Facebook raises its AR/VR director just to seize the opportunity of the meta-universe

Original title: “Facebook Changed CTO: Once a teacher Xiaozha, following 15 years of faithfulness, once in the upper ranks only because Xiaozha fell in love with Metaverse”

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Facebook will usher in a new CTO next year.

On Wednesday, Facebook’s current CTO Mike Sklopf announced on social media that he will step down at some point next year. He said in the statement that he will focus more on family and philanthropy, and his job at Facebook will be transformed into a senior researcher. In the future, he will focus more on the introduction and training of technical talents.

Mike Sklopf also “introduced” his successor, Andrew Bosworth, to the public in the statement.

Bosworth who loyally follows Zuckerberg

Bosworth entered Facebook even two years earlier than Schlopf.

After graduating from Harvard in 2004, Bosworth worked as a software designer at Microsoft. Plummer, an important member of the Facebook development team, died unexpectedly in 2006, and then the company sent an invitation to Bosworth.

The Bosworth family has grown apricots and plums in Cupertino and Sonnydale – two cities not far from Silicon Valley – for generations. After the smell of technology in Silicon Valley became stronger, these mountains were also transformed into To the racecourse.

He paid attention to Facebook starting from the university website very early, and even completed the registration the day after the product went live. The 1681th user in Facebook’s history did not want to accept the invitation of this “small company” at first, but compared to Microsoft’s long development process that often took a year, similar things on Facebook often only take a few weeks or a few. night. An inspiration can land in the shortest time. This rare pioneering nature makes Bosworth willing to try.

Before leaving, Bosworth had a meal with eight Microsoft colleagues. After that interview, Bosworth joined Facebook and became one of the first 15 engineers in the company. And in the future, five of those eight “ex-colleagues” have suspended their Facebook badges.

After entering the company, Bosworth participated in the design of many initial modules such as News Feed, Messenger and Groups on Facebook. After defining what kind of social software Facebook is, he turned to be responsible for Facebook’s advertising strategy. , Until 2017 began to build Facebook’s hardware department.

Facebook raises its AR/VR director just to seize the opportunity of the meta-universe

Andrew Bosworth

The two most distinctive labels on Andrew Bosworth are Oculus and Metaverse.

Facebook acquired Oculus, a two-year-old virtual reality company, for US$2 billion in 2014. Seven years later, hardware businesses such as Oculus and Portal have been included in Facebook Reality Labs (FRL). The predecessor of FRL was the AR/VR R&D department led by Andrew Bosworth within Facebook, and the latter has also been responsible for the R&D of the hardware business in FRL.

The rise of VR devices such as Oculus in recent years has become the foundation of the meta-universe boom. Andrew Bosworth is leading the development of Facebook’s internal meta-universe project in addition to smart hardware. After Zuckerberg said that the company is forming a meta-universe product team, the future CTO said on another occasion. The team will be set up under Reality Labs, and Instagram’s head of product Vishal Shah will join.

The change of CTO can be understood simply as Facebook’s attempt to raise the Metaverse project to the highest priority in terms of organizational structure. And Bosworth, who is in charge of the Metaverse project and has been leading the hardware research and development for many years, is obviously the best choice.

The ups and downs of Oculus

Facebook is full of expectations for Metaverse and hopes to hold the banner of the times once again. Its confidence comes from Oculus, which has been working hard for many years.

Compared with the 2019 Oculus Quest, the Oculus Quest 2 launched in September 2020 has improved the screen resolution, refresh rate and other core aspects that determine immersion, and reduced the weight. The reserve price is the first time. Below $300. Technological advancement and the epidemic catalyzed the outbreak of Oculus Quest 2 this year.

In the first quarter of 2021, Facebook’s non-advertising revenue was US$732 million, a year-on-year increase of 146%. The main driving force for its growth was the explosive growth of its hardware product Oculus Quest 2 this year. A VR hardware product with annual shipments of 10 million units is generally regarded as a landmark event in the industry for VR to enter public life. Analysts predict that Oculus Quest 2’s sales in 2021 will be between 7 and 8 million. , Has approached this critical point. Bosworth also said that the realization of 10 million units may come sooner than expected.

Facebook raises its AR/VR director just to seize the opportunity of the meta-universe

In 2014, after Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion, it spent another $3 billion to acquire Oculus, which had just completed a $16 million Series A financing in the previous year. This is now regarded by Facebook as the key to leading the company to turn to the meta universe, and it has experienced ups and downs for a long time after being acquired.

At the end of 2016, Facebook announced that Oculus would split up a mobile-side VR department, and the original Oculus CEO Brendan Elib turned to be the head of the PC-side VR business. Former Xiaomi executive Hugo Barra airborne at the beginning of the next year to replace the former, responsible for the development of mobile terminals Oculus Go and Quest.

The split runs through the background of Facebook’s mobile Internet. Although the PC and mobile terminals are nominally parallel, the latter will obviously be the focus of future development. From the beginning of this reorganization, Facebook gradually closed its management of Oculus, and Brendan Elib also announced his resignation in 2018.

