Find the origin of the big bang

Midea is not very good at creating concepts, but is good at laying out in advance.

“Another big reshuffle begins, and those who can’t get on the boat will gradually fall behind.” Ma Huateng wrote such words in Tencent’s annual special issue “Three Views”.

He firmly believes that an exciting opportunity is coming. Recently, Tencent plans to acquire Black Shark Technology, a gaming mobile phone company, and behind Roblox and Epic Games, which are the most similar to the concept of the Metaverse in foreign countries, there are Tencent.

In addition, ByteDance acquired the domestic top VR hardware brand Pico for a value of several billion yuan, and Baidu also officially released its first Metaverse product, an immersive virtual space parallel to the physical world, “Xi Rong”.

The big factories have entered the Metaverse, and the war has heated up again.

But what more people don’t know is that in addition to these big Internet companies, some companies that seem to be “unrelated” to the Metaverse have actually created the technological cornerstones for building the Metaverse.

Metaverse “Big Bang” Early Stage

Among them, manufacturing is an important area that has to be mentioned. Although it is called the ethereal suffix of “universe”, this world, like our real universe, will not appear out of thin air.

In fact, to create a realistic virtual world for the Metaverse, it requires the cooperation of a variety of basic technologies, including blockchain, interaction, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, simulation and other technologies, and the perfect integration of hardware and software technologies. The Internet and the supply chain need to cooperate and cooperate. Under this theoretical basis, the manufacturing and supply chain manufacturers are also developing corresponding technologies and businesses.

For example, the XR head display equipment deployed by Goertek, the digital simulation technology deployed by Midea Group, etc. XR head-mounted display is a new medium way to enter the Metaverse, and the sense of immersion it brings far exceeds the traditional “screen”; the application of artificial intelligence in the Metaverse can bring users a diverse interaction that is different from that between people experience; and digital simulation technology can greatly reduce the creation threshold for content and scene developers, allowing more users to become Metaverse builders.

These technologies are actually not new words, but it is precisely because these technologies have matured after years of deposition that they have built a solid foundation for the current explosion of the Metaverse.

The underlying technology that created the universe

But if you look at the underlying technologies that create the Metaverse, simulation technology is one of the barriers with a higher threshold. Simulation is a technique that uses mathematical and physical models to reproduce the essential processes that occur in real systems. It can be used both for 3D modeling in video games, as well as for product development, manufacturing, and experimentation.

Find the origin of the big bang

In the era of Industry 4.0, due to the demand for high efficiency and low cost, the application of simulation software has already become the core of the positive design of the manufacturing industry. When we see images of robotic arms in action in modern factories, it’s likely that simulation and digital twin technologies are at work.

In 1999, Midea established a post-doctoral research station and introduced simulation technology, and began to accumulate its own capabilities in simulation and digital twin technology. In 2017, Midea Group even acquired KUKA, a well-known industrial robot manufacturer, and used it to bring Finnish companies to the market. Visual Components, an industry-leading 3D manufacturing simulation software company. At the end of 2021, Midea realized the full acquisition of KUKA, and KUKA and Visual Components became Midea’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, further consolidating its technical strength.

It is understood that Midea has used the simulation system and digital twin to build a virtual digital factory that restores the physical factory 1:1. Using the virtual factory, Midea can greatly improve the efficiency of trial production and trial production of new products and shorten the time-to-market. In addition, after the product enters stable production, Midea can learn in real time through the virtual factory the production capacity, maintenance, logistics and personnel management that were not available in the physical factory in the past, so that the layout and management of the production line can be further optimized.

Find the origin of the big bang

It is not only the use of Midea in its own research and development process, but in fact, Midea has led simulation technology into various fields of our daily life.

In the HVAC solution provided by Midea for commercial buildings, the simulation system is used to test the feasibility of the design and algorithm, and various products of the Midea brand can be called for testing in the virtual model during the design stage. Through this technology, the test results can even sense whether the cold flow and heat flow in the building are evenly distributed, and whether the people in the building will feel the air flow is cold and hot.

In addition, Midea’s intelligent operation and maintenance platform can also perform 3D rendering and simulation of the equipment status, video surveillance and other areas inside the building, and display it to the operation and maintenance personnel in real time, helping them to point out equipment failure points and accident locations more intuitively and in a timely manner. The entire system can be quickly restored to normal in the event of a problem.

Find the origin of the big bang

And such a high-efficiency, low-cost design and test process has now become Midea’s “basic operation”, which was unimaginable before simulation technology. As the real experiencers of these designs and services, users can enjoy completely different services from the past, thereby saving a lot of time and having a more comfortable office and travel experience.

