

3) Continue to adhere to the barbell strategy. Investing in large positions waits until the moon star is scarce, and small positions (referring to the kind of all zeros and not too distressed) to obtain extreme non-linear returns (hundred times, thousand times), and at the same time give up the “medium position medium return” “‘S bet. At the same time, we must continue to think about how to protect the black swan;

4) Balance what should be managed by yourself, and what should be handed over for others to take care of. In such a fast-developing field with an explosion of information, each of us can only do a little bit, and at the same time, we can also accumulate cognition that exceeds the market average in a certain segment. So find what you are best at, turn it into repetitive actions, and leave other things to others, and it will feel much better;

5) Finally, I am very convinced that the success of investment is more about temperament rather than capabilities. So no matter when, cultivating your character and exploring yourself are the most important, or even the only important thing. In the new year, let’s continue to use the matter of investment to “go from art to Taoism”.

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