Feng Tang: The Metaverse of Spring Water

“I don’t understand, why do you buy this?” Feng Tang frankly expressed his confusion after the first digital collection was officially released in seconds.

Wearing a color-blocked jacket and a deep-sea blue shirt, he has a bald head that has just grown out of stubble, a shallow moustache on his upper lip, and a moustache on his chin and cheeks that is slightly flamboyant. As a poet, writer and artist, Feng Tang appeared on the interview screen with such a slightly artistic gesture. He has a humble, slightly shy smile as he talks about the results of his first digital collection.

At 11:00 a.m. on July 8th, Feng Tang’s first digital collection “Spring Breeze Ten Miles is worse than You” was officially released in Baidu Xirong Mall and Xiaodu Xunyu, limited to 2,000 copies. Since the preview release, “Spring Breeze is not as good as you” has received more than 18,000 reservations in advance, and it will be released in seconds after the official release.

Feng Tang: The Metaverse of Spring Water

Intercepted from Xirong Mall

Feng Tangzi Chen also wants to snap up three, his original intention is also very simple: a “spring breeze is not as good as you” is only 118 yuan, compared to sending 200 yuan WeChat red envelopes to relatives and friends or giving flowers gifts during the festival , giving such a unique digital collection is more meaningful, more fun, and more ceremonial.

However, netizens never gave him such a chance. Feng Tang, who is in London and has a 7-hour time difference with China, said, “I didn’t get up, and I didn’t grab it.” “I heard that 2,000 copies were gone in a few seconds. When I woke up in the morning, several friends said that I didn’t grab it. “In retrospect, Feng Tang’s tone revealed a little regret.

Behind the frantic looting of Feng Tang’s digital collections is the popularity of digital collections in China this year. If the digital collection in 2021 is only a game for a few people, then the clock turns to 2022, and the digital collection will usher in the climax of national participation. And this is rooted in the Metaverse that has become popular since last year. As the first domestic artist deeply involved in the creation of the Metaverse, Feng Tang has something to say about the Metaverse and digital collections. 

Feng Tang: The Metaverse of Spring Water


“Those who rest on the soil, the soil grows infinitely.”

This is Guo Pu’s commentary on the word “Xi soil” in “Shan Hai Jing”. Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu and head of Xiyang, once explained that the name of Xiyang platform is based on the oldest Chinese myth and legend, “I hope it can grow indefinitely, and represent the future, becoming a brand new carrier.” .

Facing new technological things, Feng Tang holds a similar mentality, even if it is still in its infancy. Whether it was his first exposure to email in the early 1990s, his perception of the Internet, or his exposure to Nokia, BlackBerry and other feature phones after work, and later smartphones, Feng Tang was very interested in every new technological thing.

In his own words, “I like (things) from a particularly naive and primitive thing to slowly developing to be closely related to life.”

From this point of view, it is not surprising that Feng Tang and the Metaverse are bound together. At the end of 2020, it has been nearly a year since the outbreak of the new crown, and the DEF CON CHINA conference, which has always been offline in the past, has to be moved online. As the organizer of the event, Ma Jie found his friend Feng Tang and hoped that he would create a calligraphy work for the event that debuted on the VR platform. Feng Tang agreed.

In the spring equinox of 2021, Beijing is still expecting a cold spring. In a party hall in Baiziwan, DEF CON CHINA was held in a low-key manner. At the same time, at this conference, attendees were exposed to the completely virtual world of the Xiyong VR platform for the first time. In this world called -7.0 by Ma Jie, there are Wu Qingfeng, Nezha, the “Kun” in the Big Fish and Begonia passing overhead from time to time, and the handwritten “DEF CON is all life” and flipped Dancing Feng Tang.

At that time, such an attempt was more like an interest in playing tickets, not a spacious party hall, full of joyful atmosphere. No one could have predicted that, just 7 months later, with the popular concept of the Metaverse, the Xiyang platform also began to attract attention. And Feng Tang’s exploration on the Xiyang platform made him the first domestic artist to deeply participate in the Metaverse.

