Features and problems of Metaverse

The most out-of-the-range concept should be the meta-universe. In addition to the evidence obtained from the data on the chain, it can also be clearly perceived by watching the activity of meta-universe-related communities at home and abroad and daily exchanges with peers. . After reading some Metaverse articles and experiencing multiple chain games recently, we hope to express some personal views on Metaverse from the perspective of a practitioner in the encryption industry and a former “Internet addiction teenager”.

First of all, it is certain that Metaverse is still in a very early stage. It is based on this point that although many big Vs have published their own understanding and definition of Metaverse, there is still no unified answer, which makes most readers more vague about its concept. Although the final form and end of Metaverse is not yet known, some foreseeable features have already appeared.

Predictable characteristics

1. A social system superior to the current Internet

The social system of Web2.0 eliminates geographical restrictions to a certain extent. However, it is far inferior to the real world in terms of experience and immersion. The virtual world constructed based on Metaverse will bring us a social experience that is no different from the real world or even better. In addition to socializing with friends and strangers who have become silicon-based life, perhaps you can also become friends with AI NPC.

2. A more independent and open economic system

Compared with the real world, Metaverse will have an independent, more democratic and open economic system. At that time, all ecological users will maintain this huge system together as a community of destiny, because wrong economic decisions caused by dictatorship or human nature can be avoided to a certain extent.

3. A more realistic and immersive online identity

Web2.0 games or social platforms are currently only in the “Play” stage, and at best can only be regarded as an accessory to real life. The Metaverse and the real world are in a parallel relationship. It will give us the feeling of “Experience”. There is no essential difference between being in the Metaverse and staying in the real world. In the future, people will have the right to determine the real world and the Metaverse in their own minds. Primary and secondary, perhaps for some people who want to live in Metaverse, the real world only plays a role in supplementing physical functions.

Relationship with blockchain

The opportunities that Metaverse has produced and developed in recent years lie in the improvement of infrastructure such as VR, the popularity of distributed commerce, the formation of online habits, people’s demand for virtual goods and services, and the promotion of the epidemic. The blockchain is an important underlying technology for Metaverse . In particular, NFT has an important contribution to clarifying ownership and increasing the sense of reality. NFT games can be regarded as the direction that currently fits Metaverse most.

Perceived from the Web2 game

The reason for starting from the perspective of the game is that the virtual space constructed by the game may be the fastest entrance to the Metaverse. The visualization and fun of the game allow people to explore the unknown virtual world while gaining spiritual pleasure.

Although games are only one of the fields of culture, entertainment, and media, we believe that it is most closely related to Metaverse, because it is the epitome of economy, culture, art, community, governance, etc. in the new universe of Metaverse.

Sandbox game-the seed of the meta-universe

Among the many game types, sandbox games are currently the closest in form to Metaverse.

According to the definition of Wikipedia, “Sandbox game refers to a type of electronic game, usually with a large map, strong interaction with NPCs or the environment, and a lot of content. It has a high degree of freedom and allows you to explore, create and change the game more freely. Content. Non-linear games often also have linear modes to choose from, but players are generally not forced to complete tasks or indicators.”

The concept is refined, that is, sandbox games have the characteristics of “high degree of freedom and high openness”. If you add the support of VRAR and other equipment, superimpose good realism on this, it will bring players an indispensable element of Metaverse-immersion.

Web2.0 games such as Fortnite , Roblox, etc., have already had the prototype of Metaverse or are more prominent in some Metaverse features.

Fort night

[The King of Crossovers, Immersive Max]

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Fortnite character skin image source: Fornite official

“Fortnite” (Fortnite) is a third-person chicken-eating game. Its developer, Epic Games, can be said to be a master of holistic work, constantly cooperating with major brands, IP, and celebrities, launching joint skins and special dance moves.

The Metaverse players shown in “Ready Player One” really felt it in “Fortnite”. By combining the Avengers and the chicken-eating game. Players can become Thanos and use Thanos’ skills to compete with other players.

And through the virtual concert jointly organized by the famous American rapper Travis Scott and “Fortnite” in April last year, people know that the original concert in the virtual world can be more shocking than the real world.

Features and problems of Metaverse

Travis Scott descended from the sky as a giant in the game. With his singing, the scene in the game began to change constantly, which was very shocking.

