Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

The food in the Metaverse is really clean and hygienic

Under the current Metaverse trend, it seems that all industries will be subverted by the Metaverse, but some industries, due to their own characteristics, naturally have a certain degree of insulation from the Metaverse – catering is one of them.

The reason is very simple, in a Metaverse that cannot provide the enjoyment of smell and taste, it is difficult for us to truly experience the happiness brought by food.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️OneRar official website © screenshot 

However, this does not mean that food cannot be integrated into the Metaverse at all. OneRare, the food Metaverse developed by Indian couple Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju, introduced the catering industry into the Metaverse for the first time.

Here people can create virtual experiences, food NFTs and games. Xiaolan dare not say anything else, but it can guarantee that the food here is 100% clean and hygienic

01 Is Chain Tour also a Metaverse?

Despite the Metaverse as a gimmick, OneRare remains close to the game at its core.

OneRare is divided into four main areas: Farm, Farmers Market, Kitchen and Playground. Users can farm, trade in the market, or cook food in the kitchen.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

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In the farm, users can choose from six themed pools and stake their tokens, which will generate NFTs for vegetable raw materials such as onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. These NFTs can either be sold at farmers markets or used directly to cook in the kitchen.

The kitchen offers dishes from around the world: including global favourites, holiday specials, tomato sauce and vegetarian recipes, as well as signature recipes from celebrity chefs and restaurants.

Each dish has a recipe — a list of ingredients that users need to collect to get the dish, Raju explained:

As we grow, users can also exchange these NFTs for real meals and transactions, merging our real and virtual lives.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

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The playground is a fun interactive area where players can win NFT rewards and tokens by participating in the game.

However, if Xiaolan hadn’t entered OneRare’s official website with the idea of ​​experiencing it himself, he would have almost believed this set of publicity rhetoric:

At present, the official website does not provide an open world for players to explore. It only relies on several different web pages to realize four different functional divisions. As for the realization of various fancy functions, it relies on the same window as online shopping.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️ Coming soon? © screenshot

 And the playground area just mentioned still shows Coming soon. Probably the most relevant content on the website is the animation displayed at the top:

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️ That’s right, just some xixie3D animated promos © Bing

At present, it seems that OneRare is closer to a blockchain game in the Metaverse skin, which also makes Xiaolan a little disappointed.

But Gupta and Raju clearly have a longer-term idea:

OneRare has entered into its first brand partnership with UrbanPlatter, enabling players to use tokenized UrbanPlatter ingredients in in-game recipes.

The company also plans to open a virtual store in OneRare’s Foodverse, where visitors can learn about products and even shop.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️ No matter how much you say, you can only synthesize food on the website © screenshot 

Additionally, OneRare has partnered with Trufflin NYC, known for its expertise and creating high-quality French truffles and caviar, to allow players to use Trufflin’s products in their virtual recipes, Raju said:

We have built a strong community of over 130,000 on our social media platforms. The pandemic has facilitated and given a big boost to the Metaverse, bringing about a sea change in the way people experience things. All experiences become virtual.

Although OneRare is just getting started, the appeal of the idea has been proven, and this idea of ​​a food Metaverse also comes from food.

02 The story comes from french fries

On a chilly January morning last year, Gaurav Gupta was busy putting the finishing touches on his blockchain-based infrastructure project.

As an engineer, Gupta has worked in growth marketing at businesses such as Labster and Phllips, and led Dash Network’s blockchain developer program as an independent consultant.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️ Husband and wife © Bing 

Gupta has always believed that everything he does is about the future, but because of the nascent nature of the industry, Gupta is still eager to gain an outside perspective, so he asked his wife this morning for her opinion.

However, wife Raju’s original answer was very candid:

It’s all bullshit, why can’t we make something as simple as french fries? It’s easy to make and delicious.