The “Barrier” in front of the Metaverse

But even with such a mature simulation technology, today’s Metaverse is still in its infancy. If you look into the reason, a large part of it is that many manufacturers cannot make the underlying technology as perfect as Midea.

Take simulation technology as an example. In the past, many Chinese manufacturing companies, including Midea, could only purchase expensive simulation software from abroad to meet their own R&D and production needs. However, most foreign simulation software is not aimed at specific sub-sectors, nor does it fully match the conditions of the Chinese market, resulting in a lot of inconvenience in the use of the software, and even the expected results cannot be obtained.

In addition, simulation technology has a very high technical threshold, requiring professionals and teams with profound mathematical and physical skills to have the possibility of success. Secondly, the input-output cycle of simulation technology is very long, which requires a lot of time and money for enterprises. This is seen by many companies as a “decision worth the loss”.

However, the “beautiful people” who dare to do it are not afraid of challenges, and independently develop software that conforms to the practice of China’s manufacturing industry, overcome various technical difficulties, and have been cultivating solid mechanics simulation, fluid mechanics simulation, thermal system simulation, electromagnetic simulation, etc. for several years. field. Taking Midea’s thermal simulation system as an example, over the past five years, it has introduced the simulation thinking and simulation system of top foreign companies into domestic companies, built Midea’s own 4 simulation platforms from scratch, and “written” 500,000 lines of code. Finally, a series of Meimei’s own simulation systems are formed from components to systems, from steady state to dynamic, from products to building systems. The relevant key technologies have been successfully appraised by China Light Industry Federation and China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association as “internationally leading” scientific and technological achievements, filling the blank of independent simulation technology of domestic enterprises.

Midea’s layout results in simulation technology not only give full play to the unique advantages of “Midea’s software + hardware + application scenarios”, but also demonstrate its strong core technical capabilities and strategic focus on R&D technology investment. In addition to meeting internal needs, Midea’s self-developed industrial simulation platform also empowers more manufacturing companies to digitally transform through the internally incubated Meiyun Zhishu, becoming the only Chinese figure in the “three-point world” with other foreign industrial simulation software companies.

In addition, on the way to build a fluid mechanics simulation system, Midea has recently reached a cooperation with the team of Academician Chen Shiyi. This cooperation enables Midea to introduce its own needs and application scenarios in the early development process of simulation software, making the software more suitable for Midea’s R&D and manufacturing needs in the future.

But compared with Midea, more technology companies cannot have the same huge resource support as Midea. In other new fields of the Metaverse, XR products have not yet formed a stable and large-scale user ecology and hardware ecology, and the development of AI technology and solutions has not yet been widely used in mainstream products.

But we are enough to believe that with the continuous exploration and precipitation of technology by various manufacturers, the technological cornerstones that ultimately belong to the Metaverse will become more and more mature, and we will also glimpse the true appearance of the Metaverse among many scientific and technological achievements.

The future of the beautiful Metaverse

“Midea is not very good at creating concepts, but is good at making arrangements in advance.” Today, Midea Group not only has a rich multi-brand product matrix, but also has mastered many R&D innovation technologies that are unmatched by industry competitors, and will also use simulation and digital twins. Continuous development and breakthroughs in technology.

Compared with Midea Group’s advance layout in terms of simulation and digital twins, the “Metaverse” came a little later.

What would a mature Metaverse look like? The answer will not be defined by a single person or institution, but by professionals in various professional fields and consumers. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what language the worlds created by the Metaverse are designed in, whether in buildings or games. What matters is whether we can create a new world, which is more valuable than imitating an existing one.

From the perspective of enterprises, the virtual world is like a “data test field”. Different decisions can derive countless results in countless virtual parallel worlds to verify the feasibility and correctness of decisions. This also means that in the virtual world, any kind of innovative idea can be achieved quickly. Such space is urgently needed by modern industries plagued by energy and environmental crises. This is exactly what Zuckerberg said, the value of the Metaverse lies in efficiency and environmental protection. The virtual worlds created by the Metaverse will make the real world more sustainable.

For more users, a more immersive virtual world brings richer sensory stimulation, provides more diverse experiences and channels to understand the world, and at the same time, we can go beyond physical time, space and equipment In the virtual world, you can establish face-to-face interaction with other people, and pursue poetry and distance in the spiritual world.

And such a world seems to be not far away from us.

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