Flow-based NFT trading platform Tibles closes $1.14M seed round led by Dapper Labs

Tibles will be a new NFT marketplace running on Flow with a focus on pop culture and entertainment brand collectibles, particularly “geek culture” assets.

Dapper Labs’ collectibles project NBA Top Shot has been one of the biggest winners of this year’s NFT Big Bang, with over $500 million in transactions and helping to bring crypto collectibles into the mainstream. So, what’s next for Dapper and its Flow blockchain?

We’ve already heard about the upcoming launch of the Genies NFT marketplace, which will feature celebrity costumes and user-favorite cartoon avatars. Today, we learned about another upcoming game on Dapper NFT: Tibles, a name taken from “Collectibles”.

Tibles will be a new NFT marketplace running on Flow, with a focus on pop culture and entertainment brands’ collectibles, particularly “geek culture” assets. Today, the Tibles brand was officially unveiled and announced a $1.14 million seed round of funding led by Dapper with participation from Multicoin Capital, Warburg Serres Investments and CoinFund.

NFT represents a deed of ownership for a digital product that can take many different forms: still or animated images, video clips, trading cards, tweets and more. NBA Top Shot highlights are real NBA highlights with animated effects, for example, each with a separate version number that can be authenticated on the blockchain.

Erich ” Woody” Wood, the project’s founder and CEO, told Decrypt that Tibles NFT collectibles don’t necessarily look like NBA Top Shot moments or any one specific piece: they vary greatly in design depending on the entertainment venue they are used in different. Some may take the form of stickers for digital sticker books, trading cards with interactive elements or something else entirely.

Wood has a long history of working with digital trading cards: he created digital cards sold on square CD-ROMs in 2000 and based on brands such as MLB and Star Trek. In 2011, he began working with leading trading card brand Topps to develop digital card applications, including sports league and Star Wars cards, and the latter’s great success (without the gaming element) convinced him of the potential of digital collectibles .

It proved that collecting was a reward in itself,” he recalls. People who had been fans of the brand wanted to interact with it and interact with other fans who interacted with the brand.”

From there, Wood went on to create Quidd, a digital trading card app platform, and through the app’s success with brands like Disney, Marvel and Game of Thrones, he realized that the one thing still missing was true ownership of digital assets. After seeing the potential of Dapper’s own groundbreaking NFT experience with CryptoKitties, Wood left Quidd in 2018 to begin researching the potential of a blockchain trading card app. (Quidd was later sold to Animoca Brands and began its own NFT rollout. topps also joined NFT through the MLB and Garbage Pail Kids cards on WAX.)

Unlike Quidd, Tibles is a platform that spans multiple apps and will begin its rollout later this year. They plan to release separate apps for each entertainment brand (not yet released) or possibly for different types of apps to avoid conflicts between widely different media sources. Wood told Decrypt, “One of the problems with Quidd is if you’re trying to get Game of Thrones fans to use it, but then they go into the app and there’s a lot of Mickey Mouse there. That presents a kind of disconnect.”

Another key aspect of that experience will be the focus on community building and trying to keep people around. The goal is to keep fans engaged and interacting directly with other users.

It’s not just about selling something and then someone buys it and then I make money, but also bartering,” he explains. You actually have to meet someone and haggle with them, maybe make friends and keep coming back to buy and sell and try to swap. The stickiness of the community is a big part of what we’re building.”

Tibles’ focus on pop culture collectibles, rather than sports, music or fine art, should also help set it apart from other products in Dapper’s ever-expanding lineup of NFT markets, not to mention the broader market beyond Flow.

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