The motivation for this reorganization is that Oculus’ sales on the PC side are far below expectations. On the one hand, the price of the product Oculus Rift at that time was maintained at around US$600, which was far away from the imaginary vision of US$300, and focusing on the PC side had to endure the long-term development time cost. At the same time, rivals HTC Vive and Playstation VR are coming fiercely, relying on the better-feeling “outside-in” location tracking technology or the advantages of game content to surpass the former in sales.

This is just one part of Oculus’s many upheavals in recent years.

The legendary founder of Oculus, Palmer Lach, was involved in the political events of the 2016 U.S. election and disappeared from the public eye in September of that year, and announced his departure from the company in 2017. In May 2017, Oculus No. 1 employee Dax, who had previously been recruited by Palmer Lach himself, was also confirmed to have resigned from Oculus.

Facebook raises its AR/VR director just to seize the opportunity of the meta-universe

Zuckerberg and Palmer Lachi

During this six months, a lawsuit between Oculus and game developer ZeniMax was also inserted. The core issue of this lawsuit is the copyright issue of the VR code. At that time, id Software, a subsidiary of ZeniMax, left and copied the company’s technical information. John Carmack, who co-founded Oculus with Palmer Rach, was the central figure in the lawsuit. The court eventually exempted John Carmack from liability for damages, and confirmed the accusations against the main body of Oculus, Palmer Lach and Brendan Elib. The total damages reached US$500 million, and Facebook paid for it.

John Carmack, who has served as Oculus CTO since 2013, is also not satisfied with the speed of VR technology. He left the company in 2019 and turned to the AI ​​field after leaving.

In the turmoil, Facebook has completed the replacement of the original Oculus team. The overall view is similar to the changes experienced after Instagram and WhatsApp were put under it. The current price of Oculus Quest 2 has fulfilled its vision at the time, and Facebook The acquisition layout in the game field also laid the foundation for the further enrichment of VR game content. Before no one can see the future of the meta universe, Facebook, which controls Oculus, is the evangelist with the most audience.

Zuckerberg’s will

Compared to Schlopf, who was airborne from Mozilla, Bosworth’s Facebook pedigree is more pure.

The so-called lineage refers more to the relationship between Bosworth and Zuckerberg.

The two had an intersection when they were in college. When Zuckerberg took an introductory course in artificial intelligence at Harvard, Bosworth happened to be a teaching assistant in the class.

“Facebook was born two weeks before the end of that course, so obviously he didn’t listen to me at the time,” Bosworth once told an interviewer.

In the book “Facebook: The Rise and Reversal of a Business Empire”, “Zuckerberg, a former student of Bosworth, has amazing ambitions. He told Bosworth that we will connect the world and become a global network.” . And “Bosworth was fascinated, and has since become Zuckerberg’s loyal deputy.”

The fifteen-year-old veteran who got up early has finally caught up with the late episode of the CTO position. The trade-off behind it is not necessarily that the realization of the meta universe is really on the agenda, but it firmly reveals Zuckerberg’s will. The Facebook CEO has undoubtedly become the most distinctive advocate of the meta universe.

Facebook raises its AR/VR director just to seize the opportunity of the meta-universe

Mike Sklopf

In 2008, Zuckerberg digs Scholopf from Mozilla at a high price, and Scholopf, who is under the halo of the head of Firefox browser product development, just responds to the upcoming wave of mobile Internet at that time. Now that the story of the mobile Internet is almost exhausted, Facebook’s social monopoly is no longer strong, and the large number of young users who once relied on the acquisition of Instagram to win over are also being eroded by stronger opponents such as TikTok. This trend has become more apparent this year.

According to data from the analysis agency AppFigures, while TikTok’s downloads have increased significantly, Facebook’s downloads around May this year have dropped by 30% compared to the same period last year. The agency pointed out that Facebook has seen a decline in downloads before, but such a sharp decline is the first time in a long time, and the overall decline has been more than a year.

It was also in the middle of the year that Zuckerberg gave an internal speech, stating that Facebook will transform into a meta-universe company within five years.

The meaning behind it is obvious. Facebook is gradually stalling in its social business. Zuckerberg chose to leave this “bad scene” ahead of time when he still has the right to speak, to go to another scene and find a seat in the front row. Next, become the preacher of a new story. The appointment of the new CTO is a flash in Facebook’s meta-universe layout. Bosworth’s senior industry background has become an endorsement. Zuckerberg’s message to the outside world is that Facebook is still a company full of vitality and is really ready. all in meta universe.

But what kind of company Facebook will become under the leadership of the new CTO in the future is as uncertain as Metaverse itself, and it is not important at the moment.

Fortune magazine defines Bosworth’s superiority as “Zuckerberg appointed a loyal soldier.”

While congratulating Bosworth, a former colleague only asked one question.

“When can I add legs to Oculus’s image?”

Facebook raises its AR/VR director just to seize the opportunity of the meta-universe

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