In the late summer of the same year, Xiyang upgraded from version -7.0 to -6.5, and Feng Tang also held a solo exhibition of “Se Kong” in Sanlitun and Xiyang World in Beijing. In addition to the interpretation of the works of color and emptiness, the “Color and Space Exhibition” is displayed in front of the players in the form of Feng Tang’s virtual art museum. Visitors to the exhibition, in addition to seeing calligraphy and painting works, can also wear VR glasses, pick up the handle, and come to another parallel world to perceive the works of “color space” in a completely different way.

For Feng Tang, this is also a brand new attempt. “At that time, I was already in London, so I wanted to add something new, so I discussed with Baidu’s friends whether we could use AR and VR to present another way at the exhibition site in Sanlitun, so that everyone could enter the world of the exhibition. “

Such an attempt is obviously refreshing. For example, in the Feng Tang Virtual Art Museum located on the 99th floor of the elevator, different from the fixed frame in the real world, the works here float in the air in a specific shape, and the audience will display the framed background, Author inscription and personal seal. “Compared to watching the exhibition offline, it is quite sci-fi and futuristic,” an audience member said after viewing the exhibition.

Feng Tang: The Metaverse of Spring Water

Iterate continuously

If the “Color and Space Exhibition” is only a breakthrough in the form of exhibition, then by the end of 2021, Feng Tang has already created works of art in the test of the water element universe.

“I like the concept of the Metaverse very much. In my heart, it greatly expands the universe we are in.” Feng Tang told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, from the traditional video data in the past, to the picture information in the PC era, the mobile era In the current Metaverse, users can wear VR equipment to enter the interior of the building. In the future, even the five senses of color, sound, smell, touch, and touch will coexist in the virtual world, and users can “go anywhere they want” in their own space. .

It is based on this that Feng Tang came up with the idea of ​​​​creating the Metaverse. On December 27, 2021, the Baidu AI Developer Conference was held in the Xirong APP. Feng Tang also released his first Metaverse art work “Yuan Cube” in the Xirong world upgraded to version -6.0. The so-called Yuancube is a three-dimensional and six-sided cube. On each side of the cube, there are Chinese characters written by Feng Tang with a brush, namely: 0 (zero), one, no, yuan, universe, and universe.

“Chinese characters represent sounds, shapes, and meanings, and they have complex connotations. In fact, every Chinese character can be a work of art,” Feng Tang explained, recalling the original intention of his creation, “while writing on a flat surface The brush characters on it are two-dimensional, and I have been thinking about whether it can be three-dimensional, which is the simple idea when I first created it.”

In the world of Xiyong, such an idea has been realized. “Actually, words are still two-dimensional and two-dimensional, but because you (the viewer) are three-dimensional, the cube is three-dimensional, and the angle you look at is different, so it will produce a different feeling, which is different from reading simple calligraphy and painting. , plane calligraphy and painting are completely different, this is what I found particularly interesting at the time.” Feng Tang said.

Interestingly, Feng Tang defined this “Yuancube” as version 0.1, and said that Yuancube will gradually improve to version 1.0 and 2.0 in the future. This is similar to Ma Jie’s definition of the original Xiyang as the -7.0 version. “Since Baidu Xiyang was the -7.0 version at the beginning, my Yuancube can also be further iterated from generation to generation.”

On the one hand, the iterative idea of ​​Yuancufang is to evolve around different themes, such as the “Wild Tea” that is being planned. In Feng Tang’s vision, the “wild tea” is formed by integrating elements such as the field, the courtyard, and the tea ceremony, so that the audience can experience the indescribable subtle relationship between space, nature and tea.

At the same time, Feng Tang revealed to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that a group of “eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind” products in the form of Yuancube will be gradually launched, such as smart speakers, projectors, mice, and wearable devices. From the virtual Greece to the real entity, the real product interacts with the virtual image, and then brings a different experience to the user.