Although the concert lasted only 10 minutes in total, it attracted 12.3 million players online at the same time, which is unmatched in the real world.

The series of events in “Fortress Night” showed people that a game does not necessarily have strong boundaries. It can be combined with anything else to create new gameplay and forms. The same is true for Metaverse, it must be diversified and highly open.


[Metaverse’s user education platform]

Features and problems of Metaverse

Roblox played a very important role in promoting the construction of Metaverse.

First of all, Roblox wrote the concept of Metaverse into the prospectus for the first time, and successfully listed it for nearly US$3 million in 2006, allowing Metaverse, a very advanced concept at the time, to enter the vision of more capital and the masses.

Second, Roblox’s success has verified the feasibility of games based on creator ecology. Its pixelated modeling greatly reduces the threshold for creators and improves the openness of the ecology while sacrificing a certain sense of immersion. According to data from foreign media, more than 70% of Roblox’s user base is 3-12 years old, and many of them can independently make and publish their own games on Roblox through programming. This part of the population will be the backbone and core users to build Metaverse in the future.

Features and problems of Metaverse

The future Metaverse must be built based on the UGC ecology. So Roblox can be regarded as Metaverse’s user education platform to a certain extent .

Through the above two games in different periods, we can clearly feel that many Web2.0 sandbox games have begun to take the shadow of Metaverse, although there is still a long way to go from Metaverse in terms of immersion, diversification, and economic system. , But the emergence of sandbox games has undoubtedly accelerated the formation of Metaverse.

Evolution: the birth of blockchain games

Based on the point of view at the beginning of this article, we believe that games will be the main carrier of Metaverse, and GameFi is a subset of Metaverse (this point of view will be controversial).

The emergence of chain games has undoubtedly injected a new soul into the traditional game mechanics. GameFi (Game+defi+nft) transforms the game from [paly to enjoy] to [paly to earn], making the interests of each role in each ecology more balanced.

Thanks to the explosion of the GameFi market under the guidance of Axie Infinity, chain games are blooming. On July 29, Axie Infinity’s single-day revenue exceeded US$40 million, which was three times more than the world’s highest-paid mobile game “Glory of the King”.

Features and problems of Metaverse

I entered Axie at the beginning of May this year , and I also got a little benefit from it. Overall, if the full score is 10 points, Axie’s score in my mind is 6 points (4.5 points come from the economy brought by P2E) Revenue, 1.5 points come from playability). First of all, it is undeniable that the economic benefits brought by Axie are absolutely unprecedented. However, its single gameplay, Axie wizard style, and lack of storytelling are also real problems. I believe that if it is not driven by profit, it will be difficult for Axie to retain users. However, after experiencing a series of chain games, I discovered that Axie already belongs to the current GameFi ceiling.

The cause of the Axie explosion is difficult to replicate. The impact of the epidemic and YGG, the Philippine Goldsmith Association during the epidemic, have played a big role in promoting. Affected by the new crown epidemic in the past 20 years, the unemployment rate in the Philippines once reached as high as 40%, and about 1.2 million people were unemployed. With Axie, Filipino players only need to lie in bed and play 3-4 hours a day, and they can earn two to three times the local minimum wage. This has also transformed Axie from a game into a livelihood tool for people in many backward areas in Southeast Asia.

The current GameFi market is more about blockchain gamification rather than game blockchainization. “Play to Earn” is a double-edged sword. The commercial attributes of the project itself are far greater than the entertainment attributes. When the commercial attributes are overwhelming Sexual advantages can easily lead to virtual items in the game becoming purely speculative products, following the trend and increasing prices. This hinders the entry of central users, and as the number of retained users decreases, the game will enter a vicious circle.

Perhaps in the future, there will be a 3A-level blockchain game that will solve all the above problems and open a new era of Gamefi in a true sense. It seems that Illuvium can look forward to one or two.


Features and problems of Metaverse

Illuvium is a based on Ethernet Square ‘s RPG fighting game that combines elements of traditional RPG online games and Auto Battler type of fighting mechanism. It is integrated with Immutable-X’s second layer solution, which greatly reduces gas costs through zero-knowledge proof.

