Fans, idols, martyrs and heroes

Fans, idols, martyrs and heroes

“Fans’ money is really good!”

Passing by the Shanghai Grand Theater Square that day, such a sentence suddenly rang in my ear.

As soon as he turned his head, a few scalpers were whispering in the shade under the tree. This reminds me of the surging Shanheling concert a few days ago, a ticket with an original price of 2,280 yuan was fired up to 40,000; a car endorsed by a popular star with a price of 300,000 sold 2,600 in two days; Idol co-branded series of 680 yuan perfume set, 35,000 copies are sold out immediately, you can’t even grab it…

I have to sigh, fans are not called spending money, it is simply a river of spring water flowing eastward! What’s even more amazing is that these fans are very young and don’t have much money-making skills, so they start to export their financial resources to the stars frantically.

The empire of the fan economy is already huge. According to the Research Report on Business Models and Trends of China’s Red Man Economy, the scale of China’s fan economy-related industries has risen from 1,614.6 billion yuan in 2016 to 3.5868 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 22.1% . It is expected to accelerate expansion in the future .

Fans, idols, martyrs and heroes


The fan circle has a top-down operating mechanism. From professional fans (fantou: the leader among fans) to team leader, each department has a clear division of labor, collaboration and mutual assistance, and internal management comparable to company level.

There is an inevitable reason for the refinement and division of labor of fan operations.

First of all, the individual behavior of fans is spontaneous, but they carry the group label of idol fans. If improper behavior occurs, it is easy to have a negative impact on idols and involve the entire fan group. They must be properly guided and controlled;

Secondly, the subjects and industries related to idols are becoming larger and larger, and the interests of brokerage companies, brands, and platforms are inextricably linked. Fans need a group leader to find the direction of public opinion and act in groups;

Finally, each fan’s abilities and preferences are different, and personal values ​​are reflected in different areas. Someone needs to find a reasonable position for them to play the best role.

It is not the career goal of most fans to deploy fan resources to achieve the maximum benefit of the team. Above the professional fans, there is bound to be a pair of capital manipulation. As far as capital is concerned, the fan community is a medium of realization, and this force must be twisted into a hemp rope for its own use.

As long as there are idol-related activities, the brokerage company will first release news to fans, inform them in advance of the time, place, and form of assistance, which will be communicated by fans downwards, and organize fans’ internal “multi-point gathering” or large-scale support. , Supporting the idol’s ranks, and also inciting everyone’s desire to shop.

There is another reason why the capital must organize the fans. why? Because it’s easy to manage.

When a person becomes a member of a group, many of his characteristics will change-the 19th century group psychology book “The Crowd” wrote. The characteristics of the group will cover the characteristics of the individual. A person is no longer a person, but a member of the group.

The psychology of the group has the following characteristics:

First, impulsiveness and changeability.

When things happen suddenly, sensibility tends to overwhelm rationality, emotions and feelings are amplified, and logic and thinking are suppressed. For example, when a celebrity’s endorsement is released, fans tend to ignore the price level, and only care if it’s my idol endorsement, and whether I will be one step closer to him if I buy it; for example, when the celebrity comes out with black material, most Fans will blindly defend and fight back, without considering whether this matter is really true. And impulsive consumption and blind protection are both capital, or show that Xing’s brokerage company is happy to see it.

The second characteristic of a group is its susceptibility to suggestion and gullibility.

Le Pen pointed out that through suggestion and emotional transmission among group members, it will speed up the appearance of unconscious personality. The appearance of this personality will make it believe in what others believe, rather than what you believe. In the group, it is easier for the brokerage company to convey ideas, subtly shape the fans, and become whatever the brokerage company wants. This can also explain why fans often believe that their idols are as beautiful as gods, and forget that they live in this dirty world like us.

Third, the mood of the group is exaggerated and simple.

The “gullibility” characteristics of the group can strengthen the cohesion of fans to a certain extent, but it also makes them more extreme. When a person likes a certain idol and meets another fan, the affection will heat up due to resonance.

Therefore, we often see fans gathered together are fanatical and emotional. In the fury of group emotions, individuals have a low degree of perception of their own words and deeds, and will only be constantly incited by others, so that the whole reaches an emotional peak. Fans lose their judgment and their thinking becomes simple and absurd. Brokerage companies are also expecting this. What they want is precisely this unconditional love.

The last characteristic of the group is paranoia and domineering, which is reflected in the exclusivity of the fan group.

