Findora provides a $10 million liquidity mining incentive plan for Venice AMM DEX


Six weeks after announcing the $100 million Findora Ecosystem Fund, today Findora officially launched a $10 million liquidity mining reward program for Venice. This is a new project established by the global developer community on Findora EVM. AMM DEX.

According to the project website, Venice is a new generation, zero-knowledge-driven decentralized exchange, focusing on privacy protection, anti-snatch attacks, and cross-chain liquidity aggregation.

Venice is powered by a community-oriented governance token, VENI. It has an innovative deflationary tokenomics design and a mining mechanism inspired by game theory to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Venice protocol. The Venice community will collectively decide the best implementation plan of the agreement through Farm, Stake and voting.

As a liquidity center on the chain, Venice will also allow users to conduct liquidity transactions between ecosystems in a frictionless and trustless manner without revealing their positions or identities.

The US$10 million liquidity mining reward program will be dedicated to supporting the liquidity pool on Venice, starting with Ethereum (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) compatible tokens and WFRA trading pairs. The community also announced a roadmap suggesting the addition of cross-chain bridge integration for Bitcoin, WXRP, Arbitrum, Polygon, Terra and Avalanche.


Developers and verifiers can apply for funding through the Findora Foundation website to help seed their product ideas and accelerate their growth. The Findora community will be able to vote on which projects to receive funding through a governance process managed by the DAO. Projects should meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for grant funding:

  1. The project must establish an agreement or DApp directly on the Findora blockchain.
  2. The project must affect the Findora ecosystem in a positive way
  3. Projects should utilize Findora’s privacy technologies, such as zero-knowledge proofs.


If you are a verification node operator interested in the Beta version of Findora mainnet, or a developer interested in building the Findora ecosystem, then you can start by reading the document, joining the Discord channel, and applying for funding through the Findora Foundation website .

About Findora

Established in 2017, Findora is an open programmable privacy public chain, and is owned and democratically guaranteed by global organizations and economic incentives in a decentralized manner. Using Findora, developers can create and use digital assets, applications and smart contracts, and these digital assets, applications and smart contracts can use advanced encryption technology to store information. Findora is a market leader in zero-knowledge proof and multi-party computing technology, with strong distributed system engineering capabilities.

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