Filecoin network “money attack”, many nodes drop computing power

The data shows that the adjusted on-chain transaction volume and miners’ income of Etherium hit a record high in May.

Filecoin network "money attack", many nodes drop computing power


Ether adjusted on-chain transaction volume and miners’ income hit record high in May

Golden Finance reports that data shows that Ether’s adjusted on-chain transaction volume and miners’ income both hit record highs in May. In particular, adjusted on-chain transaction volume increased to US$666 billion, up 92.7 percent from April. Monthly mining revenue reached $2.35 billion, up 42.4 percent from April. Ether miners’ transaction fees also topped $1 billion for the first time in May, up 43.9 percent from April to $1.03 billion.

V-God: Eth 2.0 will have the scalability expected from enterprise applications by the end of 2022

We originally thought it would take a year to do PoS, but it will actually take six years, said V God, founder of Ether. If you’re doing something complex that you think will take a while, it’s likely to actually take much longer. There have been many internal team conflicts in the process of getting Ether to where it is today. One of the biggest problems identified in the project is not technical, but people-related. eth 2.0 will probably not have the kind of scalability that large enterprise applications expect until late 2022.

Average EtherGas price drops to new yearly low

According to EtherScan data, the current average price of Ether Gas is 12 Gwei, down to the lowest level of the year.


Mt. Gox Claims Online System Opens Voting

Golden Finance reported that on May 31, the collapsed Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox released an announcement that the online system for recovery claims launched a voting function. Starting today, claimants can begin voting on whether to accept civil rehabilitation proposals. The deadline for voting online is October 8, 2021. In order for the proposal to pass, the minimum threshold for voting is 50 percent, so even a majority of votes cast positively could defeat the proposal. Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, was reportedly shut down in 2014 due to theft and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with creditors waiting for years to be paid off. After receiving several extensions, Mt. Gox bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi filed a draft recovery plan with the Tokyo District Court on Dec. 15, 2020, and a revised version was filed on Feb. 15 of this year.


Ethernet Layer 2 solution zkSync 2.0 goes live on zkEVM beta network Alpha

According to the official news, Matter Labs, an Ethernet scaling project, announced that zkSync 2.0, an Ethernet Layer 2 solution, is live on the zkEVM Test Network Alpha, and users can already view activities on zkSync 2.0 using the block browser. Key achievements of this release include the completion of the zkEVM instruction set; smart contracts written in Solidity and Zinc can now be compiled into zkEVM bytecode; and the completion of full node integration, enabling successful deployment and execution of compiled smart contracts.


Kusama has gone live with the 1st public interest parallel chain Statemine

The parallel chain Shell has been officially upgraded to Statemine asset parallel chain, which means that the Kusama network has officially launched the 1st public interest parallel chain statemine and it is running stably now. It is understood that through this public interest parallel chain, the main network tokens, such as USDT, can be issued directly on Boca.


Cardano Launches Daedalus Flight Wallet Version 4.1.0

According to the official article, Cardano development team IOHK has officially announced the launch of Daedalus Wallet version 4.1.0. This version enables configuration settings for fractional digits of native tokens. This version also includes overall improvements and resolves some known issues.

Cardano beta network Alonzo Blue Phase 1 has been successfully concluded

Representatives of Cardano (ADA) development team IOHK have informed the community about the testing process of the Alonzo mechanism. According to an official IOHK statement, the first phase of the Alonzo test network (Alonzo Blue) has been successfully concluded. The first group of Staking pool operators and pioneer testers have already established their nodes. In addition, Cardano’s hard fork coordinator allowed for a seamless migration of the test network to Alonzo, while the team and its enthusiasts identified some issues with the operation of the Cardano test network. The IOHK team added that the development and integration process is still going on “behind the scenes”.


Filecoin Network Experiences “Money Attack”, Many Nodes Drop Computing Power

According to IPFS China community news, on the morning of June 3, the Filecoin network suddenly appeared to be unable to upload messages to the chain, and no one packaged the time-proven messages, and several nodes experienced a drop in arithmetic power. Some industry experts pointed out that the network dropped arithmetic power because the gas limit and gaspremium of f0134006 nodes were set too high, causing each node to lose more than 91 PiB. gaspremium settings are too high, resulting in the number of messages that can be packed in each block is too small, and windowpost messages cannot be uploaded to the chain in time, resulting in the loss of arithmetic power of some nodes.


Tether printed a net of about 11 billion USD in May 2021

Tokenview block browser data shows: May USDT new printed money 11 billion, new destroyed 6129 pieces. Among them, the number of printed money on Ether is about 5 billion, and the number of printed money on the Wavefield chain is about 6 billion. The new printed money flows into 5 exchanges in total, ranked by inflow as Binance-5.137 billion, Bitfinex-1.583 billion, Okex-0.79 billion, Huobi-0.1 billion, and HitBTC-73.4 million. The current total market cap of USDT has exceeded $62.7 billion.


Data: NFT transactions on Ether reached $191.2 million in May

According to the data of OKLink, the transaction volume of NFT on Ether in May was 191.2 million USD, with the transaction volume rising 12.13% compared with April; the number of NFT transactions in the same period was 77,200, with the number of transactions falling 28.47% compared with April.

Marilyn Monroe’s estate to be “immortalized” through NFT art auction

Brand management company Authentic Brands Group (ABG) will auction off a series of tokenized artworks inspired by Marilyn Monroe, who has partnered with Ethernity Chain to “immortalize the star’s legacy” in the form of NFT. ABG owns a majority interest in the intellectual property of Marilyn Monroe, the famous American actress, model and singer.

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