Favored by web3 organizations How to get your .XYZ domain name?

The popularity of blockchain technology heralds a fundamental shift from centralized to decentralized institutions, and companies using blockchain technology often stand out in various ways. The original concept of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a more transparent and secure digital currency, Web 3 – a decentralized web experience, NFTs – a transformation of the business of art, and Metaverse – a In a shift that will surprise people in the next few years, blockchain is shaping up to be a trend in every industry.

So how do we bet on established domains like .com, .in, .eu and .gov? Non-.com domains seem to be more popular in the blockchain space. For example, the .xyz domain is one of the most used by blockchain organizations.

The popularity of the xyz domain skyrocketed in 2015 after Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. chose http://www.abc.xyz as its web address. This is mainly because ABC uses http://www.abc.com and BMW’s fleet management uses http://www.alphabet.com (and still does, in fact). As a result, the .xyz domain name is getting a lot of attention.

According to Domain Statistics, the popularity of .xyz domains has exploded in recent years. The chart below depicts the growth in the number of .xyz domain names registered in 2021.


The above statistics show that .xyz is the most registered gTLD domain name in recent years.

How do I register a .xyz domain name?

Registering .xyz is similar to registering a normal .com, .in domain name. Step-by-step guide to registering a .xyz domain name:

Step 1: Select the domain name you want to register. Examples: coincodecap.xyz, blockwish.xyz, etc.

Step 2: https://xyz.xyz/ . Visit this website. XYZ Registry is the company behind the .xyz domain name. The project is open for contributions or feedback on GitHub.


XYZ is a technology organization that provides domain names and related services to individuals and businesses around the world. As an industry leader, XYZ offers everything from its flagship domain .xyz to category-specific domains. XYZ was founded in 2011 to provide innovation and choice to internet consumers who want a digital presence. Additionally, it offers people of all ages the opportunity to build their projects, brands and businesses using new domain names by connecting Generations X, Y and Z.

Step 3: Search for your desired domain name (if available).


Step 4: Select the number of years you would like your domain name to be registered, then review the approximate cost of registering your domain name.


Step 5: Integrate add-ons based on your business/personal needs. Here are some add-ons you can integrate:


Step 6: Fill in all your information and pay the required amount.




.xyz X Web 3.0

If you’ve been to a crypto company’s website recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen a URL that ends in “.xyz” instead of the more expensive .com. .xyz has become the URL ending of choice for many Web3 businesses, from Block (formerly Square) to blockchain startups like Mirror, Proof, Propel, and Login. What does this mean and why has it become so popular in the web3 world?

.xyz was the first truly generic domain extension with no inherent meaning and was designed to give people a choice in domain names. E.g:

  • .com for commercial use,
  • .in for India
  • .net for networking and
  • .org for organization

Users who don’t quite fall into these categories or want to stand out should choose .xyz as their TLD. Now you know why most Web3 companies use it. Web3 is not an upgrade to Web2, but a whole new web experience. While the .xyz domain is currently governed by Internet regulator ICANN, several parties are currently working to develop a decentralized alternative to the system to support Web3. XYZ’s alliance with Web3 Corporation could open up a host of new monetization opportunities based on identity and ownership in a decentralized network.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is Web3’s Domain Name Service (DNS). ENS allows users to generate a global identity for all their crypto addresses and a searchable database to make crypto wallets and transactions more accessible, even if they are stored on several different platforms. Users can now build profiles in ENS using a local .eth domain or a.xyz domain to share on their social media.

Coincodecap.eth is an ENS domain name representing an Ethereum address connected to Coincodecap. The eth.xyz capability is automatically provided for each .eth name. ENS configuration files can be viewed in any web browser by simply appending “.xyz” to the end of any .eth name. For example, in any browser, the ENS configuration file for Coincodecap.eth can be found at Coincodecap.eth.xyz. Archival material is automatically generated using ENS’ publicly accessible data and is ultimately managed by the respective ENS user.

in conclusion

The .xyz domain name is popular among blockchain startups as it represents decentralization and the next wave of Web3 applications. Additionally, it empowers them not to belong to the cliché TLDs that dominate the tech industry.

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