Focus on the meta universe and GameFi PlanetDAO thousands of “astronauts” are boarding

The best-selling science and technology book “Scale: The Simple Laws of a Complex World” written by the world’s top theoretical physicist Jeffrey Weiss mentions that no company can live longer than a city. One of the most important reasons is that: an enterprise is a top-down closed system, which uses market competition as a means to maximize profit. Therefore, it always follows the law of increasing costs and diminishing marginal returns. In today’s society, a decentralized autonomous organization (hereinafter referred to as DAO) has emerged, conceiving an ecosystem with diminishing costs of scale and increasing marginal benefits, in order to achieve a state of self-proliferation and continuity.,10000&q=a80&n=0&g=0n&fmt=jpeg?sec=1640249385&t=728ceb6e51f2fd5a6faeba9f88e22a62

Can you imagine a kind of organization where people all over the world build rules without knowing each other and make their own decisions, and these decisions and rules are encoded in the blockchain? DAO is such an organization. Its governance structure is a distributed, decentralized, self-organized, economic model stakeholder system. This kind of system requires co-creators to become benefit-sharers, and there is no distinction between shareholders, executives, and employees. All participants are co-construction, co-governance, co-creation and sharing. In such a DAO world, its business model is: driven by community participants.

For example, more and more people have heard of well-known autonomous communities such as Friends With benefits (FWB) and BanklessDAO. Hundreds of weird channels have been established in their discord, generating a lot of discussions and exchanges every day. Learning area, art area, creative area, trading area, living area…Various categories include a large number of channels such as music, games, film production, technology learning, market information, and food.

These channels, or these DAOs, are just a collection of various people on the Internet. They meet, mix together, and do cool projects, whether it’s music production, digital art, learning Crypto, or just meet and have a good time. YGG, the game guild, can also be counted as DAO. It was established to invest in NFTs (Non-Homogeneous Tokens) based on virtual worlds and blockchain games, and to share the income that players get from the games. Its owners are all investors and players. The model is that the investor is responsible for the initial investment, and the player is responsible for participating in the game. Such an organization is similar to a private club. Joining this club not only requires strict identity verification, but also purchases “tickets.” When a member holds tickets, he also owns a part of the club and can participate in the operation and decision-making of the club.

Another notable DAO organization is the “PlanetDAO” established by Crypto Planet , which features its focus on the GameFi field and is committed to becoming the largest DAO organization in the GameFi field. Many people feel that at the beginning of each organization, they like to write down their own ambitions of “the biggest in XX field”. However, I believe that even if PlanetDAO does not set “first” and “largest” as its goals, it definitely has the potential to realize the king’s ideal of territory expansion.

Let’s see why I say this.

The encrypted planet to establish “PlanetDAO” is a consulting service platform and community exclusively invested by the well-known investment institution AKG .


Who is AKG?

AKG used to be the largest trader community of FTX in China and the earliest investment institution of FTX. Its representative projects Serum, Woo Network, Frontier, Bonfida, etc. have all been listed in the first-line mainstream majors. After AKG VC will focus on the pan-trading track to the new coverage of Meta Universe and GameFi, another highly contagious shot was born.

AKG, who turned stone into gold, took a fancy to vEmpire DDAO, which was called the “meta-universe aggregator” . vEmpire DDAO is the first agreement to allow the mortgage of Meta Universe assets. In the “Meta Universe Week” that Facebook announced to change its name, VEMP (vEmpire DDAO tokens) rose even more than SAND and MANA , firmly occupying the top spot on the list.


It is not the first time that AKG has made a move in the field of GameFi and Metaverse. It has previously cooperated with The SANDBOX’s parent company Animoca Brands in depth. Encryption Planet was responsible for the community operation and marketing of REVV in the early days, and invested in a number of animoca brand projects. Such as revv gmee and so on. At present, it is also cooperating with the hybrid contract trading platform BITCOKE. In the future, AKG and Crypto Planet will cooperate with Bitcoke in terms of platform operation, GameFi ecological enrichment, and CokeDex product innovation.

Crypto Planet finally decided to set up the DAO organization, presumably with the support of AKG’s original community members/fans. Because profit is the best word-of-mouth communication tool in the investment world. However, the enthusiasm in the trading field has gradually passed, and the wave of the metaverse is still coming. Therefore, AKG positions PlanetDAO as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) deep in the field of metaverse and GameFI, by investing in the metaverse (Metverse) And develop assets to create value for the members of the DAO .

We have said above that “PlanetDAO” has the potential to become a dominant DAO. The first reason we have summarized is the “gold-absorbing” ability and the “myth of wealth creation” behind AKG. The second reason lies in the mechanism design of “PlanetDAO” itself.

After the establishment of “PlanetDAO”, an identity verification + nft ticket system will be adopted . To join PlanetDAO, you must first pass the identity verification and have the NFT avatar of the Encrypted Planet member- “Panda Astronaut Club (PAC)” , creating the first NFT governance model!

When members formally enter PlanetDAO, they can jointly participate in the operation and decision-making of Encrypted Planet DAO. Because astronauts exploring the crypto planet should be carefully selected, the number of Panda Astronaut Club NFTs is only 1,000 . Just like every panda astronaut who walks in space, he is the top person in spirit, physical quality and wisdom of all countries. In addition, DAO usually needs some roles to promote its development, such as game players, scientists, investors, NFT artists, community managers, financial management, etc., aiming to explore emerging blockchain-based GameFi and meta-universes through collective value discovery Asset opportunities.


Panda Astronaut Club (PAC)

Planet DAO community rights are executed by Panda Astronaut Club (PAC) NFT, which has access, governance, proposal, value capture and other related functions. The last point-value capture is critical, because it allows people to make a living by contributing to PlanetDAO, and the benefits that members receive are proportional to their contribution value (or working time).

PlanetDAO’s DAO+NFT operation idea has created a new model. They encourage game player operators and communities to work together under a new interdependent ownership mechanism. All income and rights are jointly owned by players, operators and investors, and companies and creators are no longer fixedly bound. Relationship, DAO can enable his contributors, supporters, consumers and even viewers to become the owners of the entire collective, that is, everyone is the shareholder of the entire body, truly achieving common prosperity.

The membership of Planet DAO is currently limited to members who have obtained at least 1 Panda Astronaut Club (PAC) NFT and passed the identity review. The total number of members is 1,000. Member seats are sold at Opensea at the price of NFT. The upper limit of membership and the total amount of NFT minted Unanimous. Each seat has the right to vote in PlanetDAO, and the right to get proportionally distributed income. When members formally enter PlanetDAO, they can jointly participate in the operation and decision-making of Encrypted Planet DAO, and obtain related community rights.

All digital assets created by PlanetDAO are NFTs. In this way, each asset can be easily managed, monitored and owned. This means that investors, operators and participants will all be partners of NFT assets. In PlanetDAO, everyone participates in governance to obtain airdrops and other investment opportunities, and even the flow of DAO itself will be fairly distributed to everyone behind you who hold NFTs. You are a participant, you are a creator, and you are also a sharer of PlanetDAO.

It is foreseeable that a modern “digital renaissance” is taking place on the most magnificent stage of the meta universe. It will connect billions of people. Do you want to take the lead?

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