For those who always focus on creating simple designs for mass adoption, this tech-laden jargon and complex interfaces don’t make sense.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️© Bing 

As a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Raju has always considered technology-intensive concepts such as blockchain and NFTs to be obscure and obscure to non-professionals like her.

After his wife threw out her doubts from the perspective of an ordinary person, this question began to trouble Gupta.

Ultimately, the couple discovered that food is a common bond between technologists and designers, so they decided to explore the culinary world and eventually created OneRare, Raju said:

Food is a universal language, you don’t need to be a geek to understand it, it connects us, and the Metaverse brings us closer together in a unique way where we can share our culture and food.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️ Entrance of four functions © screenshot

 As an investor in the project, Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal is also very optimistic about OneRare:

The real revolution begins when traditional industries embrace new technologies. OneRare brings the global restaurant industry to Web3 for the first time, which means a lot to me. Everyone loves good food, and it’s a great way to encourage first-time Web3 users to try Web3

The co-founders have a clear vision to be the world’s first Foodverse. Their vision and enthusiasm lead me to believe that OneRare can open up a whole new market in Web3.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️Entrance of four functions © screenshot 

But it may not be easy to actually realize this final vision. In Nailwal’s view, as consumers seek better experiences and move from 2D to 3D, the biggest challenge will be making sure users don’t feel technically burdened when trying new things.

On the basis of Nailwal, Raju also listed other potential obstacles – it seems that the real realization of the Foodverse will not be easy.

03 Does painting cake have a future?

Among the hurdles is the internet and hardware constraints on the mass adoption of the Metaverse at the forefront: while India is at the forefront of low-cost internet, there are still bridges to cross in areas such as VR devices.

But Indians are tech-savvy, and apps like TikTok and Instagram have shown widespread acceptance of new technologies even in small towns. Raju believes:

Once the concept of the Metaverse became clearer, Indians embraced it strongly. This adoption will begin once hardware becomes cheaper, more portable and accessible to everyone.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️© screenshot

And another challenge comes from the technology itself – as a fairly new technology, the Metaverse industry is starved of talent. Gupta said:

Forming our team was a daunting process. Furthermore, keeping the food metaworld interactive and simple under the constraints of the blockchain requires constant innovation and adjustment.

In addition, the founders and supporters also need to show enough patience (I believe everyone can see Xiaolan’s patience this time, so far he has not complained much), Raju said:

Web3 is still an early stage technology and there is a lot to discover, innovate and create. With a steady influx of tech talent, things could move quickly in the next few years. The current phase is a grand experiment.

When Instagram came out in 2009, brands never took it seriously for the first two or three years. Then they saw a cook who made a recipe at home gained 5 million followers, got his own recipe, and then got his own restaurant. That’s when chefs and brands started realizing they needed to create an Instagram account.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️© screenshot 

Although we can’t enjoy the multi-sensory experience of food in the virtual world, Raju has always believed that it is completely reasonable to connect food with the virtual world, and she believes that there are many things that can happen to food in the virtual world.

Indeed, just like everyone likes to watch food shows, we may not be able to taste the delicious food through the screen, but the healing brought by watching food production and food tasting process is real (just kidding)

And when we collect materials and make food in the virtual space, we can also get happiness – of course, these happiness can also be brought by the game, so the team has a longer-term vision for the future of OneRare:

They want to weave OneRare into the wider Metaverse, allowing OneRare to power virtual food experiences in other virtual worlds.

Food Metaverse debuts, this cake is really good

📸️© Bing 

These plans for the future are not limited to the virtual world, Raju also expressed concern for the real world:

Since we created OneRare as a celebration of food, it would be remiss of us not to address world hunger, but to remain on a virtual level.

Our goal is to raise funds through special NFT sales and foodverse events to work with our catering partners and contribute to solving hunger.

Although there is a gap between the current real experience of OneRare and Xiaolan’s expectations, innovative ideas and future planning do have certain value.

So Xiao Lan still hopes that these ideas will eventually be realized. After all, painting cakes cannot satisfy hunger.

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