Flux will soon be online v2, the era of overcollateralization is about to turn the page?

Flux protocol will soon go live in v2, the era of overcollateralization will soon turn a new leaf? Please join us to witness the rise of a great lending product.

Flux’s current development

Just three months have passed since Flux went live. In these three months, Zero One team has deployed four chains, Conflux, Heco, BSC and OEC, and completed the layout of the base disk. As of May 15, the total amount of Flux protocols deposited and borrowed on the four chains that have gone live exceeds $1 billion. And in the past year, Flux team spent a year on independent research and development of lending contracts, and figured out its own technical development route, i.e. exploring technical upgrades around lending needs as the direction.

In addition Flux in parallel next week to test the new UI design at the same time online voting governance, and ultimately by the user vote to decide the final sampling. I wonder which one you like more compared with the current serious style UI (flux.01.finance)?

Flux will soon be online v2, the era of overcollateralization is about to turn the page?

Flux future development Roadmap

Flux will soon launch Flux v2, the bar lending model. Back in history, thanks to MakerDAO’s CDP protocol opened an era of pledged value, providing an excellent one ecological route for the blockchain ecology. And lending naturally has a high degree of coupling with leverage and even futures. One manifestation of this is that there is a pledge link to lock in value, where pledged assets can be used as margin, and then lend out several times the value of the assets to mine and trade.

Flux will soon be online v2, the era of overcollateralization is about to turn the page?

Take Flux v2 for example our current version has completed the contract and development of leveraged mining. Strictly speaking this version of Flux v2 was originally intended to also include leveraged trading links. But the essence of leveraged trading is futures, in the field of futures relying on the deposit pool of pledged funds as margin will severely limit the depth of the transaction, so in this route of exploration, ZeroOne team after a long half year of exploration is also about to go online Flux v2 supplementary products Vigoss.

Flux will soon be online v2, the era of overcollateralization is about to turn the page?

Thus, the liquidity depth of Flux v2’s leveraged lending for futures trading is increased. Specific details about Vigoss will be presented by the Zero One team in the future, one by one.

Flux, as one of the most cross-chain lending protocols in the DeFi industry, will explore new cross-chain protocols with public chains such as Conflux and Near in Flux v3. Here there must be a brief introduction, the current cross-chain tools in the market are based on personal address assets cross-chaining to another personal address, while how contract assets can cross to another contract is an industry challenge.

Flux will soon be online v2, the era of overcollateralization is about to turn the page?

In the plan of Flux v3 users can do off-site (chain) withdrawals, for example, you can deposit money on BSC Flux and withdraw it on Heco Flux. Also in order to make the APY of the four chains as identical as possible, the contract will operate the funds in the deposit contract across the chains to make up for the pool of funds in another Flux protocol, thus making the overall user asset liquidity healthier. Thinking more visionarily, perhaps a product beyond Yearn will develop on this basis: that is, Flux v3 is both a lending and a machine gun pool, using user funds for a combination of deposits and other lending products for the benefit of the project.

The idea of Flux v3 is already far ahead of the current industry, and the civilian version of Flux v4, Lightning Lending, is even more stone-cold. Please allow me to have some reservations here, because on one hand we are still in the theoretical research stage, and on the other hand it is still in the strictest secrecy stage.

FLUX token usage scenarios

Flux protocol is not willing to be mediocre, and also hopes to come out of a route with its own technical characteristics. In the future, there will be several paid projects on v2, v3 and v4, all requiring payment of FLUX tokens to enjoy such services. Why is there such thinking?

The traditional financial market of p2p has told us with the actual situation that the aggregation of capital side and asset side is not the most core advantage of a p2p product, but the service of capital side and asset side is. In the same way, using superior technology as the underlying layer to provide users with better quality borrowing and deposit services is the purpose of Flux!

For example, v3 offsite (chain) withdrawal will consume FLUX tokens, for example, v2 borrowing with more than 10 times leverage needs to consume FLUX tokens, for example, v3 choosing high yield pool deposit needs to consume FLUX tokens, for example…for example…

I sincerely hope that FLUX users will be willing to accompany the Zero One team for a long time to grow together and witness the rise of a great lending product!

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