Even Feng Tang thought of the current hot script killing with some “brain-opening”. “We are also designing and connecting online and offline immersive dramas, and we are also discussing cooperation with some script killing studios.” Feng Tang revealed, “In simple terms, you can open as many brains as you want, and pass new things through. Metaverse, AR/VR technology to achieve one iteration, some new meaning.”

Feng Tang: The Metaverse of Spring Water

new wind

There is still a lot of imagination for the expansion of the Metaverse to the current reality. The digital collection that Feng Tang has recently tested the water is one of them.

After the iterations of the two versions in August and December last year, now, “Xiyang” has evolved to the “-5.5” version, and functions such as the event system, digital collection platform, and co-creator space have been launched one after another. Feng Tang’s presence has been indispensable in every version update of Xiyang, and this time was no exception.

“The spring water is just born, the spring forest is beginning to flourish, and the spring breeze is not as good as you.” The TV series adapted from Feng Tang’s novel “Beijing, Beijing”, and finally selected “Spring Breeze Ten Miles is not as good as you” as the title, and the theme song of the same name of the TV series created by Li Jian, further spread its popularity.

In the -5.5 version of the world of Xirong, Feng Tang chose “The Spring Breeze is not as good as you” as his first digital collection. Feng Tang has IP, Xi Rong has technology and platform, and the two sides hit it off once again. The result is a digital collection limited to 2,000 copies.

Users’ pursuit of digital collections naturally lies in its uniqueness. Relying on Baidu Super Chain, each “Spring Breeze is not as good as you” digital collection has a unique serial number on the chain, that is, an independent, non-tamperable, real-time verifiable ID, representing its unique collection value.

“The technical essence of digital collections is based on the technology of blockchain, which stores various digital assets such as pictures, videos, and music on the chain to ensure their authenticity and cannot be tampered with.” In an interview with an Economic Herald reporter, Hong Wanting, a senior analyst at IDC China, said, “Digital collections can provide a guarantee of authenticity and effective distribution of benefits for the innovation and dissemination of original digital assets.”

It is also considering its uniqueness that the current digital collection industry continues to rise in popularity. Data show that in 2021, the scale of my country’s digital Tibetan market is 150 million yuan, and it is expected to reach 15 billion yuan in 2026. At present, Internet manufacturers are actively deploying and building digital collection platforms. Taking Ali Whale Survey as an example, in the first half of this year, it issued 144 sets and 474 digital collections, with a total circulation of 5.6027 million copies and sales of 89.4817 million yuan. Sales doubled year-on-year.

“Currently, China’s digital collection market has shifted to a service form that supports enterprise-level marketing, and mainly focuses on the distribution of three types of digital collections: cultural and expo artworks, brand-owned digital assets, and IP innovation.” Hong Wanting commented, “There are also three types of digital collections in the market. There is IP innovation based on digital collections, and by creating emerging digital images, creating a sense of community identity and creating new IP resources.”

However, in addition to its own IP value and uniqueness, Feng Tang’s “Spring breeze is not as good as you” has its own special features. According to the release information, “Spring Breeze is not as good as you” has created a new form of the first “multi-modal display” digital collection in the world of Xiyong, and will be combined with Feng Tang’s first Metaverse art work “Yuancube”. Hang it on the wall, and it will be a calligraphy work of “the spring breeze is not as good as you”; put it in your hand or put it on the table, and it will become a three-dimensional and six-sided calligraphy yuan cube.

“Frankly speaking, before buying a calligraphy work, you could only hang it on the wall, but now you can take a photo with the work in the virtual world, and you can also turn it into a display case of Yuancube in the world of Xiyong, or you can put it in the world of Xiyong by yourself. “In the house of the house,” Feng Tang said excitedly, “if this kind of thing does not have VR, there is no Metaverse state, but the paper and ink in the past are difficult to achieve. It seems to be a small breakthrough, but it may be a very important one. breakthrough.”

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