Illuvium’s overseas community maintenance and event operations, and the new monster demos released by Twitter from time to time have the style of serious work by traditional game manufacturers. Recently, his team also announced the addition of a two-year lock-up period to the tokens of executives , reflecting the team’s confidence in the project.

Features and problems of Metaverse

Source: Iluvium official discord

In addition, Illuvium has a team of 71 people, many of whom are from traditional game companies such as Blizzard. Its two co-founders, Kieran Warwick and Aaron Warwick, are the younger brothers of Synthetix founder Kain Warwick, one of the leading DeFi projects.

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Features and problems of Metaverse

Illuvium game scene and monster modeling source: Illuvium

Combining the above factors, maybe this is Iluvium’s acquisition of individual investors such as Synthetix founder Kain Warwick, Aave founder Stani Kulechov, 1inch CTO Anton Bukov, ParaFi Capital partner Santiago Roel Santos and other first-line investments such as Delphi, IOSG and LD Capital. The reason for the institution’s favor.

However, according to Iluvium’s official roadmap, the game will not be publicly tested until early next year, which also contains many uncertain factors.

Why are the major Internet game manufacturers not yet deeply involved?

Building Metaverse will inevitably require talents related to huge technical architecture, economic system design, technical development, visual animation, etc. In addition, it also needs the support of XRAR and other equipment. The funds and manpower covered by this system are beyond the reach of individuals or organizations that are not large companies.

Since Metaverse is so popular, why have Internet companies such as Blizzard, Tencent , and NetEase have not yet begun to participate in the construction of Metaverse? (The depth referred to here is not to invest in one or two Metaverse concept projects, but to become the company’s key strategic development goal.) I think there are three main reasons:

1. As mentioned earlier, we believe that blockchain is an important underlying technology for Metaverse. In terms of commercialization model , the current large companies have no motivation and motivation to change the current centralized model. After all, compared with decentralized blockchains, a high degree of centralization is more conducive to their control and manipulation of their users. , The benefits far exceed the blockchain.

2. From a technical point of view , the current encryption technology, VRAR and other infrastructures are still in the initial stage, far from reaching the requirements of building Metaverse. At this stage, the uncertainty is too strong for big companies, so big companies are still in the stage of official website and edge trial.

3. Finally, from the perspective of social stability , since Metaverse will serve as a second space parallel to the real world, it naturally also needs a set of its own exclusive laws and regulations to restrict and regulate the behavior of digital residents and maintain the stability of the digital society. . In addition, it is also necessary to consider the problems that may arise when the real world meets Mteaverse. Only after the relevant laws and regulations are promulgated, real-world companies can ensure their reasonable and legal participation in the construction of Metaverse.

Development on the way potential problems

The construction of the Metaverse is like an unprecedented experiment conducted by all human beings. Many of its concepts are not yet known to us. This experiment is bound to produce many disputes and differences.

1. Perfect infrastructure

The epidemic has played a role in boosting the development of Metaverse to a certain extent. When unable to go out, people gradually began to adapt to online social interaction and explore the virtual world. But based on the current infrastructure, the immersion that Metaverse brings to people is far from comparable to the real world. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for improvement in VR, AR, or encryption infrastructure.

2. Interoperability

The future Metaverse will definitely not be monopolized by a certain company, but will blossom, formed by the convergence of countless small Metaverses. This needs to support users’ cross-platform operations. The current Metaverse cannot perform cross-platform operations, and players can only use the assets of a project or socialize on it.

3. Content specification and filtering

Currently Metaverse is still in a very early stage, and there is no complete regulatory system yet. The Metaverse is dominated by the UGC model, which has also caused the Metaverse to be flooded with a lot of gray areas (such as gambling, pornography, religion, fraud, etc.). In order to create a healthy environment, a sound regulatory system or content filtering system is still needed to solve this problem in the future.

Metaverse is still in a very early stage, although the concept is vague, it has clear and predictable characteristics. Traditional games have evolved under the blessing of blockchain technology. Through the visualization and fun of the game, people can explore a deeper virtual world while gaining spiritual pleasure.

In this process, whether for individuals or enterprises, there are a lot of opportunities and risks. And as more and more people devote themselves to this track, we can clearly feel that Metaverse is getting closer and closer to us. Perhaps, its arrival time will be much faster than we expected .


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