In the fan circle, even if you like the same star, there is a unified and clear chain of contempt: Only fans look down on CP fans, CP fans look down on Tuan fans, let alone fans of different idols. Fans are not tolerant of each other. This strong competition comes from the fierce traffic competition in the contemporary entertainment circle. Rankings, voting, accusing and commenting… The support is always in full swing on the Internet, and every day is a war without gunpowder. Traffic can directly reflect the status and popularity of an idol, so fans are desperately fighting for their idols.

This kind of “different” psychology is terrible. If young people substitute this characteristic into reality and refuse to accept and tolerate it, they will form an extremely dangerous character. But the capital doesn’t care about these, at this moment, every fan is a pawn between their fingers, opening up the boundaries for their “perfect person”, invincible.

But fortunately, everyone is happy and content. This is the power of the group.

Deified idol

That day, I chatted with a seven or eight-year-old kid and talked about favorite stars.

“Sister, guess who my favorite star is?”

My brain got stuck, I didn’t expect her to ask me such a question. I remembered what I looked like at this age, seven or eight years old… Maybe I was watching “Tangram” hosted by The Scarab. I guess she wanted me to name this kind of person, but the beetle had long since retired, and I didn’t know what the beetle was in this era, so I had no choice but to shook my head.

“I like Cai Xukun the most!”

I was really taken aback. Cai Xukun, isn’t that the star that I should know about at my age? I asked blankly.

“Why do you like him?”

“He is handsome, tall, and good at singing and dancing. There is nothing he can’t do. He has no shortcomings!”

I said, “Silly boy, how can he have no shortcomings? Everyone has shortcomings!”

“But he just doesn’t. He is perfect.”

The little girl was a little angry, turned her head, and ignored me.

It took me a while to realize that this may be the image of idol in the hearts of fans: a flawless body, an image with only light and no shadow, and a mortal being pushed to the altar.

Previously, a TFboys member was caught smoking cigarettes, and fans shouted “fans turn black” (from like to disgust) , and began to slander and abuse without limit. A few years ago, Lu Han’s official announcement of the relationship with Guan Xiaotong, Moments of Friends and Weibo were wailing. Netizens called “unacceptable” and even rumored that someone gave their lives for it. In the fan circle, fans use the word “collapsed house” as a metaphor for their idol love. This metaphor is truly vivid and vivid. When idols fall in love, it is like the ground shakes the mountain, the house collapses, and the only harbor is instantly ruined. The grief is really unbearable.

Looking back, in 2009, a generation of king Michael Jackson fell, and it is said that at least 12 fans overseas followed. This crazy behavior seems to us to be tantamount to mental illness, but as Freud said, all mental illnesses are not illnesses, but you cannot understand them.

If you take the deified idol into it and imagine the situation and heart of the fans, you may be able to understand the details.

Can God smoke and fall in love? Of course not. God cannot have seven emotions and six desires, he can only love everyone, and always emit light and heat like the sun. How can God die? He should live a long life and be with the world. Because he is a god!

The excessive worship and affection of fans, coupled with the deliberate guidance of the brokerage company, under long-distance conditions, the image of idols has been deified. What they love is no longer “xxx”, but “xxx” in their fantasy. Fans and this fantasy person have a kind of “pseudo-social interaction” relationship , that is, fans’ unilateral psychological attachment to idols. This kind of relationship is a compensation or replacement for dissatisfaction with the actual relationship. This kind of spiritual sustenance makes fans put idols in a high position- they are role models, pillars, and beliefs.

Yes, faith.

In the age when the old gods are dead and the new gods continue to flow, the entertainment industry has relentlessly filled the gaps in the spiritual world of young people. Major brokerage companies continue to catalyze fans’ worship of idols and eventually become their own source of income and influence.

For fans, what is it to spend a little money for their faith? Money is just their pilgrimage path, so they spend a month or even months of living expenses, even at the expense of debts.

In fact, people’s worship of idols is beneficial in the beginning.

Psychologist Fromm said that idolatry is a projection of people’s idealized fantasy effect on the real society. It is the reconstruction of people’s inner world and has a positive effect on the growth of individuals.

In 2016, 21-year-old Singaporean swimmer Skulling defeated Phelps in 50.39 seconds in the 100-meter butterfly at the Rio Olympics. And 8 years ago, Skulin was just a small fan of Phelps. In an interview, Skulin said that it was out of his admiration for Phelps that prompted him to continue to work hard and eventually defeat him on the court.

Defeating him means that you must first put yourself on the same level as the opponent. Once the object of worship is deified, the consequences are unimaginable.

Love, smoking, and death are all normal things for a person, but fans can’t accept it, just because gods are not allowed. This excessive “holy” love of fans has also turned idols into puppets tied to a god seat.

We have no right to deny the love and hate of others, but we hope that they can maintain a clear heart before they love and hate.

I hope that they will devote their emotions after seeing the person they love, and understand that before the idol is pushed to the altar, he is also a person.

