Five Ways to Get Optimism Token OP

Optimism is one of the dominant Layer 2 on Ethereum.

Optimism’s total value locked (TVL) has jumped around 26% since the beginning of August. This is because there are numerous market opportunities that allow users to earn OP tokens by using a range of different applications.


This summer, the Optimism Ecosystem Fund has been distributing $OP tokens to Optimism’s dApp team. In turn, these projects have been distributing tokens to incentivize and reward users who make the L2 leap.

Optimism is currently the second largest L2 in the crypto economy, and efforts to expand the ecosystem of solutions now encompass the entire scope of web3, including cross-chain bridges, DAOs, DeFi protocols, NFT collections, wallets, and more.

However, not all of these projects offer OP rewards to their users. Among them, we have seen a wide range of reward pool sizes. For example, some dapps have only 300,000 OP to distribute, while others set aside as much as 9,000,000 OP for rewards. 


Reward Distribution : 9,000,000 $OP

Reward start date : August 25, 2022

Reward Action : Provide Liquidity

Decentralized derivatives protocol Synthetix kicked off its first wave of OP reward distribution last week by distributing 10k OP each to liquidity providers for sUSD/3CRV and sETH/ETH pools on Curve. 

The idea of ​​these rewards is to induce LPs to migrate their Synthetix synthesizers (ie sUSD and sETH) from the Ethereum mainnet to Optimism, as the latter is more user-friendly. If you want to receive OP bounties to help support this migration, please consider depositing into the designated Curve pool. 


Reward Distribution : 5,300,000 $OP

Reward start date : August 4, 2022

Incentive Action : Lending

Earlier this month, decentralized lending protocol Aave launched a 90-day OP liquidity mining program for Aave V3 users, which means there are more than 60 days left for the event. 

To participate, you simply go to the Optimism Market in Aave V3 and lend and deposit tokens. ETH, DAI and USDC are currently available, while the tokens currently available for lending are ETH, DAI, USDC, WBTC, LINK and sUSD.

Perpetual Protocol

Reward Distribution : 5,200,000 $OP

Reward start date : July 14, 2022

Reward Action : Provide Liquidity

Perpetual Protocol, which promotes decentralized perpetual futures, launched its OP liquidity mining program, Pool Party, last month. The goal is to incentivize and improve the liquidity of the Perp v2 system. 

Currently, Pool Party distributes 27,000 OP per week between LPs in the Perp v2 ETH market, 5000 OP between LPs in AAVE, BNB, BTC, FLOW and PERP markets, and 3000 OP between all remaining LPs in the $OP market . 

To earn from these distributions, simply head over to Perp v2 (, deposit liquidity into the market of your choice, and claim your OP rewards on distributions every Monday. 


Reward Distribution : 3,000,000 $OP

Reward start date : August 2, 2022

Reward Action : Staking and Liquidity Provision

As part of its new Avalon Incentive Program, decentralized options protocol Lyra has begun distributing OP rewards to LPs in LYRA stakers and their market maker vaults. 

Users can stake LYRA on Lyra Rewards ( Keep in mind that OP rewards are issued every two weeks, and there is a two-week unstaking period if you want to withdraw your base LYRA. 

As for LPing, you can go to the Vault Dashboard ( and provide liquidity to an Ethereum (sETH-sUSD) vault or a Bitcoin (sBTC-sUSD) vault for OP rewards, These rewards are also released every two weeks. 


Reward Distribution : 3,000,000 $OP

Reward start date : July 13, 2022

Bonus Action : Token Lockup

The centralized liquidity marketplace Velodrome is currently distributing OP rewards to users who lock VELO tokens for veVELO. Over the next few months, the protocol will allocate approximately 50,000 OP to VELO lockers every two weeks. To participate, go to Velodrome’s Vest Dashboard ( and customize the lock location. 

In the future, there will continue to be OP liquidity mining plans to be launched, and continue to pay attention.

  • Uniswap  – 1,000,000 $OP allocated
  • Hop Agreement – 1,000,000 $OP allocated
  • Celer  – 1,000,000 $OP allocated
  • Aelin – 900,000 $OP allocated
  • Pika Protocol – 900,000 $OP allocated
  • Polynomial Protocol  – 900,000 $OP allocated
  • xToken Gamma  — 900,000 $OP allocated
  • ZipSwap  — 900,000 $OP allocated
  • Biconomy  — 750,000 $OP allocated
  • Beefy Finance  — 650,000 $OP allocated

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