Focusing on the outdoor camping accommodation segment, the British start-up Wildpoint has received a seed round of financing of 265,000 pounds

Want to be the Airbnb of the camping industry

According to foreign media EU startups , outdoor accommodation platform Wildpoint has received a seed round of financing of £265,000. This round of financing was led by QVentures, and ADA Ventures also participated in the follow-up investment. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to accelerate its expansion plan and expand its product scale in the UK market. 

Wildpoint was established in 2020 by Oliver Windle, aiming to enable outdoor enthusiasts to search, browse and book outdoor accommodation effortlessly, saving users hours of planning time. The founder, Windle, is an entrepreneur who has a keen interest in travel and loves outdoor activities. He has previously worked in user experience in various start-up companies in the UK, and is now using his experience to help others reconnect with nature.

The mission of this online market is to “make outdoor activities easier for everyone” , including allowing users to easily find and book campsite accommodations and private camping spots, and intelligently recommend suitable outdoor activities based on waterfalls, lakes and forests. Related sports, such as outdoor swimming, surfing or mountain biking. Windle once expressed in an interview that he hopes that the platform will become the Airbnb of the camping segment: it can provide users with a relaxing experience and provide a global solution to this problem. 

Focusing on the outdoor camping accommodation segment, the British start-up Wildpoint has received a seed round of financing of 265,000 pounds

Source: Enterprise’s official website

At present, the platform allows users to search, browse and book a variety of outdoor accommodations, such as tent sites, caravan sites, spire tents, yurts and all other forms of outdoor accommodation to further meet the diverse needs of users. Meanwhile, Wildpoint also encourages individuals have a farm or garden access hospitality people, and to earn extra income by listing his place on the platform. 

Compared with the overall tourism and accommodation industry, the camping industry is already in a relatively backward position in terms of technology. Most camping sites in the UK also rely on websites and emails to contact customers and make reservations. At the same time, the camping industry does not have a real leading brand, which is in sharp contrast with other tourism industries, such as hotel (booking) and apartment rental (Airbnb) businesses.

QVentures partner Brian Hatton once said publicly: “As a person who is very passionate about outdoor activities, I am very happy that we have the opportunity to join Wildpoint’s development process as investors. Today, as the epidemic is gradually normalizing, outdoor camping will achieve further progress. Growth. The market provided by the platform for campers will help the next generation of young people to better discover and love outdoor activities.” 

Although the platform has not yet been launched, Wildpoint has established cooperation intentions with more than 500 outdoor accommodation venues. The Wildpoint plan initially covers campsites and outdoor accommodations throughout the UK, and then continues to Europe.

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