If you are a human, you must live in this world. It is three-dimensional and three-dimensional, and there will be shadows when standing in the sun. Rather than a bubble in the distant Gods’ Realm, it bursts as soon as the wind blows.

Before you like it, look at yourself first. Perhaps in this way, no one would go bankrupt in order to chase the stars and would not hesitate to do so.


Many years ago, I read a novel which described a painting called “Martyred”.

“On the pale canvas, there is only a crimson red, slowly extending to the sky, becoming lighter, until it disappears.”

The accompanying text reads:

Never pray for understanding and understanding

Uncover the thriving harmony

Van Gogh cut his ears

Who is the artist and who is the painter

Many years later, this painting that never existed still impressed me deeply.

The world is bright, but compared to the red of the martyrs, it is so pale and powerless. On the way of art, on the way of truth, the martyrs left an earth-shaking stroke, and then slowly faded away. More people rushed forward, they left traces, and then slowly faded away.

Martyred. When I used my brain as a database and sketched a fan’s portrait in my mind, I suddenly thought of this word.

In recent years, a series of talent shows, represented by the “Creation Camp” and “Youth With You” series, selected a debut from a hundred trainees, creating a dream of stardom, which has become a hot variety show and set off a big wave in the fan circle. In the voting list, Liu Yuxin, a player of “Youth Have You 3”, raised 7.59 million in just 5 hours, and Liu Yu, a player of “Creation Camp 4”, received 3.44 million fans in 5 hours. Yu Jingtian of “Youth Have You 4”, the support club has raised more than 2 million fan funds.

These data let us see behind the trainees, there are thousands of fans who want to jump out of the cage and fly to the branches to enjoy the prosperity of the world. Most of these fans are also struggling in reality, fighting for the future and happiness on their own way. They know that life is not easy, and the world is always in chains and cannot help themselves. Therefore, they will hope that their favorite idol will escape the shackles and be free.

When they know that their idol is being “beaten” by the society and is struggling to survive on the road to debut, fans will not tolerate it. They will involuntarily produce a frenetic tendency similar to martyrdom-using money sacrifices as a way of martyrdom to achieve idol’s great debut. Although I can’t get out of the quagmire of this world, my idol is enough.

This kind of martyrdom spreads easily among groups. Le Pen wrote in “The Crowd” that in a group, as long as an emotion and behavior is unique, it is very contagious, and its degree is strong enough to make a person ready to be an irrelevant person at any time. Make sacrifices.

Capital also took advantage of the fan’s martyr mentality, and made huge profits through one after another amateur talent show.

The proliferation of talent shows, followed by the springing up of trainees. According to statistics, at least 15,000 trainees in China are waiting to be on the draft stage every year, even though there are only two to three hundred places in total. These trainees are called the “Three No Youths” and have no future, no education, and no childhood. They pursued the almost impossible probability in major entertainment companies, and for this reason, they lost the time that they should have been studying at school and filled their hearts with them.

An amateur made his debut and became a celebrity, but the thousands of stars that had never been born were darkened.

There is nothing wrong with being martyred. In a sense, fans are selfless and great. But is the way they were martyred really the big way?

Heroes of the era and entertainment icons

On May 22, Academician Yuan Longping passed away in Changsha Xiangya Hospital at the age of 91.

On the day of the farewell, it rained lightly, and the flowers in Changsha City were sold out. The people who came to express their condolences held bouquets in hand, and formed a long line in front of the mourning hall. People held up their black umbrellas and moved slowly through the rain.

I thought for no reason, this is the star that should be pursued in this era.

Three years ago, a video of the nuclear test worker Academician Lin Junde working in the ward was widely circulated on the Internet. The video lasts for more than 6 minutes. The person on the screen is full of more than a dozen tubes, wearing an oxygen mask, moving the mouse laboriously in front of the laptop, and there are faint clicking sounds from time to time in the ward.

He said, “Sitting is better than lying down. I can’t get up when I lie down. I’m involved in nuclear tests. I’m not afraid of hardship and death, I’m afraid I don’t have time.”

How many people burst into tears in this video, I don’t know. I only know that when this academician was in his prime of life, when he participated in 45 nuclear tests in Lop Nur, we never knew his name.

The idols deliberately created by entertainment companies have always been the icing on the cake. Those incognito heroes of the times are the icing on the cake.

In the team that saw Yuan Longping off, I saw countless young people like me and the stars in my heart.

Being a fan of Yuan Longping and Lin Junde may be able to hedge against the miasma of some rice circles, and will not be led by the nose by capital. Perhaps you can escape from the mob nature and keep your heart at peace and tranquility.

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